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    31 Beauty Products Under $50 That Are Definitely Worth A Try

    Invest in your skincare, haircare, and makeup collections without breaking the bank.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Davines' curl conditioner that I have been using for months now, and I can firmly say that it is my holy grail conditioner for restoring the shape of my natural curls while adding an intense shine to them.

    Isabella Sarlija / Buzzfeed

    Plus, I've noticed that the results are cumulative, so every time I use this conditioning mask is better than the last. My love letter to this product is endless, but here are just a few more reasons why I'm completely enamored — it lasts forever, smells like a spa sent from above, and looks super chic in my bathroom.

    Promising review: "I've been using this product for a couple years now. I've tried other hair products and they really don't deliver the way this one does. This is the only shampoo and conditioner that hydrates my naturally curly hair while maintaining bounce. My hair looks healthy and less frizzy. Love it." —Christine

    Get it from Amazon for $33.

    2. A miracle patch, which I personally use whenever I'm experiencing a vicious breakout that spans my entire forehead or cheek area. This extra-large hydrocolloid patch covers large areas, perfect for those experiencing a few acne flare-ups near each other at once.


    Promising review: "This has saved my face! So, so happy I found these patches. No joke, AMAZING!" —Hayley775

    Get a pack of 10 patches from Rael for $12 (available in two pack sizes).

    3. A Maybelline volumizing mascara that will make it look like you got a lash lift in seconds. The best part? It costs under ten bucks. Cha-ching.

    Promising review: "I had chemo four years ago and my lashes grew back very thin. I am constantly buying mascara for fullness or length. This mascara made my lashes soooo long. Even my husband noticed!" —Dana S.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.98 (or Subscribe & Save for $8.53/month).

    4. An apple cider vinegar hair rinse, because scalp buildup *is* a thing, and it can lead to some serious stuff like an itchy scalp, strand deterioration, and even hair loss. This rinse is perfect for clarifying the scalp in between washes. (Because you shouldn't be washing your hair every day — ESPECIALLY if you have curly hair!!!)

    A bottle of the hair rinse with text next to it that reads "skip the shampoo, reach for rinse"

    Promising review: "Color me obsessed!! I was a skeptic before I purchased the DPHUE ACV rinse, scalp treatment, and hair mask but let me tell you. My hair has been recently acting up and been very oily at the root, and BONE DRY near my mid-length and the whole central sections on the back. I was concerned my hair was damaged from all the bleach (I have highlighted my hair for a few years now). After one shower, I am a believer and it is PERFECT for those who exercise daily and need an alternative to shampoo. I did not realize the damage I was inflicting by shampooing and showering so much." —nulphmachine

    Get it from Sephora for $35.

    5. An aluminum-free coconut deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS. I love using this deodorant for a fresh, clean feeling that lasts throughout the day, and doesn't transfer to my dark clothes. I am very elated to report that I never have to fear about, ahem, odors while I lift my arms on crowded subways.

    the kopari coconut deodorant nect to coconuts

    Promising review: "I’ve been using this deodorant for almost 2 years now. It smells so good and leaves my skin soft and doesn’t irritate as other deodorants do. It glides on clear and smooth." —Rachel V.

    Get it from Kopari for $14 (available in seven scents, including one fragrance-free option).

    6. A microfiber hair twist, because your hair is BEGGING you to stop drying it with a traditional towel! Traditional towels can be rough on hair, and lead to more breakage and frizz down the line. A microfiber hair twist is a great alternative because it does not cause friction that can lead to damage, and it still does a great job of soaking up every last drop of excess moisture from your hair.

    Reviewer wearing the hair towel in gray

    This comes in a set of three.

    Promising review: "I'm SUPER PICKY about my hair and these are the softest, plushest hair turbans. They are "microfiber" but feel different than other microfiber towels I've used. And within 10 minutes of me wearing them, a TON of water has been wicked away. Another gripe with hair turbans I have is the button almost universally falls away after like three uses, but these are sewn on TIGHT...they're not coming off." —Em B.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    7. A tinted lip balm that will be your new go-to this summer for lips that are flake-free with a bit of pigment. Ingredients like Salicornia, rosehip seed oil, and shea butter nourish your lips for locking in moisture throughout the day, while it adds a veil of color that is perfect for a minimal summertime makeup routine.

    a person wearing the tinted lip balm while holding it in their hand
    ILIA Beauty

    Promising review: "It has a beautiful and buildable color. Its very hydrating without leaving a nasty residue on the lips. It feels smooth and soft on my lips and has more color than the average tinted balm." —Sydney S.

    Get it from Ilia Beauty for $28 (available in eight shades).

    8. A St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse, because although summer is here, it's best to minimize the amount of sun tanning you do this summer. Consider this self-tanning mousse as your saving grace from winter paleness without the added UVA and UVB damage that sun tanning provides.

    Promising review: "I have used many tanning lotions drugstore and high-end and this continues to be my favorite. When applied correctly it never leaves me orange or streaky, it has a green tint which creates gorgeous color. It is very expensive but it is worth it to me. I have fair-ish skin and think it works very well." —amy faulkner

    Get it from Amazon for $42.

    9. A chemical exfoliator that will diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and decrease acne breakouts over time. Not dealing with hyperpigmentation or breakouts? That's fine, because this chemical exfoliator also works hard to boost radiance and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    a reviewer before and after one week of using solution by glossier
    sphsph / Glossier

    Promising review:  "I tried solution for the first time around 6 months ago. I have very sensitive skin and I wasn't expecting much. MY WHOLE LIFE I'VE BEEN FIGHTING MY SKIN. little breakouts wouldn't heal, and bigger ones would stay for weeks and scar badly. My skin wasn't bad enough to get a prescription, so I was bending over backward trying to fix my skin with otc products. Solution cleared it up to the point where I stopped wearing foundation altogether. My scars started fading and what breakouts I did get cleared faster." —Sensitive

    Get it from Glossier for $24.

    10. A Shiseido SPF 50 sunscreen, because summer is here, baby! And you know what that means... that's right, copious amounts of sunscreen.

    The sunscreen

    I use this sunscreen daily for maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays throughout the day. It also adds a radiant glow to my complexion that almost makes me not need a highlighter — I can SO get behind a two-in-one product. Plus, since this is a chemical sunscreen, it doesn't leave a white cast, making it perfect for wearing underneath makeup.

    Promising review: "The best sun protector. I’m very allergic and most sun protectors give me some kind of allergic reaction, this one is just amazing!!!! I’ve been dealing with this allergies all my life until I found this one." —Rafael

    Get it from Amazon for $43.99.

    11. An E.l.f. Cosmetics' Brightening Supers Regimen for sloughing off any lingering dead skin cells with AHAs and enzymes, brightening hyperpigmentation in the skin with niacinamide, and locking moisture into skin with squalane, cica, and ceramides. This set will basically have you looking like you actually drink enough water throughout the day.

    four bottles of the skincare set on a purple display
    Elf Cosmetics

    This set includes Elf Cosmetic's SuperClarify Cleanser, SuperTone, SuperHydrate, and SuperMask.

    Promising review: "I love these supers! I never really liked using skincare products before because they dried out my skin a lot and moisturizers were too oily. The moisturizer would burn my eyes when I'd sweat, and it would also make my face break out. So I stopped using skincare products. But I saw these on the E.l.f. site, and I decided to try it. Best decision of my life. These are amazing! They don't leave my skin feeling super dry and/or my skin feeling oily. I also did not break out while using these which is amazing! These leave my face feeling super soft and amazing and I highly recommend this for anyone who has a similar situation to me." —pookie12345

    Get it from E.l.f. Cosmetics for $38.

    12. A shampoo brush, which is a beauty insider secret to voluminous hair and a healthy scalp. This brush exfoliates clogged pores on the scalp during shampooing, and stimulates hair follicles to promote growth. I've been using this for years, and my hair has never been healthier. Oh, and did I mention that it feels like the most heavenly scalp massage?

    Promising review: "I had been going back and forth for awhile on whether or not to buy something like this and I’m SO glad I finally did. This has been a huge game changer in my shampooing process. I have thick and dense hair, which makes it hard for me to clean my scalp without feeling like I am breaking or ripping out my hair. This gets to the scalp so easily without damaging my hair and cleans so much better then using my fingers ever did. It feels great too." —TheMouse

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98 (available in six colors).

    13. A scalp detox treatment to decrease oil, clarify the scalp, and even soothe symptoms of psoriasis and eczema along the hairline. I love this detox for the volume it gives to my roots in between washes.

    a flatlay of the scalp detox on a porcelain tray

    Promising review: "This product has saved my hair and scalp. I was losing and shedding hair like crazy due to stress at work and between this scalp detox and the shampoo and conditioner by Act + Acre, my hair was revived. When I don’t use this product I can tell a difference in my hair; when using this detox regularly my hair feels cleaner, lighter, and more voluminous. I would definitely recommend this product!" —Lyndsey

    Get it from Amazon for $42.

    14. A cleansing oil that'll add to your double cleansing routine — this oil cleanser will help to rid your skin of oil-soluble sebum, makeup, and sunscreen, which will, in turn, prepare you for a water-based cleanser to clear and balance the skin.


    Promising review: "I love this product. It cleanses my face and neck like a high price cleanser. It leaves my face feeling clean and soft. I love it." —Patricia F.

    Get it from Kopari for $32.

    15. A natural sample set – it has all your cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating needs, plus more. This set is perfect for trying out which products will make it into your routine in its full size, or for throwing into your weekend bag for a mini staycation by the shore. The soothing Rose Neroli toner and balancing Manuka Coffee Face Scrub is enough reason to give this set a whirl.

    the face sampler set on a rose gold tray
    Bella Skin Beauty

    This set contains the Beauty Serum, Rose Neroli Toner, The Eye Serum, Vitamin C Serum, Manuka Coffee Face Scrub, and Turmeric Guava Glowing Cleanser.

    Promising review: "I have never seen such good results!! The dark sunspots on my face are fading and the area under my eyes are brighter. Never used a natural product that works like this! Love it!!!!" —Cariel L.

    Get it from Bella Skin Beauty for $28

    16. A Maybelline brow tint pen, because whether you have many brow hairs or not, you will surely want to pick up this pen for drawing in realistic-looking brow hairs that will last all day.

    Promising review: "I have found my new favorite eyebrow pencil. I can't believe the difference! It really does look natural. I have a lot of gray in my eyebrows and have always used brow liner with a fine tip that I can "feather" on, but this does all the feathering. It's so easy! And it stays on a couple of days." —clynch

    Get it from Amazon for $7.49 (or Subscribe & Save for $7.12/month; available in four colors).

    17. A Sky Organic castor oil to help grow any sparse areas along your hairline, in your scalp, and even between your eyebrows and lashes.


    Promising review: "I had an allergy in my scalp last 10 months ago that made the back of my head bald. I was really desperate to try some hair growing product to bring my hair back. I read most of the articles in Google and found out castor oil is one of the greatest products for hair growing but there are lots of castor oil brand. I tried this product because of the good reviews, and ingredients because my scalp was really sensitive. And I didn’t expect the outcome of this product. Check out the photos (above)! Aside from the outcome, my hair became softer than before and thicker, and 1 bottle of this castor oil lasted almost a year." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $13.95 (or Subscribe & Save for $12.56/month).

    18. A Living Proof thickening mousse to amp up the volume in your blowout. Spread this product through damp hair before styling, and watch your locks grow.

    a person before and after using the thickening mousse
    Living Proof

    Promising review: "I've always had super fine/thin hair and I could never get it to hold any kind of volume. Went out on a whim and bought this and it's one of the best Living Proof hair products I've ever purchased! It will forever be a must-have!" —Kelcie K.

    Get it from Living Proof for $29.

    19. A Elizabeth Mott mattifying face primer to lock your foundation in place all day while effectively minimizing the appearance of pores or uneven texture.

    Promising review: "Love this stuff. It's soft and goes on like a silky primer, and is slightly pigmented that you could even wear it on its own if you wanted. It holds my shadows well. The first photo was after applying, the second is after a 12-hour night shift at the hospital (above). Quite impressed." —Kristen

    Get it from Amazon for $15 (or Subscribe & Save for $13.50/month; available in three formulations).

    20. A retinol eye stick that will use retinol to diminish the appearance of fine lines, while ingredients like vegan squalane work overtime to bring the bounce back to tired eyes. Oh, and it helps to brighten dark circles, there anything this product CAN'T do?!

    a person with bright under-eyes holding the products packaging
    Peace Out

    Promising review: "I’ve always had dark circles and this product definitely lightens them. It’s easy to use and has become a great addition to my nighttime routine." —Katy C.

    Get it from Peace Out for $28.

    21. An Elevate the Beauty brow and lash lamination set that will up the curl on your natural lashes while adding fluffy volume to your brow hairs. There's no wondering why this product is a fan favorite amongst TikTok users.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of filling her brows in

    Promising review: "Got this product today and got started right away! I did both my lashes and eyebrows and omg! I love the small change! Saved me some money and was not hard whatsoever! Just curl your lashes before and your good to go!" —Buyer

    Get it from Amazon for $42.99.

    22. A Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo to tackle dandruff and protect your scalp from flaking. This product contains 1% ketoconazole, an ingredient recommended by dermatologists for minimizing dandruff and restoring scalp health.

    Promising review: "This stuff is absolutely amazing. I was one step away from going to the dermatologist. I had severe dandruff that was so bad I could shake my head and it would come off. With just a few uses per week, I got rid of all of my flakes. My scalp also stopped burning from dryness. My hair has never been healthier." —Moo Moo

    Get it from Amazon for $14.84 (or Subscribe & Save for $14.10/month).

    23. A Dermablend matte powder foundation so that you can go on about your day in the spring heat not having to worry about your foundation running down your face. This formulation is particularly matte, making it great for those with oily skin to even out skin tone, and minimize the appearance of pores.

    Promising review: "I love this product and i'm not one to wear much makeup at all. It looks and feels very natural and gives me a smooth and polished look without feeling caked on or heavy. I live in New Orleans and it gets HOT and HUMID down here. I can still wear this without feeling sticky and gross at the end of the day." —Fix-It With Fran

    Get it from Amazon for $32 (available in 13 shades).

    24. A contour palette to sculpt your cheekbones and brighten your under eyes all with one easy product. This palette comes with a face brush so that you can sweep these full-coverage powders on with ease.,

    Promising review: "I am a novice to contouring and this kit is a very good place for a newbie to start. It's much easier to control versus a cream contour kit and I am slowly getting a handle on the overall application process. Quality makeup." —Birdie NYC

    Get it from Amazon for $45.

    25. A dry shampoo that is my personal holy grail dry shampoo for when it's not quite time for a wash just yet, but I still need to soak up some extra oil and grime from my roots. I love that this dry shampoo leaves my roots matte and voluminous, without ever leaving a white, powdery film on my dark brown hair.

    Model's before and after of oily, sweaty hair and then clean-looking hair
    Living Proof

    Promising review: "As the weather gets hotter here, my hair gets oily when I sweat, so this has been an absolute life saver! A little goes a long way too - I love that this doesn't build up in my hair and make it stiff. I've even gone a few days with just this in my hair and with a brush, my strands look great!" —Dorothy E.

    Get it from Living Proof for $14+ (available in three sizes).

    26. A Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant that is a skincare cult-favorite, and for good reason, too. This chemical exfoliator contains salicylic acid that works to whisk away dead skin cells from the surface, revealing a texture-free glow underneath.


    Promising review: "I have every skin issue you can think of. Rosacea, acne (hormonal, cystic, whiteheads, blackheads), dehydration, excessive oiliness, redness, all of it. I’ve spent probably thousands on a multitude of different products, trying to find one that would at least make a dent. I’ve had many procedures, many trips to the dermatologist. Nothing I’ve ever used, nothing I’ve ever done, has made such a profound difference in the appearance of my skin. Having rosacea, my face often felt hot, bumpy, and burned. While my complexion is naturally fair and pink, this has seriously covered all my bases in a gentle and effective way. I’ve been trying to turn my skin around for YEARS!! This was the product that did it. If I could give it 100 stars, I would. It has seriously changed my life!" —hc

    Get it from Amazon for $29.50 (or Subscribe & Save for $28.03/month).

    27. A glowing body oil to add intense dewiness to your body's complexion this summer. This body oil is lightweight and contains vitamin E for deep hydration, and shimmer that provides radiance, never chunky glitters.

    a person putting the glow oil onto their body

    Promising review: "This is DIVINE! I have had the worst time trying to find a body oil that isn’t greasy. All the dry oils just end up still leaving a film. This stuff is not like that! I adore the vanilla summery scent. And the glow is JUST right. I’m in love!" —sunnyac311

    Get it from Sephora for $36.

    28. A Wet Brush ideal for detangling your hair while it's still damp. I have been using this brush for years, and I love that it does zero damage to my delicate hair as it gets rid of every last twist and knot.

    Reviewer holding the brush

    Promising review: "I originally purchased this Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush for myself, having fine wavy/straight hair, but I ended up giving it to my child instead who has fine tightly curled hair. This brush works well on my child's small curls, helping detangle with less strain/stress/ouches. The bristles on this brush are very flexible and bend very easily. This is probably the most flexible bristled brush we have purchased (and we've purchased many). This brush has quickly become my child's favorite." —amulet

    Get it from Amazon for $12.30 (available in 27 colors)

    29. A blemish balm that contains salicylic acid to clear pores of excess sebum, niacinamide to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, and an amino acid complex to help rebuild healthy skin. So, in short, it's basically like your entire skincare regimen in one exfoliating balm cleanser.

    a person resting their head on a pile of cleansers
    Peace Out

    Promising review: "I am obsessed with this balm! I have had some pretty bad cystic acne flare-ups and since I started using this (about 3 weeks now) I have seen a significant change in my skin. It’s not as inflamed or red. It’s gotten smoother and I haven’t seen any new breakouts! This balm has been my saving grace! I love it and won’t go back to anything else!!" —Alma Q.

    Get it from Peace Out for $22.

    30. A jade roller and gua sha set, because this'll boost the radiance in your complexion and remove unwanted toxins from the skin through facial massage. There's no wondering why gua sha tools have been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

    a flatlay of the gua sha tool and double-headed jade roller

    This set includes a jade roller and a jade gua sha tool.

    Promising review: "I love my jade roller! I store it in my fridge to keep it cool, it feels really nice when it is colder. I use a spray toner on my face and use the roller to rub it in. I can feel a difference in my face after I use it and I look more lifted and glowing! I would recommend this jade roller as a gift." —Sadee

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    31. And a Burt's Bees' cream kit that'll nourish cracked hands, feet, and lips. Skincare does not stop at the jawline — the skin on the rest of your body needs a little love, too!

    a person holding the box in which the products come

    This kit includes Burt's Bees' Foot Cream, Cuticle Cream, Hand Salve, Lip Balm, and two Hand Creams.

    Promising review: "The foot cream is amazing! I put it on at night and put socks on, otherwise, it might get messy. Feet are much softer the next morning. Nothing has helped this well before. I also rubbed this into my dry hands and cracked knuckles and the next morning they are no longer cracked! So glad I found something that works." —Anne

    Get it from Amazon for $11.19.

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