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    30 Gorgeous Things From Lulus To Wear On A Valentine's Day Date

    Much cute, very romantic.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A hot pink mini dress with just the right amount of both formal and glamorous vibes that'll be perfect for a fancy dinner date with your boo... plus all those springtime weddings you have coming up!

    Model in the hot pink dress

    2. A velvet dress in case you live somewhere that typically presents you with frigid temps by the time Feb. 14 rolls around. The velvet maxi design will help trap the heat, while the plunging neckline helps *you* achieve true romance vibes.

    a model wearing the blush dress

    3. Or a hot pink halter dress if you live somewhere where wearing heavy fabrics sounds like a heat-inducing nightmare. I mean, it's hot pink, flowy, has a chic halter top, and sports an open-back style. Need I say more as to why this is the perfect Valentine's Day dress?!

    4. *OR* this mock-neck satin number for those who prefer the look of silky fabrics and are jealous of people living somewhere high necks are a necessity. With a gorg finish and a floor-length skirt, this'll up the elegant vibes of the whole evening.

    The model in the blush dress

    5. A two-piece jumpsuit with sheer balloon sleeves that solves your whole what-the-heck-should-I-wear?! dilemma. This set covers both your top and bottom and needs almost no accessorizing to look super chic.

    the two piece jumpsuit in black

    6. A pair of satin pants aka the perfect option if, well, you have no idea where you're going for your V-Day date. These pants will look fabulous whether you're off to a fancy restaurant, going to your favorite funky dance club, or even at a comedy show. Sure, your boo may be hiding their surprise plans for you, but at least you'll show up looking like a 10/10.

    the pants in red

    7. A rosy mesh bodysuit because there's no rule that says you aren't allowed to both receive *and* wear roses on the day of love. <3

    8. A red satin skirt that goes with practically anything, whether you're throwing on an oversized button-down or pairing it with a crop top.

    the skirt in red

    9. A satin tunic top which can double as a dress if you play your cards right. Wear this along with biker shorts and thigh-high boots for a minidress moment, or layer it over a bodysuit and your favorite jeans for a more relaxed evening.

    the tunic in red

    10. A cutout midi dress if you and your friends are prepping to hit the town on V-Day. And who said red/pink were the only colors you can sport on this day? Not I! This delicious lilac color will have you turning heads and make for the perfect Insta pic.

    model wearing the dress in lilac

    11. A pair of high-rise trousers because LBDs are great and all, but no one gives black trousers the credit they deserve! Plus, these babies will pair with pretty much everything in your closet, so they'll last you well beyond V-Day.

    12. A pair of wide-leg trouser pants since Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, meaning that there's a very likely chance you might go straight from work to dinner with your babe. These pants are office-friendly and will look perfect with a sequin tank and pointed-toe heels when it's time to clock out.

    model wearing the trousers in mauve with a white top

    13. An off-the-shoulder mermaid dress if you like to look city-chic practically all the time, but still want something with a romantic neckline and sweet hem!

    The model wearing the navy dress

    14. A vegan leather mini skirt because you absolutely *do not* have to forgo your ~cool~ style just because it's a romantic day! This, plus a pair of your favorite combat boots, is the ideal pairing, TBH.

    the skirt in red

    15. And a vegan leather button-up for making your entire 'fit a monochromatic one. This top also works well with your favorite palazzo pants and a chic clutch!

    the top in red

    16. A pair of heart-printed platform sandals if your fabulous sweater is covering the heart on your sleeve... *ba-dum-tsch*. No, but seriously, there's nothing like a statement shoe, and there's nothing that states, "I'm ready for love!!!" more than these.

    the pumps in white with a heart design

    17. A semi-sheer lace bodysuit proving that lace for V-Day doesn't have to come only in the form of lingerie.

    18. A bodysuit with thick straps because you're a boss babe, and your outfits should always reflect that. I promise this, plus a great mini bag and a slicked-back bun is the epitome of ~watch my power~ energy.

    the bodysuit in black

    19. A ruched tulle bodysuit if you love the idea of dressing up for the occasion, but don't want to wear colors that steer away from your typical minimalist palette.

    the bodysuit in burgundy

    20. A bright midi skirt you should definitely pair with a bright pink blazer or blouse if you're looking to tip your hat to the trending Barbiecore aesthetic.

    21. A strapless bustier bodysuit that's a great option because it looks cute as heck while also being a statement piece... which basically means you won't have to accessorize much to look like a million bucks.

    22. A whimsical burgundy dress, because, HELLO, is there anything that feels more romantic-date-near-a-rose-garden than dressing up in a flowing tulle dress?

    The model in the red dress

    23. A jacquard tie-front crop top you can easily switch into if you're headed straight from a long list of meetings to your boo's arms.

    the top in red

    24. A pretty ruched long-sleeve top aka the perfect choice if you just can't make the choice between hot pink and red. May I present: the middle ground.

    the top in pink

    25. A cowl neck cami because you deserve to look this cute (and feel this glamorous) while taking yourself out on a solo date.

    the top in red

    26. A cozy turtleneck if your V-Day date includes a walk through the city followed by dinner and a movie for two. This'll keep you warm and toasty as you peruse the streets and watch a flick with your sweetie while still looking chic when it's time to sit down for your steak and wine!

    the sweater in beige

    27. A lacy, tiered dress that's ideal if your go-to V-Day date has always been to go salsa dancing. Grab your friends and let's move those hips bbs!

    the dress in red close up

    28. A pink ruched sleeve blazer so you can arrive in outerwear that's festive for the holiday but also add a fun statement piece to your work wardrobe when the day is over.

    the blazer in pink

    29. A pair of vegan leather pants if your ideal date is attending your favorite concert venue with your love. Or, ya know, visiting the killer jukebox at the dive bar you both adore. (Same difference, right???)

    the leather pants in red

    30. And a red and pink lace pajama set for people who are spending this year at home with their loves making a gorgeous meal together and watching a rom-com. Or, ya know, if you need something cozy yet cute to slip into when you arrive back home from the best Valentine's Day date ever. ;)

    the pajama set in red and pink

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