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    27 Stylish, Light, And Comfy Things From Amazon To Wear This Summer

    Easy clothes for an easy season.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A halter tank top that's a no-thoughts-required type of shirt — by that, I mean you can simply throw this on with a pair of jean shorts and have an outfit that looks like it's worth a million bucks. Plus, reviewers ~love~ that you don't need a bra to sport this baby.

    a reviewer wearing the top in white

    2. A pair of overalls serving major Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants vibes, since they look *so* good on virtually everyone.

    a reviewer wearing olive overalls

    3. A faux-wrap dress both cozy and chic, perfect for your summer wardrobe as you head back to the office.

    4. A pair of relaxed-fit capri pants if you're in desperate need of something that'll keep you looking cute as ever while you tend to your garden. These will protect your legs from mosquitos while still giving your skin a chance to breathe in the heat!

    a reviewer wearing blue denim capri pants

    5. A beach cover-up for your next seaside getaway, whether it's at a tropical destination or just a few miles from your home. All that's missing from this outfit is a mojito in your hand and sunscreen on your skin.

    6. A pair of drawstring shorts to almost convince you that you're about to spend all summer lounging in all-linen outfits on the Mediterranean Coast. (If you won't be, at least you can dressed like it.)

    a model wearing the shorts in green

    7. A short-sleeve dress basically as cozy as your favorite T-shirt, yet still stylish enough to wear to a picnic in the park.

    Reviewer in short sleeve navy blue midi dress

    8. A button-down tank with a tailored cut elevated enough for an afternoon tea party with friends, yet relaxed enough to lounge in all day while at the beach.

    9. A printed midi skirt and tank set you can easily wear to an outdoor birthday dinner, a barbecue, to the grocery store... really anywhere you'd like to flex your style.

    buzzfeed editor wearing the two-piece set in a green and brown jungle print

    10. A maxi dress with not one, but *two* slits! That means that while you're be serving looks in this stylish dress, you'll be able to cool off in the summer breeze, too.

    11. A loose V-neck blouse to seamlessly flow from your Zoom-filled workday into a breezy date night dinner with the boo.

    reviewer wearing a flowing v-neck blouse with bell sleeves and mesh stripes in the sleeves

    12. A crisscross T-shirt upping the ante on your favorite white tee. Leggings are a must when wearing this on a lazy day — but you can also pair this with jeans during your next wine tasting with your closest buds.

    a reviewer wearing this shirt in white

    13. A pair of palazzo pants will allow the summer breeze to flow, while still making you look put together if you're heading to the office.

    14. A V-neck button tunic, because you have every right in the world to be cozy and en vogue at the same time.

    15. An off-the-shoulder scalloped dress to have you ready for any rooftop hangout that lasts well into the night.

    a reviewer wearing the dress in black with sandals on a boat

    16. A short-sleeve dress so you can channel your inner Jane Birkin without dropping major bucks. Consider it an investment — getting a killer deal on clothes just means there are more funds in your budget for other things, like summertime adventures!

    17. A pair of cargo pants, because they are officially back in style! And you know what cargo pants mean... more beloved pockets. 😍

    two models wearing drawstring cargo pants

    18. A V-neck dress that hits right above the knee, making it perfect for those days where the summer heat is simply unbearable, but you still want to look cute!

    19. A three-quarter-sleeve tunic shirt to wear to your seaside date with lovers, friends, or yourself. (Take yourself out on dates, it's amazing!)

    a reviewer walking on a beach wearing a black tunic shirt

    20. A striped maxi dress with a bare back to provide you with extra coolness on particularly hot days.

    21. A pair of colorblock capri yoga pants, because is there anything in this world better than feeling the comfort of yoga pants while still looking ~edgy~?

    a reviewer wearing tri-colored yoga pants with a capri-length leg

    22. A scoop collar T-shirt that luckily comes in all your favorite colors. Dress it up with a skirt or down with some flowing linen pants — the styling opportunities are endless!

    23. A pair of bike shorts to pair with your favorite vintage band tee for a chill, Brooklyn-esque outfit.

    a reviewer wearing the bike shorts under their dress

    24. A flowing maxi dress screaming ~beach but make it trendy~. You can easily wear this over your swimsuit to a weekend seaside getaway, or pair it with a cardigan for an outdoor party this summer.

    reviewer wearing a blue maxi dress with sandals

    25. A cap-sleeve lace trim dress to spruce up your summer wardrobe so that you can emulate your favorite characters from Bridgerton this season.

    a reviewer wearing the midi length dress in ivory

    26. A pair of wide-leg drawstring pants as versatile as they are cute. Throw these on with an oversized crewneck during your quiet morning dog walks — and when you're looking to spruce up your look a bit, pair this with a shrug and cami set and your favorite low-top sneakers.

    27. And pair of buttery soft leggings because the bottom half of your Zoom outfits deserve an upgrade too! If you don't find yourself in front of a webcam much these days, this pair is also great to wear during your daily runs (reviewers say they're super moisture-wicking!).

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