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    15 Things You Definitely Need For Your Freshman Year Of College (And 5 Things You'll Just Want)

    Welcome to ~adulting~. These products are here to make it (semi-) easy.

    1. A microwave pasta maker, because although you may feel like the cafeteria buffet is your oyster, you'll eventually get a hankering for something that reminds you of a homecooked meal. This is super simple to use: just pop pasta and a bit of water in, microwave it, et voila, pasta so al dente, you'll almost mistake it for your mom's Sunday red sauce.

    2. A huge backpack laundry bag so that you can kiss the pain of dragging your laundry bag around campus goodbye! This holds a great deal of clothes and can even act as a great backpack to store your laundry when visiting home! (Because let's face it: everyone brings their laundry home with them, right?)

    3. A fluffy college dorm rug, because dorm rooms can be a little...industrial-looking. If you don't enjoy the feeling of cold tiles on your feet first thing in the morning, this rug is basically a necessity.

    4. A roll of double-sided heavy duty mounting tape that is S-T-R-O-N-G. I use this tape in my apartment to hang boards and organizers on my walls, and lemme tell ya — sometimes I think not even the jaws of life can pry things that are held together with this. OK, it eventually comes off with enough finagling — consider this if you want to hang whiteboards or wall decals without damaging the walls.

    5. A quiet oscillating cooling fan for those nights when you really wish you were back home, tucked under the cool air, thanks to central AC.

    6. And speaking of central air, a HEPA filter air purifier that'll get rid of contaminants and funky smells in your room!

    small black air purifier next to plant

    7. A stunning floral duvet set, because your bedding is arguably the biggest decor item you'll have in your dorm — you may as well choose a design that's cute and fits your chosen aesthetic.

    8. A plastic bedside shelf that's not *just* a cool makeshift nightstand — it'll also come in handy when you're stuck sick in bed and need somewhere super close to hold your bowl of chicken noodle soup.

    The bedside shelf

    9. ...or it can also hold the ramen that you make with a microwavable ramen cooker set (seriously, no judgment — dorms are small, and you'll inevitably eat a meal or two in bed while cramming for finals). This set cooks and drains your ramen for you and has a comfy handle that'll lessen the chances of you burning yourself on your bowl of soup.

    10. A quilted cooling mattress topper, because dorm room beds are notoriously uncomfortable. This will give you support and a soft, cushy feel as you sleep.

    11. A gorgeous, handmade minimalist playing card deck so that you and your pals can have a fun and stimulating study break, free of screens!

    12. A pair of wireless sleep headphones that are NOISE-CANCELING. If your roommate snores, plays music, or literally just tosses and turns too much for you to sleep peacefully, these will be a life-changer (and probably a relationship-saver).

    13. A single-serve coffee maker is perfect if your favorite part about being home is having a freshly-brewed cup of coffee every morning. This will give you the taste of your favorite drip coffee without having a traditional clunky coffee machine in your dorm room.

    14. A Black + Decker cordless handheld vacuum to help keep crumbs off the floor without having to give up a chunk of your closet space to a full-size vacuum.

    Review photo of the cordless vacuum

    15. A multidevice five-port charging station will be your best friend during finals week, when you have to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, e-reader, and smart watch all at once.

    Review photo of the white charging station

    16. A five-shelf hanging closet organizer, because realistically speaking, almost no dorm room comes with proper storage! This is great for turning thin, vertical closets into a space where you can *actually* store all your necessities!

    17. A durable mesh hanging shower caddy will help ensure that you'll never head to the shower without your weekly hair mask ever again.

    18. And on the topic of showers, a pack of 12 shower bombs to help you make even the quickest five-minute shower feel like a luxurious retreat. Just plop one of these on the shower floor and soon you'll be encapsulated by an invigorating citrusy steam.

    the pink and orange pack of shower steamers

    19. A spiral organizer, because staying organized is the key to staying on top of your studies! You can use one of these for every class and separate the sections by chapters, books you're reading, or weeks in the semester!

    20. And a four-pack of hair claws will be your saving grace when you're need something to help you look put-together even after an all-nighter.

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