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    28 Gifts From Target That'll Make Basically Everyone Happy

    An instant mood boost, if I do say so myself.

    1. A 35mm camera that includes flash and a handy wrist strap to help your giftee take a steady pic in any lighting. This could be a cute stocking stuffer for your seasoned photographer friend or can work as a first camera for a kid who's new to the game.

    the 35mm camera in an ivory color

    2. A mini gel nail polish kit if your best friend is all about DIY beauty these days. They can have fun (and some inner peace) with the meditative self-care that is doing one's own nails, and then reap the benefits with a manicure that'll last them for as long as a salon-quality gel manicure would!

    3. And an Olive & June mani tool to make sure their mani turns out perfectly! This suctions onto any nail polish cap to create more grip. (Which leads to more control!)

    4. An LED light therapy device, because skincare devices are fun to use, but are even more fun when they make a noticeable difference! This device is a fraction of the cost of other comparable devices and actually works. Use the blue setting to fight active acne and the red setting to diminish the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

    the white LED light therapy device with with blue and red settings

    5. A bottle of Being Frenshe scent mist that I swear by for fresh-smelling...everything. This works well for anyone who likes one-and-done products, as this can act as a body, hair, or even linen mist. Plus, all of Being Frenshe's products contain a mood-boosting scent technology, meaning it'll help your pals relax while they waft in their new fave scent.

    6. A stackable bamboo jewelry organizer, because your sibling, while they're so good at organizing their cosmetics, still keeps their jewelry in the same box they've had since their teen years. This is a great way to avoid tangled necklaces and lost studs, and it'll give their space a chic showroom feel!

    The trays, with light gray felt lining, in different configurations for storing different kinds of accessories

    7. And while you're at it, you may as well throw in a travel accessories organizer, too! This will help them see their pieces neatly, WITHOUT having to dump their entire jewelry pouch onto a counter just to find one ring.

    A white faux leather jewelry case with jewelry

    8. A Nespresso Vertuo machine, because hand-packing beans and pulling a perfect crema-fill cup of espresso sounds relaxing — but the time-consuming process isn't really ideal for someone who usually has jammed-packed schedules. This machine is great for the busy person you know, as it can make a cup of coffee or a shot of espresso in just the click of a button.

    The machine in a light blue color

    9. Or a pour-over coffee maker if your giftee is constantly hitting the trail on camping trips. This will brew a great pot of coffee without any wires or buttons necessary.

    10. A Stanley stainless-steel tumbler for the person you realllllly want to make a good impression on. Sure, practically everyone on TikTok is obsessed with this tumbler — but its specs take it over the edge into ❄️cool❄️ (ha, ha) territory. It can keep hot drinks warm for up to seven hours and cold drinks cool for up to 11 hours!

    The tumbler in five bright colors, including pink, green, blue, and confetti

    11. A weighted sleep mask set that'll let them rest their tired eyes. This helps to depuff the skin with a cooling gel insert while lulling them to sleep with a gentle lavender scent.

    12. An enameled cast-iron Dutch oven aka the perfect gift for anyone who can't stop talking about the wonders of homesteading. Dutch ovens last a realllyyyy long time, and people have used them for generations to make stews, homemade yogurt, or even homemade sourdough bread!

    The cream-colored pot on a stove

    13. A karaoke microphone so that your pal can save all that money they spend renting out karaoke rooms at the bar! This, plus a color-changing light bulb is everything they need for a fun-filled night in their living room.

    A model holding the mic, which has rainbow lights on the side

    14. A bamboo bath caddy, because there is nothing like a warm bath and a glass of wine at the end of the day. Help your loved ones unwind without having to worry about whether or not their drink will fall off the tub's ledge at any given moment.

    The caddy holding a glass of wine, an iPad, and a candle

    15. A cooling eye treatment that not only includes an eye cream to plump the under-eye area and diminish the appearance of fine lines — it ALSO includes a super cool ice globe! Yes, this is the same type of ice globe an aesthetician would use during a facial. Ice globes are great for diminishing dark circles and decreasing puffiness, so this set is basically like a facial for your skincare-loving giftee's eyes (eye-cial? Don't mind me, I'm still workshopping that one).

    16. A Tree Hut Coco Colada shea sugar body scrub, because OMG I've never experienced skin so soft at such an affordable price. Seriously, these sugar granules are amazing at buffing away dead skin, and they work just as well as the expensive stuff! If you want to gift your mom something they'll actually use (not just store as fancy bathroom decor), then this is it.

    the coco colada body scrub surrounded by coconuts

    17. A reusable Stasher bag that, yes, everyone loves on TikTok — but I love them, too! I've been using dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe Stasher bags for years to store fruits, pack sandwiches, and even collect food scraps for my next stock! If your work spouse is always looking for a way to optimize their food storage, this is the perf option.

    the stasher bag in orange, pink, blue, and green, all holding fruits

    18. A Tula day and night cream, because ~skinimalism~ doesn't mean they don't do skincare — your boo just completes their routine with fewer products. This cream contains squalane that locks moisture into the skin all day, and peptides to help cell regeneration during the night!

    19. A weekender duffel bag — it's basically like any other duffle bag times a million. It's ideal for anyone bit by the wanderlust bug since it has a compartment for clothes, a sleeve for a laptop, and even a band that hooks around a carry-on handle to avoid mid-airport sprint slipping!

    the duffel bag in pale pink

    20. A NutriBullet blender, because there's not better way to kickstart a new meal plan than with a machine that makes yummy veggie-filled smoothies. This is especially great for the parent you know who's always hiding vegetables in their kid's muffin or pancake batter.

    The nutribullet, featuring a short blending cup and a tall blending cup, both of which convert into travel mugs

    21. A mobile charger since we all have that one friend whose phone is always in the single-digit category. This'll help them avoid losing their connection while they commute or travel!

    A rose gold phone charger with a black cord in it

    22. A breakfast sandwich maker that'll turn the phrase "we have food at home," into something everyone will actually look forward to hearing. This makes all the parts of a great breakfast sandwich in one easy-to-clean appliance, which is helpful for your pal who usually skips out on making breakfast at home because "they just don't have the time."

    23. A bottle of nail and cuticle repair oil, because the secret to having healthy nails is healthy cuticles! This blend of jojoba oil and vitamin E softens the cuticles, and nourishes the nail bed in between salon visits.

    the bottle of nail oil next to its packaging

    24. A cute tumbler with a straw, since cute drinkware will almost always ignite the need to drink more water. What's more, this BPA-free tumbler is double-insulated, meaning your giftee won't have to deal with condensation!

    Woman using the tumbler

    25. A Revlon volumizing hair dryer brush, because your bestie deserves to experience a salon-quality blowout every day — this'll cut down their at-home blow-drying time DRASTICALLY while helping them achieve the full and shiny look they crave.

    the hair dryer brush

    26. An astrological candle that has a different scent for each sign! This is perfect if you want to get a personal gift for someone without shelling out the $$$ on something that's monogrammed.

    27. A guided journal that takes just a few minutes in the morning and night to fill in. Each day, your giftee will fill in the prompts which include gratitude lists, intention setting, and recalling the great things that happened that day. If your friend is going through a transitory time and needs some extra love, this (plus a huge box of chocolates) will be the perfect gift to help them along.

    28. An O-Cedar spin mop and bucket, because if your friend is on #CleanTok and doesn't have this mop yet, then BOY OH BOY will they be happy with this gift! This cleans up grime from floors in a jiffy and gets to stains that traditional mops usually leave behind.

    an O-Cedar mop and bucket being used in a kitchen

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