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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    Gifts they'll always want to show off.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A detangling hairbrush for your parent, child, or bestie who is always on the hunt for an easier curl-brushing experience. I love using this on my 2b curls to brush out any knots without tearing my super fine, delicate hairs! This brush also comes in a mini size that's a great first brush for any kid who is getting used to taking care of their own hair.

    2. An Echo Show 5 if your bestie is having a rough time juggling work and home responsibilities and needs a personal assistant, stat. This Echo Show is an alarm clock, to-do list, photo album, and even streaming device all in one, thanks to its Alexa capabilities. This one device will serve all their needs, whether they need to know the weather, or hop on a quick video call with their loved ones.

    3. An easy-to-clean compost bin, because although composting can seem a bit daunting, this allows your pal to easily collect food scraps while they're preparing your next meal. All they have to do is keep this bin on their kitchen counter and take it to their community compost whenever it becomes full!

    A white compost bin with veggie scraps inside

    4. A volcanic face roller TikTok is going gaga over. This is great if your makeup-loving friend always blotting your face with disposable tissues — this face roller soaks up excess oil throughout the day and is washable, making it a great sustainable blotting option!

    5. And for when their day is over, a makeup eraser, because they love their eyeshadow and mascara, but likely don't love the process of removing everything at the end of the day. This super-soft towelette removes makeup with just some warm water and light scrubbing for a clean face that's ready for its skincare routine. Bonus: this lil' baby is washable, making it perfect for those looking to kick face wipes to the curb.

    6. A Smart humidifier, because ever since Hailey Bieber shared that she uses a humidifier while she sleeps to keep her skin moisturized, your skincare-loving cousin has likely had a humidifier on their wishlist. This device uses a VortexMist Technology to increase humidity in a room by 10% in just 15 minutes. Your giftee can connect their humidifier to the VeSync app to control the temperature, or schedule a timer for the humidifier to turn on or off.

    7. A vacuum-insulated thermos if your S.O. need more than a cup or two of coffee to fully wake up. This thermos keeps hot drinks HOT and cold drinks cold all. day. long. So no matter where the day takes them, from the office to the hiking trail, your boo can have piping hot coffee or ice-cold water on hand in this reusable and super cute thermos.

    8. A wrap top that is in line with your fashionable sibling's newfound style, the ~ballet core~ aesthetic while keeping them warm under the blaring AC at work!

    9. A design-your-own-water-bottle kit, because there's always space for creativity, even when you're just labeling water bottles! Get this kit for your baby (who isn't a baby anymore... *cries*) to decorate their water bottle for the new school year.

    A reviewer holding their decorated water bottle

    10. A pair of retro-looking headphones that will transport your nostalgic sibling to the nineties, while still letting them keep up with all their current-day headphone needs. These headphones rest ergonomically over the ears to play those sweet tunes/ fascinating podcasts, and have a microphone for calls!

    11. An Essence Lash Princess Mascara because it's less than $5, and remains one of the best mascaras I have ever tried (and I'm a beauty writer, so I've tried a bunch!). If your friend is always after lashes that look like lash extensions, you need to get them this!

    12. A set of glass cans with matching glass straws if your boo NEEDS aesthetically-pleasing drinkware to help reach their water goals for the day. No worries, tho — this works with coffee, tea, smoothies, and cocktails, too!

    13. An LED shell lamp to add some personalized style to your besties room if they can't stop singing Part of Your World at every open mic karaoke night.

    14. A ceramic frying pan set, just in case you're friends with an all-star chef. Not only is this set nonstick (hello, eggs cooked to perfection), but this also comes in some very aesthetically pleasing colors that'll spruce up anyone's kitchen.

    the set in pink

    15. A set of LED curtain string lights, because your loved ones deserve to have some *sparkle* in their wind-down routine.

    16. A boar bristle hairbrush to iron out all the knots from your friend's hair while still being gentle enough to cause little to no frizzy damage.

    a reviewer photo of a hand holding the brush

    17. A cold brew coffee maker for your mate who cannot stop ordering cold brews to their home. They'll not only be able to save time and money with this cool tool — your giftee will also be able to blend different flavors of coffee beans to fit their personal taste preferences.

    The white cold brew maker next to a cup of iced cold brew

    18. A smart oven, which looks like your average countertop toaster oven, but is actually *so* much more. It also air fries, broils, bakes, and dehydrates. So if your loved one loves trying to cook new foods and complex recipes, but doesn't have a ton of time (or is prone to...hmm, how do we put this lightly... "confusion" in the kitchen), this oven, with its easy to control buttons and settings, is just the thing for them.

    19. A ribbed workout set that comes with either biker shorts or full-length leggings and a matching crop top! Hello, outfit that your workout buddy will never — I repeat, NEVER — take off.

    20. And a multipurpose immersion blender that your madre can use to make soups, whip cream, and even froth some matcha for an early morning latte. Basically, it's a one-and-done tool that'll help them with virtually everything!

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