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    25 Target Products For Anyone In Their “Target TikTok Made Me Buy It” Era

    Behold: TikTok's beloved gems.

    1. An insulated stainless-steel tumbler to keep your cold drinks ice cold for — get this — 30 hours. so, if you like to babysit your iced tea throughout the day, this tumbler will keep the ice from melting quickly, lessening the probability of your drink diluting!

    a photo of the insulated tumbler in the color periwinkle

    2. An anti-chafe stick for thighs proving there really is a product for everything. Say goodbye to those BURNING bumps on hot summer days that might make you opt out of skirts or shorts, and hello to showing off your best style (and best self!), chafe-free.

    3. A reusable Stasher bag that, yes, everyone loves on TikTok — but I love them, too! I've been using dishwasher-, freezer- and microwave-safe Stasher bags for years to store fruits, pack sandwiches, and even collect food scraps for my next stock!

    the stasher bag in orange, pink, blue, and green, all holding fruits

    4. A Maybelline mascara that has cemented itself as one of TikTok's favorite lash-enhancing products, more than a year after first going viral! This mascara makes it easy to achieve full, defined, come-hither lashes with just a few strokes — clumps not included.

    5. A set of pimple patches, because who has the time to wait for a pimple to heal on its own?! These hydrocolloid patches draw pus out of zits overnight to speed up the life cycle of a breakout, getting your skin healed faster.

    6. A textured washcloth set to turn your restroom into a luxurious hotel bathroom in a flash.