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    24 Cozy Things From Target That'll Make You Want To Live In A Cabin

    On-trend products for off-the-grid living.

    1. A cable knit cropped top with thumbholes (!!), because there's something extra cuddly about gathering your sleeves over your wrists, no matter what situation you're in. This is great if you want to feel warm during a hike, or while you're simply typing away at your WFH station.

    2. A wood serving tray because few things are more "rustic-chic" than a homecooked breakfast served bedside in a cozy tray.

    the wooden serving tray with breakfast on top in bed

    3. A HydraMini waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll bring your favorite albums and playlists to life, whether you're making a slow roast, enjoying tunes in the bath, or, ya know, hiking in the woods behind your (soon-to-be) cabin.

    the speaker attached to a backpack

    4. A flannel PJ set you can wear while enjoying your breakfast in bed. This set proves that dressing warm can and SHOULD look this darn cute. (Plus, matching PJ sets almost always make you look like you're staying at a luxe 5-star lodge.)

    A model wearing the PJs in green and red plaid

    5. And a two-pack of fuzzy socks because you can't finish your bedside omelet with cold feet! Blasphemy! Add a plush feel and warmth to your freezing toesies ASAP.

    The socks in the color Mint Green/Charcoal

    6. An electric blanket that will help you feel like you're still wrapped up in your goose-feather duvet once it's time to actually get out of bed and go about your day. This blanket has a snuggly feel to keep you cozy as you enjoy a slow read, while its warmth will be welcomed with open arms by your cuddle-friendly pets!

    a model wearing the blanket and holding a mug

    7. A pour-over coffee maker — yes, making a pour-over coffee is time-consuming, I hear you, but it forces you to slow down in the morning as you brew your cup of joe and that's a true gift. It's a great way to add a meditative practice to your morning routine (even just for a moment).

    The pour over coffee maker and all its parts

    8. A faux-fur throw blanket for adding a chic flair to any armchair in your humble abode, while upping the ante on the coziness of your hygge routine.

    the faux fur blanket in white

    9. An insulated mug that keeps your hot coffee or tea warm for 12 hours, while keeping your iced beverages cool for up to 14 hours! If you enjoy taking your sweet time sipping on drinks, this is pretty much the mug for you.

    A model using the black travel mug outside

    10. A heated eye massager with Bluetooth capabilities, because although you're not at a cabin retreat (yet), you can still enjoy the feel of a soothing massage while listening to relaxing nature sounds. This massager has oscillating pressure with a rhythmic massage to relieve tension around the eye area, and heats up, too, to increase circulation!

    A model laying on a couch with outstretched arms while wearing the eye massager

    11. A sunrise alarm clock I personally use to feel like I'm lounging in a mountain getaway, even if I'm in the center of NYC. This alarm clock has a sunset and sunrise lamp function to help regulate your circadian rhythm and has a library full of nature sounds, pink noise, and soothing sleep stories to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

    a smiling model waking up with the hatch sunrise light

    12. A stoneware mug from the Hearth & Hand collection aka the perfect way to adhere to your minimal cottagecore aesthetic. Its earthy tones and hobbit hole-like heart shape design is sure to add a woodsy feel to your morning brew.

    13. A wellness candle because nothing quite alters the feel of a space with little to no effort like a candle. This one features aloe and bamboo to create a serene scent scape, even during the busiest part of your workday.

    the candle on a counter

    14. A fleece hooded sweatshirt that's heavy on the comfy vibes while adhering to your on-trend style. With a relaxed neckline, this stylish and plush bb is oh-so-cozy — you'll never want to take it off!

    A model wearing the sweatshirt in the color Light Gray

    15. A string light curtain you can hang on your wall, over your canopy bed, around your windows — really anywhere you need a bit of extra forest fairy energy.

    the string light on a wall

    16. A set of floral print flannel sheets, since, yes, flannel sheets *are* a thing, and you probably need it if you're on the hunt for a comfy sleep routine. This set's intricate farmhouse design can make even Joanna Gaines swoon.

    the floral sheets

    17. A blackout curtain with ruching at the top, because one of the best parts about sleeping in a cabin is, well, the soothing darkness that comes along with nightfall. If your city apartment is never void of streetlights peering through your window, this'll block out any brightness while adding a rustic touch to your space.

    18. A square floor pillow if you enjoy working by your coffee table, but feel so terrible about that one couch pillow you've decided is now a floor cushion. These floor pillows provide plush seating for your bum while doubling as a great meditation mat!

    19. A tabletop firepit aka a surefire way to bring the s'mores vibes to your tiny apartment. Even if you're not a fan of sweets, you can still light this baby whenever you're dreaming about relaxing around a campfire.

    the tabletop fire pit

    20. A plush shag rug so you never have to place your feet on cold floors first thing in the morning ever again.

    21. A heated footrest, because nothing is a bigger buzzkill to feeling toasty than cold feet. If you're always dreaming of the feeling of having your feet by the fireplace, this product is a no-brainer.

    A model using the heated footrest

    22. A pair of faux-fur slipper socks, just in case you like the look of slippers, but still want to feel like you're walking around the house in your favorite plush socks.

    The slipper socks in the color Lilac

    23. An essential oil diffuser you can use during the day to let the outdoors in with bright, pine scents, or help lull you to sleep at night with soothing lavender aromas.

    Diffuser next to a vase, remote and glasses

    24. And a fleece-lined robe, because the only thing cozier than a robe is a robe with fleece inside. Get ready to up the ante on the comfort value of everything you do, from reading a book before bed to having a calming cup of tea in the a.m.

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