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    24 Things From Amazon Reviewers Say Please Their Picky Cats

    The best products for cats with high standards.

    1. A Catit water fountain, because some picky cats enjoy running water more than water that sits still, so consider this fountain if your cat prefers to drink water from the tap in your bathroom instead of their water bowl.

    a maine coon drinking out of a green water fountain with a white flower spout

    2. A set of lickable cat treats for the cats in your life who have very high standards about the food they eat. My cat is such a picky eater that sometimes I wonder if she goes on regular hunger strikes. Yet, whenever I open this container, she comes running.

    a model feeding a striped cat a green lickable treat

    3. A self-cleaning brush that'll make the act of brushing your fussy cat more managable. This brush has fine teeth that combs every last knot in your cat's fur while remaining gentle on their skin.

    4. A rainbow string toy, because some cats cannot be bothered by clunky plastic ball toys. String toys will get most cats moving for their recommended amount of play per day.

    Cat playing with the rainbow string

    5. A Catit grass planter so that your cat has something other than your plant babies to chew on.

    a long haired cat sitting on a grass planter

    6. An Oxyfresh water additive for the cat in your life who is quite particular about their dental snacks. This water additive is flavorless, meaning that your cat won't even know that they're drinking something that will make their breath smell fresh and their teeth and gums stronger.

    a white green and blue water additive bottle in front of a cat food bowl and a water food bowl

    7. A probiotic for cats that is the easiest addition to your picky eater's meals if you're looking to support your cat's digestive system. This probiotic comes in a powder form and is tasteless, meaning you can easily sneak this supplement into their wet food.

    a white and orange cat with a blue jar of probiotics in front of it

    8. A claw trimmer for those moments when your cat just won't sit still as you clip their claws. These clippers are sharp and efficient, meaning they'll get the job done quickly without splitting your cat's nails in the process.

    a lime green and white claw trimmer in a persons hand

    9. A hooded litter box, because many cats prefer privacy when using the WC. This litter box will keep them happy, and it'll make you happy since it traps odors.

    an orange cat entering a hooded litter box

    10. A warming cat bed to provide your cat with a comfortable place to lounge. This bed is perfect for those with cats who only sleep in the places most inconvenient to you, like right on your pillow.

    Reviewer's cat lounging on the circular fleece-lined pet bed

    11. A self-grooming toy for the cat in your life who absolutely cannot stand brushes. This toy will brush any knots in their fur as they walk on by, and calm them at the same time if you choose to fill this toy with catnip.

    a cat scratching its cheek on a self grooming toy

    12. An elevated food bowl, because some cats actually do not like eating from bowls that are at the same height as the floor.

    A cat eating out of a white elevated food bowl with a grey elevated water bowl next to it

    13. A mesh shower bag for the feline in your life who resents baths, but needs them. This bag will give you the ability to wash your cat's fur without having to worry about them running away every five seconds.

    a black and brown cat inside of a blue and orange mesh bag for bathing

    14. A hangable scratch pad, because your cat needs something other than your brand-new rug to file its nails on.

    a white and grey cat scratching at an oval-shaped cat scratching pad

    15. A Burt's Bees waterless shampoo to help wipe any dirt and debris from your cat after their backyard adventure. This is great for super finicky cats who would not even dare walk past a bath.

    16. A plush purring pillow for cats who need to feel like they're cuddling something at all times.

    17. An AmazonBasics cat tree that'll turn into your cats new one-stop-shop for lounging, scratching, and playing with its hammock, pom-poms, and scratch posts.

    A grey cat sitting in a white hammack cat tree with two scratch pads and two pom poms

    18. A Zesty Paws wild Alaskan salmon oil for the picky eater in your life who needs a bit of help moving their lazy bones around. This food additive is great for promoting joint health in cats with arthritis, and giving them a killer shine in their coat at the same time.

    19. A retractable wand with feather attachments, because some cats would rather gaze at birds than play with any of the toys lying around the house. This toy is amazing for stimulating your cat's hunting instincts while ensuring they get their recommended amount of daily playtime.

    a kitten chasing a green feather on a stick

    20. A window hammock to give a new resting spot to the cat in your life who would rather lounge on your dining room table during golden hour than in their bed.

    a white and grey cat lounging on a window hammack attached to a window

    21. An interactive toy maze for the cat who scoffs at mere toy mice. This treat toy is great for keeping your cats engaged and stimulated while you do other things, like tick off chores from your daily to-do list.

    four cats crowded around a cardboard interactive cat toy

    22. A harness and leash that'll keep your kitties out of harms way while enjoying the great outdoors without ever making them feel restrained.

    a grey cat walking outside wearing a black leash and harness

    23. A pack of rainbow balls if your cat only ever seems to want to play with their toys while you are fast asleep. This toy will give them something to chase, while being completely silent as you catch some Z's.

    a grey cat sleeping with a rainbow toy ball

    24. And a cat door, because some cats are persistent, and will viciously scratch at a door for as long as they need to until you open it for them. Consider giving them the freedom of mobility with this cat door.

    a black and white cat walking through a cat door at the bottom of a door

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