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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    Two-day shipping + gifts they'll love = one less thing for you to worry about.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mini electric hot pot for your kid who's almost all packed and ready for dorm living! They can definitely use this pot to boil a traditional college meal of ~ramen~ but can also cook rice, fry an egg, or even simmer some sauce. Basically, they'll have everything they need to make some real meals!

    2. A macrame swing to bring a dreamy and playful vibe to your best friend's reading nook. (This swing also makes answering emails sooo much more enjoyable!)

    3. A lightweight hair oil if your giftee is always looking for ways to spruce up their 'do. This oil is super moisturizing WITHOUT weighing down your friends' cute curls!

    a reviewer with bouncy curls after using this hair oil

    4. A What Do You Meme? card game that matches funny instances to popular memes. This game is pretty raunchy, so make sure to get this for your close pal's new pad so they always have it handy for adult game nights.

    a reviewer's card match to the meme on the stand

    5. A two-stage knife sharpener, because did you know that using a blunt knife is one of the main causes of crying while chopping onions? Help your foodie friend never shed a cooking-related tear again with the gift of sharp knives. This sharpener has both coarse and fine settings, so it's perfect for everything from small paring knives to professional-grade chef's knives.

    6. A set of Teleties because no matter how thick or curly your sibling's hair is, they too can have a cute hair tie that doesn't create dents or tangles.

    7. A colorful wireless keyboard and mouse set, because having an ergonomic setup is the name of the game when it comes to working from home! This is great for your boo, who spends hours and hours at their desk and is looking for a more comfortable (and cute!) way to work. (Pro tip: Pair this with a laptop stand and their work posture will be better than ever!)

    a reviewer's keyboard and mouse set in green

    8. A set of four wine glasses with a funky, angular edge so that your bestie can have the tablescape of their dreams while still drinking out of a glass that will uphold their drink's integrity.

    9. A pack of aesthetically pleasing spoons, because no coffee setup is complete without the right accessories. These spoons are the perfect size for stirring sugar into coffee or tea, and look super cute with their circular shape and golden color!

    10. An in-car dip clip if your boo's favorite post-work pastime is to make a pit stop for some fries and a shake. This dip clip holds all their favorite condiments securely, eliminating all worries of getting ketchup all over the car!

    a reviewer's dip clip holding a red sauce

    11. A luxurious cleansing sorbet, because the Gen Z-er you know is so great at applying makeup, they're practically a makeup artist. But makeup artists need to remove their makeup too, and this formula has rice oil and vitamin E to melt makeup, dirt, and grime away while moisturizing the skin.

    a reviewer's image of the product

    12. A panini press for the foodie in your life who believes that a sandwich is a perfect vessel for getting ingredients into one simple yet super satisfying dish. Whether eating a BLT, grilled cheese, or a fig and goat cheese melt, a warm, crispy sandwich will always satiate your giftee's appetite.

    13. A tortoise shell Apple watchband that costs a fraction of the price of designer watchbands while being just as (or dare I say, more) chic! This is great for your friend who changes their accessories pretty much every day!

    14. A straw tote bag with pom-poms since everyone deserves to look glamorous on vacation. Get this for your pal before you jet off to your seaside getaway!

    15. A nifty cosmetic organizer that will FINALLY give a home to all your skincare-obsessed sibling's products. Unlike other acrylic organizers, this one has a compartment for large jars and tall bottles to keep them clean and organized.

    the clear container filled with beauty products

    16. A super smart adjustable bottle and can cooler keeps your giftees favorite cans of beer, soda, or sparkling water cold, AND completely insulates a glass bottle with its bottle attachment. Oh, and the top portion of this cooler contains a bottle opener. Isn't that neat?

    17. A Bluetooth eye mask with built-in headphones that is perfect if your spouse *insists* on playing sleep meditations on their speaker while you two go to sleep. This'll allow them to listen to soothing sounds while they fall asleep, and it'll give you peace and quiet as you doze off. We really are living in the future, folks.

    18. An LED light therapy mask, which aestheticians love to use when looking to neutralize their clients' complexions. Sure, this mask *might* make your bestie look as though they're auditioning for a Silence of the Lambs reboot — but if they're into skincare, they will LOVE you for this gift!

    19. A nostalgic fuse bead craft set that'll make anyone's heart smile — not just those under the age of 11! This set contains plastic beads that your giftee can arrange into whichever design they'd like to create, and then, with the help of some adult supervision, iron the designs, fusing them forever! I used to play with these beads all. the. time. as a child and, trust me, I'd still be thrilled if I were given this gift today.

    20. And a Mulberry silk pillowcase for the person you know who is obsessed with decorative throw pillows. Now, even their sleeping pillows can give off a shine that says, "Yes, I know, I'm pretty amazing at making a gorgeous home."

    a set of two blue Mulberry silk pillowcases

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