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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    It's a Libra's lucky day.

    1. An aluminum laptop stand that I personally rely on to keep my posture straight while I work — so much so that I bought a second one to have at my partner's apartment, just in case I end up needing to open my laptop while there. This stand doesn't take up much space, which is perfect for someone like me who likes a minimalist desk set up. Get this for the person who is always looking for a way to up the ante on their ergonomic setup (or the friend who's complaining of WFH back pain) — it may seem like a small gift, but boy, is it mighty!

    2. A tabletop firepit, because there's nothing quite as cozy as sipping on hot cocoa while roasting marshmallows to ooey gooey perfection — and this pleasure should not be restricted just to those who have the space for full-sized fire pits. This mini-firepit works indoors or out, so even if you don't have a heated deck, you can get some s'mores going year-round. What's even better is that this is one of the most interior design-friendly tabletop firepits on the market (I checked!). Get this for your design-loving friend who is always looking to make everything in their life impeccably styled *and* delicious.

    3. A set of workout bangles for the new parent, friend with two jobs, or anyone else who is always looking to maximize every part of their busy routine. I love to wear these while I workout, of course, but also when I do chores! I say, why not add some cardio to otherwise boring tasks?!

    a reviewer wearing their bangle in black

    4. A chic upholstered charging station that doubles as a catchall dish that your pal can toss their phone, smartwatch, and wireless headphones onto when coming home after a long day. They'll be eternally grateful for crossing the 'plug in and charge all electronics' task off their daily wind-down routine.

    a reviewer's charging station in their kitchen

    5. A pair of sherpa-lined memory foam slippers for your mom, who has one rule and one rule only for at-home footwear: it has to feel like walking on clouds.

    reviewer wearing the slippers

    6. A Nintendo Switch that's perfect for the person who has a busy work day and busy times at home, and gets all their relaxation in during their commute on public transit. This console is portable, so they can enjoy playing their favorite games on the go and connect their controller to a console that hooks up to their TV at home (you know, during those rare moments when they actually get to breathe).

    a reviewer's switch on the bed

    7. A six-outlet wall charger with a night-light function, for the giftee who is always looking for a place to plug their phone AND their tablet AND their laptop in. The nightlight function helps lower the odds of tripping over cords at night (or getting a visit from the boogeyman...just saying).

    8. An aesthetically pleasing set of 60 (!) dual-tip calligraphy markers that — get this — you can diffuse into a watercolor by adding a touch of, you guessed it, water! So whether your giftee is looking to bring out their inner Bob Ross, or just looking for a marker-fine-tip pen duo to help them bullet journal, they're sure to thank you immensely for this colorful gift.

    9. A clear floating wall shelf because whether they're used to store beauty products, spices, or collectible toys, your giftee will be proud to use these to display their favorite items!

    a reviewer's floating shelf

    10. A cold brew coffee maker for your mate who cannot stop ordering cold brews from the cafe by your house every. single. day. With this, they'll not only be able to save time and money — they'll also be able to blend different flavors of coffee beans to fit their personal taste preferences.

    the maker in a fridge

    11. An electric wine opener, because is there *anything* worse than hosting a beautiful dinner party, only to put on a show (and possibly spill the Beaujolais nouveau) for all your guests as you struggle with a traditional corkscrew? Your new-homeowner friend will thank you for saving them from such future dinner party mishaps with this ultra-practical gift.

    a reviewer's image of the corkscrew

    12. A reversible waterproof desk mat to really take your mate's WFH station up a notch! If your giftee is the type of person who has three drinks going at all times (tap water, flavored seltzer, and tea that went cold two hours ago), then this is the mat of their dreams. It is huge, and it's mouse-compatible, meaning it can replace both their current mouse pad AND their coasters.

    Reviewer pic of the rectangle desk mat in blue with laptop, coffee, mouse and pen on it

    13. A moisturizing mask travel kit, because everyone has that one friend who does their skincare on a plane (it's me, I'm that one friend — plane air is so drying!). This duo contains two of Laneige's best sellers, which are hydrating masks for both the lips and face. So whether they're jet-setting to a new country or are just on their way to dreamland after their usual nighttime skincare routine, your best friend will love you for this one.

    the travel kit

    14. A silicone crab utensil rest for your friend who is SO excited for the live-action Little Mermaid *and* so excited to cook some stews this winter.

    a reviewer's photo of the crab rest

    15. A Kate Spade graphic tote bag so that your bookworm friend can avoid the translucent tote trend, while still showing everyone around them what's inside — books on books on books!

    a reviewer's photo of their tote bag

    16. A copy of Eric Wareheim's cookbook, FOODHEIM: A Culinary Adventure for your buddy who has been *super* into Tim & Eric for a long time, and is just getting into cooking, too! This book includes an array of recipes, from burgers and soppressata to honey pizza to the perfect Negroni cocktail, all of which are Eric Wareheim-approved.

    a reviewer's meal after using the cookbook

    17. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, because your sibling is always complaining about their dry, achy eyes, which MAY have something to do with them staring at a screen 12 hours a day. Help them protect their eyes with these glasses while they work or peruse their phone!

    a reviewer wears the glasses

    18. A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker so that your boo can always enjoy the tunes that make them ~vibe~, whether they're on a hike or just at home, relaxing after work (and waiting for a text from you, natch).

    a reviewer's speaker in blue

    19. An LED lamp with a touch sensor that, yes, may seem like an unusual gift — but if your roommate is always on the hunt for items that will help them create the *perfect* lighting experience in their room, then they'll love this lamp with three (!!) levels of brightness.

    a reviewer's lamp on a table

    20. And an Olaplex hair perfector treatment that people LOVE for rebuilding broken bonds in their chemically- or color-treated hair. This product contains Olaplex's proprietary bond-building technology to seal frayed hairs, while sitting at a low enough pH (3.5–5) to help restore the hair after bleaching (bleach has a pretty high pH, so a low pH like the one in this treatment brings balance back to damaged hair). Get this for your friend who loves a luxurious treatment during their Sunday spa routine...or the friend who sorta trashed their hair with an at-home dye job.

    a reviewer with Olaplex in their hair

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