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    30 Things From Adidas That Are Both Stylish *And* Practical For Working Out

    Accomplish your New Year resolutions in style.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of shine tights that'll give you the flexibility you need as you work on your lunges while helping you *shine* like a star.

    a model wearing the tights in blue

    Promising review: "These are comfortable and stretch well throughout my yoga practice. The shimmer finish is beautiful!" —Jennifer78

    Price: $35 (originally $50; available in sizes XS–XL and in three colors)

    2. A pair of basic sweat shorts, because everyone needs a pair of shorts for some casual at-home workouts.


    Promising review: "Obsessed with all of the colors. The clothes themselves are good quality and comfortable." —Princessmellll

    Price: $60 (available in sizes XS–2XL and in seven colors)

    3. An oversized sweatshirt, just in case you're the type of runner who ALWAYS runs outdoors, despite the temperature drops. This piece is a great outer layer that'll keep you warm while still giving you the space and air you need during your cross-country training.

    a model wearing the sweatshirt in grey

    Promising review: "Super comfortable especially if you’re a lover of fresh-looking oversized sweatshirts!" —PrettynPurple

    Price: $65 (available in sizes 2XS–XL and in two colors)

    4. A sports bra to help you maintain support during your runs while adding a chic touch to your minimalist style.


    Price: $21 (originally $30; available in sizes 2XS–XL and in five colors)

    5. A pair of high-rise biker shorts so that you can ride, squat, or plank your way to your new personal record in style.

    a model wearing the shorts in black with three white stripes on the side

    Promising review: "Fit as advertised and perfect for sporting events and casual wear." —Ize08

    Price: $35 (available in sizes 1X–4X)

    6. A pair of hyperglam training tights, because you should workout to the beat of your own drum, which means taking breaks, adjusting intensities, and avoiding pushing yourself past your limits. Oh, and rocking some super chic tights like these, obviously.


    Price: $60 (available in sizes 1X-4X)

    7. A pair of cuffed joggers to keep you warm before and after your killer Pilates session.


    Promising review: "Very comfy! The bottom cuff is slightly large, but I like it!" —Olao

    Price: $60 (available in sizes 2XS-XL)

    8. A pair of training sneakers that'll make those around you think you're a sneaker-head who has their finger on the pulse of everything happening in the footwear world. These will help you reach your PRs while looking ultra-chic on your feet.


    Price: $110 (available in sizes 5-11)

    9. A crewneck sweater so that you can rock your favorite color while you rock back and forth on the elliptical. (Getting your cardio in while looking this cute?!?! Sign us up!)


    Price: $50 (available in sizes 1X-4X and in three colors)

    10. A classic Adidas track jacket, since, hello, it's an Adidas track jacket! There's no reason you shouldn't look this fly as you warm up with some laps around the track.


    Promising review: "The jacket is great. Very comfortable and the quality is really good. I have a full set now and I’m really happy with my purchase." —Donnela

    Price: $75 (available in sizes 2XS-L and in five colors)

    11. A pair of running shorts so that you can look like the star of a fitness commercial as you continue to work your way to a 10K.


    Price: $30 (available in sizes XS-2XL available in two colors)

    12. A houndstooth hoodie, because you are a style icon — there's no need to be shy about it! Express yourself with this oh-so-cozy hoodie during your next yoga class.

    two people wearing the hoodie in a black and white houndstooth pattern

    Price: $110 (available in sizes 3XS–4XL)

    13. An aeroknit cropped tank that will allow your skin to breathe as you practice deep-breathing throughout your plank.

    the mode wearing the cropped tank in black

    Price: $45 (available in sizes XS–L)

    14. A strappy sports bra to provide you with support and style. These straps cross in the back, meaning they'll hide perfectly under razorback tanks.


    Price: $25 (originally $50; available in sizes 1X–4X and in two colors)

    15. A pair of tights that are almost as bright as you! These pants allow flexibility and keep you dry during your intense CrossFit sessions. (Yes, even through burpees!)


    Price: $100 (available in sizes XS-L)

    16. A fleece hoodie with a chic infinity drawstring that'll never, I REPEAT, NEVER, get lost or sucked into your hood.

    the model wearing the black hoodies with a white infinity drawstring

    Price: $80 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    17. A pair of moisture-wicking tights that are made in part from recycled materials so that you can feel good about your purchase while you learn some new lifting techniques.


    Price: $60 (available in sizes 1X–4X)

    18. A flowy tee with a back cutout to avoid the feeling of a sweaty T-shirt clinging to every square inch of your torso.


    Price: $20 (originally $40; available in sizes 1X–4X and in two colors)

    19. A long-sleeve crop top that's so cute you'll probably want to get a second one to wear even while you're not working out!


    Price: $45 (available in sizes XS–2XL and in two colors)

    20. A knit romper to make getting into your workout clothes a breeze. There's nothing better than learning new yoga poses in a piece that took just one try to put on.


    Price: $100 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    21. A halter top with an open back in case you ARE the person in your spin class who always makes working out seem so effortless and chic.


    Price: $40 (available in sizes XS–2XL and in two colors)

    22. A padded jacket that's windproof! This jacket will help keep you warm during your early morning walks while still being light enough to allow maximum movement.

    the model wearing the jacket in black

    Promising review: "I love this jacket! Warm and comfy. Beautiful color and fabric." —Debb

    Price: $200 (available in sizes XS–XL and in three colors)

    23. A fleece sweatshirt, since outdoor sports are still a thing! Consider wearing warm layers like this one that still allow movement while you train.

    the model wearing the crewneck sweater in pink

    Price: $60 (available in sizes XS–XL and in three colors)

    24. A ribbed tank top that will work well as a base layer during a late-winter/early-spring outdoor training session, or serve as your perfect top for getting your punches in at kickboxing.


    Price: $25 (available in sizes XS-XL and in two colors)

    25. A pair of graphic tights, since your big personality requires something more than a regular pair of tights. These have a bit of compression to them, making them perfect for some HIIT.


    Promising review: "It was comfortable to run in, a little difficult to get into it. First thoughts were is this too small but it's meant to be tight to give you that perfect overall support. High waisted and doesn't roll over!" —Nshussh

    Price: $100 (available in sizes XS–XL and in two colors)

    26. A floral running tee with a slit in the back to allow maximum airflow while you beat your mile time.


    Price: $35 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    27. A simple long-sleeve crop top in case you're always cold at your gym while you work on simple stretches.


    Price: $75 (available in sizes XS-L and in two colors)

    28. A track jacket, because working out doesn't mean you have to skip out on style. Consider this jacket during your midday hikes with loved ones.


    Promising review: "Received my logo play track jacket today! I tried it on and I loved it! The color is beautiful and it looks good on! I can’t wait to wear it. I got a medium and it fits perfectly." —Riri619

    Price: $80 (available in sizes 2XS-XL and in two colors)

    29. A Bambi graphic hoodie, because what's better than working out in a cozy hoodie? Working out in a cozy hoodie with your favorite Disney character on the front, that's what.

    model weaing the hoodie in black with Bambi stitched over text that reads "Adidas"

    Price: $65 (available in sizes 2XS-XL and in two colors)

    30. And a pair of mesh shoes that are perfect for city running or just running errands around town. These are made in collaboration with Stella McCartney, making them a great option for those who collect sneakers, too.


    Promising review: "I really love these sneakers. They are so comfortable and so stylish. Jeans or gym wear, you can rock these! I receive compliments each time I wear them!" —TrainerSelena

    Price: $160 (available in sizes 5–10.5 and in two colors)

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