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    28 Best-Selling Things From Wayfair That Reviewers Think Are Worth The Splurge

    Just a few pieces you'll wish you'd invested in sooner.

    1. A Kalorik 6-quart stainless-steel pressure cooker that also functions as a yogurt maker, slow cooker, and even has a searing option. This will become one of your daily go-to in no time.

    a silver and black pressure cooker holding stew on a counter

    2. A Moccamaster 10-cup coffee maker for an upgrade that'll please all the coffee drinkers in your home. Or perhaps this will be just for you if you find yourself needing a few cups of coffee a day.

    a silver and black coffee maker with a coffee pot full of coffee

    3. A Casper Original foam mattress, because you spend a third of your life sleeping, so why not give yourself the ultimate comfort upgrade? The Casper mattress forms to every curve in your body, while providing an ample amount of support as you snooze away.

    a casper mattress on a bed

    4. A KitchenAid stand mixer to do everything from mix dough, make pasta, and even act as a mandolin. There is no wondering why this gadget has been on almost every wedding registry for the past few decades.

    REviewer's picture of the stand mixer

    5. A Novogratz convertible sofa that'll be the main focus of your living room. This sofa turns into a bed, which is ideal for those who always seem to have guests staying the night.

    a mustard upholstered convertible couch in a living room

    6. A Dotted Line closet storage system to make getting ready in the morning and picking out your pieces a breeze.

    a white storage system with three shelves four drawers and four racks for hanging

    7. A Staub 4-quart cast-iron Dutch oven that is the perfect choice for making sourdough bread from scratch. Dutch ovens last a lifetime, so you'll surely get the biggest bang for your buck with this investment.

    Reviewer using the Dutch oven to bake bread

    8. A pet hair robotic vacuum cleaner, because let's face it: we all wish we could permanently forget about cleaning up crumbs and pet dander. Oh, and it has a mop attachment to keep your floors extra sparkly and kitty litter-free.

    A red robotic vacuum cleaner on the floor sitting in front of a child and brown labrador

    9. A large bean bag chair for those moments you just feel like sinking into your seat after a long WFH day.

    a navy bean bag chair with two pillows and headphones sitting on top

    10. A Henckels graphite 20-piece knife block set, because honestly what's more of an investment piece than a really great set of kitchen knives?

    11. A 20-piece copper ceramic nonstick cookware and bakeware set to ensure a perfectly cooked stew, golden crisp french fries, and the best morning muffins you've made in a while.

    Reviewer's picture of the full set

    12. And a BreatheSmart 45i air purifier with HEPA filter, because spring is right around the corner, and with spring comes allergies. Let this purifier provide you with clean air that is dust-, pollen-, and bacteria-free.

    a black air purifier in front of a kitchen coutner

    13. An AllModern bar cart so you can showcase all of that fancy drinkware that's currently in storage. This also works great for storing things like extra plates in a dining room, too.

    a gold bar cart with two shelves holding alcohol and wine glasses

    14. A Three Posts Ferryhill wood storage bench, because there is a way to store umbrellas in your home and have your space look cute at the same time. This bench is great to have right by the front door, but also is a good storage option in a family room, too.

    a white storage bench with a tan cushion on top in a hallway

    15. A set of glasses for red wine by Lenox so that you can finally enjoy glasses of Burgundy in something other than a mug. (Absolutely NO shame in drinking wine from a mug, just saying.)

    a set of four thin stemmed red wine glasses

    16. An adjustable standing desk converter for those of you who want a standing desk, but don't want to say goodbye to your beloved family heirloom piece of furniture. It can hold up to 22 pounds, making it perfect for your desktop, laptop, or anything else you might use throughout the workday. Plus, it stores away beautifully when not in use.

    a black adjustable standing desk converter holding a desktop, ipad, keyboard, and mouse

    17. A kitchen pantry so you can hide all of the things that are currently crowding the top of your fridge and your counters. This pantry works great for those living in small apartments as it is narrow, yet provides ample storage with its height.

    18. A Vitamix blender that will purée soups, make smoothies, and blend vinaigrettes better than ever before. Trust me, I've worked with this blender before, and I can firmly say that it is worth the investment.

    a silver and black vitamix blender holding fruit

    19. A full-length mirror, because everyone needs a full-length reflection choosing outfits in the morning. Plus! Full-length mirrors are an excellent way to create the illusion of more space in even the tiniest of apartments.

    A full length mirror with a white border next to a floor lamp

    20. A Williston Forge multifunction kitchen cart that will give (future!) guests a space to gather around during wine-and-cheese night. Plus, the shelves on this cart provide great storage for things like breakfast cereals or even cutting boards.

    a kitchen cart with wooden shelves and a black frame on wheels in a kitchen

    21. An Axtel shower caddy, because your shampoo does not need to live on the edge of your tub. This caddy has adjustable shelves to fit your favorite washes and a removable mirror for those of you who like to shave in the shower.

    A stainless steel shower caddy hung on a shower tap in a bathroom. the caddy holds soap, bottles, a loofah, and two toothbrushes

    22. A writing desk with shelves that'll both store your precious stationery and office supplies, and provide you with a designated space for work and creativity.

    A wooden desk with metal legs and four shelves for storage

    23. A Novogratz polka dot rug to keep your feet warm and your living room stylish. And setup is simple — all you have to do is roll it out of the box.

    a white rug with black polka dots on a living room floor under a couch

    24. A laundry room organizer, because who says our cleaning supplies can't look très chic? This laundry organizer will keep your clothes sorted, and your products neatly stacked.

    a mid-century modern laundry room organizer with three compartments and three wooden shelves

    25. A set of marble bookends to immediately elevate your book club book collection.

    white, beige, and orange marble bookends holding books on a counter in front of a plant and photo

    26. A concrete bathroom accessory set, because who says only hotel rooms can have such stylish bathroom accessories? There is no reason your toothbrush holder or waste bin should not look this cool.

    a light grey concrete bathroom accessory set with wooden details in a bathroom

    27. A Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine with an Aeroccino milk frother to make some of the best cappuccinos you'll have ever had. So long, days of relying on baristas to make your drink just right.

    a nespresso espresso machine with a cup of espresso resting on it, with a milk frother next to the machine, a latte next to the machine, and two espresso pod inserts next to the machine

    28. And an acacia wood cutting board that can double as a tray for your most intricate charcuterie boards. This will look great on display in your kitchen and will last you for years to come.

    a brown wooden cutting board with chives and a knife on top of it

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