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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    Stock up for the holidays.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tabletop firepit, because there's nothing quite as cozy as sipping on hot cocoa while roasting marshmallows to ooey gooey perfection. This mini-firepit works indoors or out, so even if you don't have a heated deck, you can get some s'mores going year-round. What's even better is that this is one of the most interior design-friendly tabletop firepits on the market (I checked!). Get this for your design-loving friend who is always looking to make everything in their life impeccably styled *and* delicious.

    a reviewer's fire pit in their backyard

    2. A retro-inspired stainless-steel toaster for the sibling who always puts the word 'vintage' in front of whichever home goods product they're searching for. This toaster comes in a slew of colors, one of which'll inevitably go perfectly with their kitchen.

    the toaster in pink

    3. An Echo Show 5 smart device with Alexa integration, because it's perfect if your bestie is having a rough time juggling work and home responsibilities and needs a personal assistant, stat. This Echo Show is an alarm clock, to-do list, photo album, and even streaming device all in one, thanks to its Alexa capabilities. This one device will serve all their needs, whether they need to know the weather, hop on a quick video call with their loved ones, or just chill out with some TV or podcasts at the end of the day.

    4. A chic upholstered charging station that doubles as a catchall dish that your pal can toss their phone, smartwatch, and wireless headphones onto when coming home after a long day. They'll be eternally grateful for crossing the 'plug in and charge all electronics' task off their daily wind-down routine.

    a reviewer's charging station in their kitchen

    5. A clear floating wall shelf because whether they're used to store beauty products, spices, or collectible toys, your giftee will be proud to use these to display their favorite items!

    a reviewer's floating shelf

    6. A set of can-styled drinking glasses with matching glass straws if your boo NEEDS aesthetically pleasing drinkware to help reach their water goals for the day. No worries, tho — this works with coffee, tea, smoothies, and cocktails, too!

    7. A tube of Essence Lash Princess Mascara because it's less than $5, and remains one of the best mascaras I have ever tried (and I'm a beauty writer, so I've tried a bunch!) If your friend is always after lashes that look like lash extensions — and is tired of blowing tons of $$$ on mascaras that turn out to be meh — then you need to get them this!

    8. A spiffy three-stage silicone cup for the new parent you know who is also super into minimalism, and would love to not have their carefully chosen design scheme overloaded with Paw Patrol merch. This silicone cup will follow a toddler throughout their drinking-from-a-cup learning journey, transforming from a beginner sippy cup into a graduation-worthy classic cup! Plus, this just looks so cute, that I'm actually jealous of the toddlers who get to use these?!?!

    9. A plug-in color-shifting mushroom nightlight, because your cottagecore-loving roomie deserves to turn their room into an ethereal fairytale garden every evening before they sleep.

    10. A cold brew coffee maker for your mate who cannot stop ordering cold brews from the cafe by your house every. single. day. With this, they'll not only be able to save time and money — they'll also be able to blend different flavors of coffee beans to fit their personal taste preferences.

    the maker in a fridge

    11. A wrap top that is perfect for your fashionable sibling's newfound style, the ~balletcore~ aesthetic — while still keeping them warm in the blaring AC at work!

    12. A pair of sherpa-lined memory foam slippers if your mom has one rule and one rule only for at-home footwear: it has to feel like walking on clouds.

    reviewer wearing the slippers

    13. A pair of retro-styled wired headphones that will transport your nostalgic sibling to the '90s, while still letting them keep up with all their current-day headphone needs. These headphones rest ergonomically over the ears to play those sweet tunes/ fascinating podcasts, and have a microphone for calls!

    14. A set of six flower hair claws, because although the leaves are turning, that doesn't mean your flower-loving giftee has to wait until spring to be surrounded by blooms.

    15. An LED shell lamp to help your best who can't stop singing "Part of Your World" at karaoke night add some personalized style to their room.

    16. A smart humidifier, because ever since Hailey Bieber shared that she uses a humidifier while she sleeps to keep her skin moisturized, your skincare-obsessed cousin has likely had a humidifier on their wishlist. This device uses VortexMist Technology to increase humidity in a room by 10% in just 15 minutes, so there's no need to prep way in advance to get glowing skin. Your giftee can also connect their humidifier to the VeSync app to control the temperature, or schedule a timer for the humidifier to turn on or off.

    reviewer's picture of the humidifier

    17. A two-piece ceramic frying pan set, just in case you're friends with an aspiring all-star chef. Not only is this set nonstick (hello, eggs cooked to perfection), but it also comes in some very aesthetically pleasing colors that'll spruce up anyone's kitchen.

    the set in pink

    18. An electric wine opener, because is there *anything* worse than hosting a beautiful dinner party, only to put on a show (and possibly spill the Beaujolais nouveau) for all your guests as you struggle with a traditional corkscrew? Your new-homeowner friend will thank you for saving them from such future dinner party mishaps with this ultra-practical gift.

    a reviewer's image of the corkscrew

    19. A set of LED curtain string lights, because your loved ones deserve to have some *sparkle* in their home decor. More ~aesthetic~ than traditional string lights, these can work well anywhere from a college dorm to a tastefully appointed living room or bedroom.

    20. And an adjustable memory foam pillow with removable fill that your giftee can use to customize their pillow density, depending on whether they're a back, side, or stomach sleeper. Plus, hot sleepers can say goodbye to waking up with a head of damp hair, thanks to this pillow's cooling gel technology. Really, is there anything this pillow can't do?!

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