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    30 Of The Best Gifts Under $50 From Walmart To Give This Year, Before They Go Flying Off The Shelves

    You'll want to be the first in line for these ones.

    1. A K-Cup coffee pod maker that goes past buying just a coffee for a loved one — it's buying the whole damn machine! This new design is tinier than most Keurigs, meaning it'll make your giftee the same coffee they know and love without taking up too much counter real estate.

    a person drinking coffee next to the coffee maker

    2. A lip sleeping mask so your parent can enjoy waking up with moisturized and soft lips each and every morning — without breaking the bank on more expensive lip masks!

    the blue sleeping mask

    3. A Sweet Tooth Caramel Dream Eau de Parfum by Sabrina Carpenter that smells exactly how it sounds — like a sweet yet elevated vanilla with a hint of salty caramel. It's the perfect gift for anyone who wants an adult version of the Y2K warm vanilla body spray that shall not be named.

    4. An O-Cedar mop and bucket — listen, if you think gifting a mop is weird, I get it, but you must not know the capacity at which everyone on #CleanTok is utterly obsessed with this product. This mop bucket spins the mop head to ensure that your giftee is not pushing dirty mop water around, and it cleans floors like a charm! If your sibling is always scrolling through home-cleaning videos, they will LOVE you for this.

    a person using the mop

    5. An adorable cast-iron Dutch oven so your foodie friend can have gourd-shaped sourdoughs all throughout the year. This also is just a good-looking kitchen product — perfect for the person you know who's all about aesthetics.

    the pink dutch oven

    6. And while we're talking pretty kitchenware, a two-slice touchscreen toaster that's so aesthetically pleasing, your giftee will forget it's an actual gadget and not a work of art. This toaster has a cute touchscreen with different settings and intensity levels so that they'll never have to worry about burning their breakfast again!

    Gray toaster with waffles in it next to a pint of ice-cream and a bowl of sprinkles

    7. A bubble pillar candle aka the perfect decor piece to add ~ambience~. Its fun yet simple shape works for most interior design styles, meaning that even if your friend is more MCM and you're more Victorian goth, there's a chance that you two can come to agree that this looks perfect on any coffee table.

    the bubble candle in pink on display on someones shelf

    8. A heatless curling set, because hands hovering over your pal's head while they curl their hair is not their idea of "fun" or "easy." This curling set forms hair into luscious curls overnight — and it requires absolutely no heat!

    the heatless curling set in pink

    9. Or a set of Velcro rollers if your pal is more into the look of a voluminous blowout instead of barrel curls. I have a set similar to this and I honestly think I don't need to get blowouts anymore — this creates a sleek shine while adding body that lasts for days.

    the full velcro set

    10. A Paris Hilton mini fridge that's basically like a Stanley Cup for beauty products. This fridge has the capacity to keep sheet masks and serums cool (obvi, it's a fridge) — BUT. It also has a WARMER function! Basically, your loved one can warm wet towels or gua sha tools for a truly spa-like experience. Oh, and its door is a mirror — a perfect use of space for people living that dorm life.

    a photo of paris hilton with the mini fridge in pink

    11. A quick pull chopper, because one of the most time-consuming parts of cooking doesn't even involve cooking — it's prep. Gift your boo their time back with this chopper that'll dice their foods in a flash.

    A white food chopper with onions inside with a white plastic piece

    12. A 12-piece Cuisinart knife set so your pal will never have to wonder if they just used the chicken knife to cut a radish again.

    the different colored knives on a cutting board

    13. An Elf™ x Revolution eyeshadow palette that tells your giftee, "You have such a pretty face. You should be on a Christmas card." (Direct quote from Buddy the Elf, so you know it's true.) It's a great warm-toned palette for both day and night!

    the palette with a green packaging, nine colors, and a white furry cover with the Elf logo

    14. A glycolic acid overnight peel, because the skin repairs and rebuilds itself while we snooze away! This mask will help your glazed-loving friend's skin create newer skin cells quicker, resulting in a dewy, plump complexion over time.

    the peel in its clear bottle next to its outer packaging

    15. An ice roller I use several times a day to decrease puffiness, tighten my jowls, and even calm down inflammation around my occasional breakouts. It's a saving grace for anyone even remotely interested in skincare. Pro tip: This tool is also a godsend for when you need some cooling relief during tension headaches!

    the ice roller with a blue roller and a white handle

    16. A compact portable charger so you can help your wanderlust friend never run out of battery (i.e., lose their GPS, gah!) while in a new city! It's small, too, so it'll fit in any going-out clutch they wear.

    17. A huge crochet yarn and hook set that comes with almost every color and tool they'll need to make booties for everyone through 2024.

    18. A cute velvet claw clip, because no one can ever have too many hair accessories. This will add a dash of cool weather-friendly style to your bestie's outfit while gathering their hair in a way that won't cause damage.

    a person wearing the claw clip in their hair

    19. Or a cute faux pearl headband if your giftee's hair is too short for a big clip but they still want to add some style.

    20. A dreamy pastel cardigan reviewers say is pretty thick and cozy! It's great for your sibling who is perpetually cold and wants something that they can wear both while lounging around and at the office.

    a model wearing the cardigan in blue and pink cheetah

    21. A snail mucin toner, because snail mucin is K-Beauty's secret to hydrated and glowing skin — and your skincare-obsessed niece definitely already has the ingredient on their wishlist. This toner also contains cica to calm redness in breakouts, and hyaluronic acid to further plump the complexion.

    the snail mucin toner in a green and clear packaging

    22. A jade gua sha and face roller set your friend can use any time of the day — in the a.m., they can use the gua sha tool to get rid of puffiness, and throughout the day, they can use the roller to relieve muscle tension. At night, they can use both to help their skincare seep into their pores and give themselves a cleansing lymphatic massage!

    the set in green in front of its packaging

    23. A body exfoliation set aka the pinnacle of all at-home spa sets. If your pal raves about their #EverythingShower routine, they'll enjoy the clean feel that these loofah, bath sponges, and exfoliating gloves can provide. Plus! These products are all amazing ways to relieve things like ingrown hairs and keratosis pilaris — they'll truly enter 2024 with soft skin thanks to you!

    the full five piece set in beige

    24. A smart notebook for your work spouse who wants all the power of sticky notes and a paperback journal without the paper part! These notebooks look standard — they're sleek, compact, and come with a cool pen. HOWEVER, this actually remembers everything that they jot or draw, and uploads lists, sketches, or journal entries directly to their phone! Once they're done using a page, they can simply wipe the ink away and it'll be as good as new.

    A model using a green notebook

    25. Or a night sky journal if your partner is more analog and has expressed interest in journaling but doesn't know where to start. This is a simple, lined notebook, making it a great for nightly free writes! If your partner's more advanced, though, they can use this to create a bespoke bullet journal!

    a blue and gold journal on a desk

    26. A mini heart-shaped waffle maker, because who wouldn't be so excited to make breakfast in cute shapes every morning?! If your pal aligns with the love at first sight trope at all, then this is probably already on their wish list.

    the waffle maker with a waffle inside, surrounded by other waffles

    27. A Fujifilm Instax Mini 7+ so your creative grandbaby can make a collection of all the moments that are precious to them.

    the camera in purple with printed photos on a table

    28. A clay face mask they'll gravitate towards this winter if they're all about banishing breakouts without stripping already-dry skin. This contains montmorillonite clay, Melia Azadirachta flower extract, and azelaic acid to help reduce breakouts, plus vitamin E to seal your skin with a layer of moisture.

    a model wearing the face mask

    29. A stainless-steel water bottle mug, because there's no reason to pay so much $$$ for a traveling cup! TikTokers note that this is a great alternative to, ahem, the traveling cup whose name may resemble Danley — it keeps drinks cool for hours and comes with a handy straw! Perfect if your giftee is always tracking their water intake!

    The black water bottle

    30. And a portable clip speaker your friend can use to play their favorite tunes wherever and whenever, whether this is hooked on a towel holder in their bathroom, or on their backpack during a hike. This may be small and cute, but the sound quality is mighty and loud!

    the speaker in pink

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