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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    There's something for everyone on your gift list.

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    1. A mini fridge, because some skincare products, like hydrating serums, sheet masks, and gua sha tools work best when kept at a colder temperature. Consider this for the skincare-loving person in your life.

    2. A colorful wireless keyboard and mouse set that'll give the students and WFH professionals you know the perfect office setup for typing away all day long. Plus, this keyboard mimics a typewriter, which is great for those who enjoy listening to ASMR sounds while they work.

    3. A mini projector so that you can give the gift of endless streaming to the cinephile who you hold close to your heart.

    4. A mini Japanese rock garden for your busy friend who sometimes needs to zen out during a hectic workday. How does it work, you ask? Simply drag the rake across the sand and when complete, arrange the stones and decorative accessories in a way that looks most appealing and calming to you.

    a zen garden with stones, a rake, sand, and a Buddha statue

    5. A massage gun so that your fitness buddy can properly loosen up all the kinks in their muscles from intense workouts. This massage gun has 10 different head attachments that are great for either a light massage or a pin-pointed myofascial release session.

    6. A 29-piece grooming kit for the person in your life who seems to spend every other day at the barber shop. This kit is perfect for all your face, head, and body grooming needs.

    all the components of the kit laid out on a wooden floor

    7. A pour-over coffee maker so that your loved ones can ditch their old-school coffee pot and have a coffee-shop quality cup of joe every morning.

    the coffee maker with coffee inside, on a table next to food

    8. A 145-piece art set with crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolor cakes, and more, because the gift of colorful creativity is one of the best presents anyone can receive.

    an art set with crayons, colored pencils, pastels, watercolors and more

    9. An all-in-one virtual reality headset so that the gamer in your life can fully immerse themselves into their play. This VR headset works with video games but also connects to VR YouTube videos and shows.

    Model using the headset and hand controllers

    10. An Instax mini instant camera for your friend who loves retro technology — or your friend who's in love with their camera phone but could also use a change.

    a purple instax mini polaroid camera

    11. A classic game of Jenga, because there is no better gift than giving your super competitive loved one a chance to win one of the most divisive games out there.

    a child pulling out a jenga piece from a tower

    12. A color-changing blush oil that sold out shortly after launching on Amazon, and for good reason, too. This TikTok cult-favorite blush oil is green upon application and adjusts to the perfect shade of pink for your specific skin tone. Oh, and since it's an oil, this blush adds a dewy glow to your complexion almost instantly.

    a person wearing the blush

    13. A scalp massager, because the gift of self-care is one worth giving over and over again. Consider this gadget for the person you know with a killer Sunday spa-day routine, or for anyone looking to de-stress during their WFH day.

    a happy reviewer scratching their head with the scalp massager

    14. A moon lamp, so that the astrology lover in your life can fall asleep to the soft light of the full moon every night. This lamp has an array of color settings and lighting strengths to provide the perfect mood every evening.

    15. A dartboard that'll have you hitting the bullseye with the best gift of the season. Consider giving this to the pub- or sports-loving friend in your life.

    the dartboard on a person's wall mount

    16. A putting green, because the one thing your golfer buddy wants this season is something that will help them with their short game. This is great for pros but also acts as a fun at-home mini-golf setup.

    17. An insulated stainless-steel water bottle that keeps water ice-cold for what seems like forever. Consider this for your family member who's into camping and hiking or is always on-the-go.

    18. A magnetic tile-building kit so that the little tikes around you can tap into their creative side and build buildings, bridges, really whatever they have in mind. Who knows, maybe this gift will inspire them to be the next Frank Lloyd Wright.

    19. A pair of fuzzy slippers, because what's better than being gifted a pair of fuzzy, warm slippers? Being gifted a pair of fuzzy, warm slippers that has a secure ankle strap, that's what.

    20. And a Dutch oven so that your foodie friend can finally make their own sourdough bread, coq au vine, and even a one-pot casserole. This would certainly have Julia Child wondering, where can I get one of those?

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