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    20 Problem-Solving Pet Products From Chewy For Anyone Who Owns A Cat

    So that you can spend more time cuddling with your furbaby, and less time tending to their tedious needs.

    1. A hairball relief treat, because some cats, no matter how often you brush them, need a bit of help to suppress hairballs. Consider purchasing this for your long-haired kitty who seems to produce hairballs at lightning speed.

    a bag of greenies hairball control treats

    2. An automatic cat feeder for the feline in your life who never seems to stop meowing for food. This will ensure that your cat does not overeat — or under-eat if you, by chance, forget that it's dinnertime for them since you can schedule when it releases food.

    A cat sitting next to a cat food dispenser

    3. A cave cat bed, because cats love to lounge in enclosed spaces. This super-plush bed gives the coziness and support your cat needs during sleep.

    A grey cat sitting inside a beige cave bed

    4. A round warming cat bed to provide your cat with a comfortable place to lounge. This bed is perfect for those with cats who sleep only in the places most inconvenient to you, like right on your pillow.

    5. An interactive roller cat toy, because playing isn't just for kittens! Playtime is vital to ensuring that your cat can maintain their physical health and mental awareness throughout their life. I have this toy, and my two cats play with it for hours on end.

    A cat playing with a triple-tiered blue cat toy

    6. A self-grooming cat toy for the feline in your life who cannot get enough of those precious cheek scratches. This product adheres to any corner in your home, making self-grooming a breeze for your kitty.

    a white and grey cat scratching its cheek on a self groomer toy adhered to a corner

    7. A silicone cat bowl mat, because messes are inevitable when dinnertime rolls around. This will keep your floors food-free, and will also protect them from water damage if your cat is the type to splash their water bowl before drinking.

    a grey silicone mat in the shape of a rectangle under a food bowl

    8. A bag of Blue Buffalo high protein adult cat food for your adventurous furbaby who needs all the energy they can get. This formula is high in protein, making it ideal for cats who enjoy frequent backyard expeditions.

    an assortment of duck and vegetables that go into the dry food

    9. A Catit grass planter that'll keep your cats from eating the plants around your home. This is extremely important to have as a cat owner since some house plants are actually toxic to cats.

    a cat sitting next to a pot overgrown with cat grass

    10. A Petmate litter pan for those of you who have dogs, too. Your dog will not be able to reach inside of this box to dig, and your cat's paws will remain dust-free thanks to the litter trap at the top of this box.

    11. A Feline Greenies Pill Pocket that's like a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Simply hide the pill inside the treat, press the treat to mold it around the pill, and watch your cat enjoy.

    12. A Hertzko self-cleaning brush with retractable teeth to make cleanup after a good brushing experience so easy, you'll wish you purchased it sooner.

    a person holding fur from the self-cleaning cat brush

    13. A Catit flower water fountain since some cats enjoy running water, as opposed to water that sits still in a bowl. This fountain filters water to ensure that your cat has a crisp and clean drink every time.

    14. A pair of cat nail clippers, because although you love your cat, their claws can sometimes be the bane of your existence. These clippers are great, as they cause minimal splitting while cutting your kitty's claws.

    15. An Advantage small cat flea treatment that'll provide sweet relief to your indoor/outdoor kitty. This treatment attacks fleas at all stages of life, making the annihilation of those pesky little critters hassle-free.

    a grey cat sitting outdoors

    16. A digestive supplement for cats, because you care about your sweet little kitty who has trouble using the bathroom. This probiotic supplement comes in powder form and mixes into your cat's wet food effortlessly.

    a white and orange cat sitting up, trying to grab their owners attention

    17. A fuzzy cat tree so that your cat has something other than your couch to scratch during their free time. This tree has a hammock, too, which is perfect for midday cat naps.

    a white and orange cat sitting in an ivory cat tree with two scratching posts and two furry pom poms

    18. An Oxyfresh water additive to help you care for your cat's teeth. Dental care has never been simpler: just add a capful of this to your cat's water, and they will have fresh breath and healthy gums in no time.

    a white bottle that reads water additive, next to a cat and their water bowl

    19. A raised cat food bowl, because raised bowls provide cats with a better eating posture, making digestion easier.

    a raised food bowl with black paw prints and red, pink, and yellow leaves

    20. And a Fresh Step clumping litter with Febreze, because you love your cat — but you do not love the scent of their litter box. This litter traps odor and has a fresh scent that'll make walking past the litter box bearable.

    A black kitten poking its head out of a box

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