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    Updated on Aug 4, 2020. Posted on Aug 1, 2020

    31 Things From Walmart That Will Magically Give Your Home More Space

    These products will help make any space in your tiny apartment appear larger.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A faux marble coffee table to help you elevate your home's style. The thin legs create an illusion of space, while the light color of the coffee table creates brightness, opening the space up even more.

    The white marble coffee table with gold art deco legs

    Promising review: "This table really fits my style of trying to do mid-century, and it's very sturdy. I wasn't sure how the faux marble would turn out, but it's a very heavy, sturdy material and you can't tell that it's faux. It was easy to assemble." —KatieB

    Price: $161.14

    2. A Manor Park hall tree so you can say goodbye to shoe clutter. This hall tree also hangs coats, providing you with more precious space in your closet.

    The wood and black metal hall tree with two shelves and two rows of hooks

    Promising review: "Love this hall tree so much! Holds a ton of coats and shoes underneath. It's well-made, too." —KC

    Price: $184.99

    3. A sleek writing desk that'll both look cute and provide storage for all your office needs.

    The black and silver desk with four open shelves

    Promising review: "This desk was the easiest I have EVER gotten!! No tools! Very sturdy! The pieces all just screw into each other." —GambitsAce23

    Price: $97.29

    4. A set of magic hangers to hook five articles of clothing for the space of one. We love when that happens.

    The closet hook with five hanger slots

    Promising review: "This is magic to my small closet. All clothes fit and the closet doesn't look clustered. I was afraid it will break with some dresses, bit it's surprising holding tight." —Prisca

    Price: $7.16

    5. A Better Homes & Gardens bookshelf, because the trick in saving space is to store things vertically. The height of this bookshelf provides enough space for all of your books while leaving enough space for other furniture with its skinny frame.

    The dark wood bookcase

    Promising review: "We’re very pleased. We purchased two of these bookshelves in cherry and have them on either side of our upstairs office. Great color, size, depth, and height." —Socalmum

    Price: $109 (available in two colors)

    6. A mirror with storage built inside for all of your beauty products and jewelry. Say goodbye to lost earrings and serum clutter forever.

    The tall white standing mirror with interior jewelry organizer

    Promising review: "This is an amazingly functional jewelry box. For years I used a jewelry chest with drawers and found that I only wore the items on top that I could see. With this, I can see everything I own and wear all that I have. Love this." —Keith

    Price: $89.99 (available in three colors)

    7. A Foreside Home & Garden hanging planter to save vital counter space while adding nice touches of greenery to your place.

    The round metal hanging planter

    Price: $26.22

    8. A bathroom shelving stand for those of us living in shoebox apartments. It'll store everything you need — extra toilet paper, cotton swabs, hand soap, and even towels.

    The light wooden standing bathroom shelving with cabinet doors

    Promising review: "This cabinet was easy to assemble. The color was spot on, grayish-brown wood. It fit perfectly over the toilet and added beauty to the half bathroom." —Lisalisa

    Price: $77.87

    9. A hanging shoe organizer for storing those pairs of shoes that don't make it in our daily rotation. Pro tip: Use the leftover slots to store things like hair scrunchies or shoe care accessories.

    The hanging shoe organizer

    Promising review: "Perfect, just what I wanted! I use these, not for shoes, but for storing small items. I have one on my pantry door that stores snacks and the like for my kids. I have another on the back of my closet door for leggings, thermal shirts, etc." —Monkeysohana

    Price: $12.99

    10. A metal floor lamp to brighten up and expand your space. An interior design tip: dark corners make spaces look smaller, so place this lamp wherever you think you can use a little extra wiggle room.

    The brass standing lamp

    Promising review: "I bought this lamp to sit next to the chair I read in and I love it!!! The lamp is stylish with a bit of old fashioned charm. It's practical with the height it is and it's weighted so that it won't tip easily." —Asalwaysmary2

    Price: $69.99

    11. An upholstered bed with storage, because this'll take care of all of the towels and linens that are taking up way too much space in your closet.

    The black tufted bed frame with pull-out storage

    Promising review: "I love it! And it didn't take that long to put together. The drawers are huge and hold a lot!" —Bed

    Price: $346.90 (available in sizes twin–king)

    12. A Mainstays wire organizing set to get the biggest bang out of your cabinet space. These wire shelves will create tiers in your cupboard or cabinet, creating more space for stacking.

    The white wire organizing set

    This set includes three shelves, two under-cabinet baskets, and a kitchen wrap organizer.

    Promising review: "I was very excited when we received these, as we recently purchased a home and are struggling with sufficient storage. The slide-in racks were particularly helpful, as it provided additional space for storage bags, aluminum foil, etc." —KFH78

    Price: $19.93

    13. A hanging closet organizer that'll hold everything from sweaters and denim to neckties and undergarments.

    The hanging closet organizer

    Promising review: "This is perfect! The material is very thick and durable. I wish I would have found it sooner. It holds so many clothes we got rid of a four-drawer dresser." —Cristina

    Price: $38.99

    14. A shelf wall mirror for creating a stylish home for your hand soap, toothbrush, candles, and fragrances.

    The glass shelf attached to the wall

    Promising review: "Nicely constructed, straightforward to hang, and looks great in the smallish bathroom we have. Exactly as pictured — indented panels on the sides add a nice touch." —Tom

    Price: $150.77

    15. A small area rug that'll make your furniture and space appear larger. Plus, it's super cute.

    The blue vintage-y area rug

    Promising review: "This rug is THE BEST. The blue is so pretty and vibrant. The design is gorgeous. I've had no problems with the corners rolling up." —MaggiJean

    Price: $51.43 (available in seven sizes and four colors)

    16. A sleek shower caddy, because the corners of your tub shouldn't need to hold your shampoo bottles any longer.


    Promising review: "I have a lot of shampoo bottles, conditioners, body washes, shower poufs, and other cleaning products cluttering up my shower floor. And since my shower is not very large, all of those bottles and things end up taking up quite a lot of space on the shower floor, which makes it difficult to find a good place to stand in there. So I was relieved to get this nice caddy." —CuteEverythingcom

    Price: $20.97

    17. A three-tiered spice rack so you can organize all of the tiny bottles taking up space in your cupboard. While you're at it, store thin bottles of vinaigrette on the top rack.

    The black wire spice rack

    Promising review: "This is a great spice rack. You can set it on your counter or wall mount. I bought different colored spice bottles to jazz it up and now I have all my spices beautifully displayed within reach of the stove." —HIOR

    Price: $13.92

    18. A Ziploc vacuum seal bag to easily store heavy coats and linens. This product is a no-brainer for anyone looking to save space.

    The ZipLoc vacuum seal bags

    Promising review: "I ordered these for my daughter who was moving from Georgia to Colorado and needed to conserve space. They worked beautifully." —Vickie

    Price: $14.99

    19. A set of two Mainstays wooden crates that'll provide you with the perfect home for your remotes and video game controllers. Enjoy all of that cleared space on your coffee table.

    The wooden crates

    Promising review: "Nice paint job. The wood is smooth enough to hold without fear of splinters and great for holding plants outdoors or little things inside doors for storage." —Sunny

    Price: $24.19 for a set of two (available three colors)

    20. A pintucked storage bench, because this'll provide loads of storage while remaining sleek and stylish at the edge of your bed. Both form and function have never looked so good.

    The grey fabric ottoman bench

    Promising review: "This is a great piece because it's built so that more than one person can use it. We put it in front of a love seat. It's very nicely upholstered and the inside is very roomy. It was not expensive, but looks it." —HappyCustomer

    Price: $74.99 (available in four colors)

    21. A soap and lotion dispenser that will both save you space and look extremely adorable on your now less-crowded kitchen counter.

    The double-pump hand soap dispenser

    Promising review: "I was tired of two containers on my kitchen counter and wanted to get rid of some clutter. This is the perfect soap dispenser. It's heavy and stable on the counter. It looks good too." —Sally

    Price: $14.24

    22. A faux fur armless swivel chair, because nothing takes up space more than a large office chair. The small design of this chair opens up your office space, and the plush material provides you with comfort. We are so here for this one-two punch.

    The white faux fur rolling desk chair

    Promising review: "My daughter was redoing her room and this chair worked perfectly. It is comfortable and seems sturdy so far. It was easy to put together." —Momof1

    Price: $89 (available in three colors)

    23. A rolling storage cart to easily transport your knick-knacks from room to room. This works well to organize a, shall we say, robust beauty collection?

    The white transparent rolling cart with eight small drawers and four large drawers

    Promising review: "Great cart! Easy to put together. Looks very good in my office/craft room. One side has crafts, the other office supplies. Wish I had the room to order more." —Granny8times

    Price: $66.67

    24. A Serta Chelsea fabric futon sofa for a chic focal point in your living room. This sofa is fairly low and minimal in its design, meaning that it will naturally create more visual space around itself. A key for anyone trying to free up their home of unnecessarily large pieces of furniture.

    The quilted grey fabric futon

    Promising review: "When it arrived the legs were the only thing to screw in. The quality of the fabric is amazing and colorful I would def recommend getting this." —Kenyon

    Price: $159 (available in four colors)

    25. A rustic wall mirror so you can create the illusion of a bigger space. Oh, and to check yourself out from time to time because you're worth it, darling.

    The large mirror with wooden frame

    Promising review: "Love the mirror; it's exactly as described. Well-designed and sturdy." —Staci

    Price: $72.24

    26. A set of sheer curtains for allowing the sunlight to open up any room in your space.

    The white sheer curtains

    Promising review: "This curtain is the perfect balance of sheer and decorative. The pattern is actually 'in' the material, not painted or stamped. That is going to make it wear better. It hangs and gathers beautifully without any clinging to itself or the other window treatments." –CoffeeSquirrel

    Price: $4.97-$6.97 (available in five sizes and 15 colors)

    27. An acrylic tea bag organizer that'll relieve your counter from holding all of those boxes of tea. Plus, the see-through design of this organizer creates an illusion of more space, which is always a great thing.

    The plastic tea bag organizer

    Price: $12.99

    28. An ivory bedding set for a cozy night's rest every night. Here's a trick: accessorize the bed with bright pillows and blankets to add your own pizzazz while the bright ivory color opens your space up.

    The ivory bedding set with ruffled pillow cases

    It includes one bedspread and two pillow shams

    Promising review: "So happy with this. This bedspread is so so soft! Also, I am so pleased to finally find a bedspread that is actually big enough to hit the floor on all three sides." —cab

    Price: $63.99 (available in sizes twin–king and eight colors)

    29. A GE Premium 22-inch LED light to place under your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Cabinets block a lot of overhead light, creating shadows above our seemingly small counters. This will open your counter space up, and maybe even change the way you cook forever.

    The LED light

    Promising review: "Wow! This light is PERFECT for over the sink plug-in replacement. Others have been too small/short, or come ready for direct-wire, without plug. The best part about this light bar, is the weight. It must weigh about an ounce!" —Margaret

    Price: $19.26

    30. A dual-compartment laundry hamper for organizing your dirty clothes well before laundry day arrives. The thin design is ideal for hiding in any corner of the closet or home.

    The two-compartment brown laundry hamper

    Promising review: "Great purchase and nice quality hamper. I'd recommend it if you're looking for something to keep your clothes and towels separate like I was." —jaables57

    Price: $29.95

    31. A ForHauz broom and mop holder, because nothing screams small space quite like clutter. And nothing screams clutter quite like a closet full of haphazardly-stored brooms.

    The broom organizer with five slots that can be attached to the wall

    Promising review: "Great quality for a great price. Keeps the broom and mop sticks well organized, firm hold. And comes with this retractable hooks that come handy for cleaning cloths I personally use them for my dog harness and leashes." —duber

    Price: $10.99

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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