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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Father's Day Gifts

    For the dad who gives you no help when you ask what they want.

    1. A dumpling press so your dad can channel their creativity into cooking fun meals for themselves (and hopefully the fam!). This dumpling press comes in various sizes that can make their favorite dim sum staples or things like pierogis empanadas, ravioli...really any yummy food encased in a dough pouch.

    2. An ice cream maker I've received as a holiday gift in the past — and boy oh boy, as an ice cream lover, this was the gift that kept on giving. This machine is simple to use — all your dad really *has* to do is put the ingredients into the machine, turn it on, and in about 20 minutes, he'll have a fully churned, velvety bucket of ice cream. This machine also works with non-dairy milk for a vegan-friendly option, and can even make some delicious frozen yogurt. So basically, if your dad likes any kind of frosty treats, this is a no-brainer.

    3. A pair of lightsaber chopsticks, so you and your father can have a proper duel over that last piece of sushi. These do light up, just like real lightsabers! (Though sadly, sound effects are not included.)

    reviewer using the light up chopsticks

    4. A tiny three-bulb desktop plant terrarium basically any plant lover's version of Newton's cradle — by which I mean, it is simply waiting to spice up any desk or empty counter space! Your dad can use this to spruce up his office with some low-maintenance plants.

    a reviewer's terrarium with three plants inside

    5. A whiskey-infusion kit will let your dad's inner mixologist shine! This kit has various spices and wood to add a special touch to any whiskey, and your dad will surely love showing off their creations whenever they have friends over.

    6. A portable hammock with tree straps that'll be the cherry on top of any hike that your nature-loving padre goes on this summer! And if he doesn't frequent the trails, he can still definitely set this hammock up in the backyard for the ultimate outdoor snooze fest.

    7. A cold brew maker so your dad can finally stop trekking to the coffee shop every. darn. day. Aaaand he'll be able to make his very own blend of cold brew, just the way he likes it (aka stronger than anyone else in the family can tolerate).

    8. Or a pour-over coffee maker if your dad won't give up their warm cup of joe in the a.m. Pour-over coffee takes time to create — so if your dad is into slow, meditative mornings, this'll offer the one-two punch of doing something calming first thing in the morning and having the result be a drink to perk him up for the day.

    9. A beard bib, aka a perfect gift for any dad who wants their mustache and counters to look pristine at all times. This picks up stray hairs that would've fallen into the sink making post-shave cleanup a breeze!

    10. A dad joke button for those moments when your father finds themselves too tired to lay down a so-corny-it's-good pun. They can press this button to do the work for them!

    a yellow button that says "dad joke"

    11. A Jolie shower filter is the answer to eliminating potentially irritating hard water, chlorine, or any other nasties that make it through a traditional showerhead! This is perfect for any dad invested in their shower routine (and will inevitably be a gift for the whole family — yay!).

    the jolie in chrome in a green shower

    12. The OG of BPA-free water bottles: the Nalgene wide-mouth water bottle. I use this bottle religiously, and it is the only thing that has ever ensured that I get my two liters of water a day. Whether your dad needs something to motivate him to drink more water as he sits at his work desk, or is looking for a fairly indestructible bottle to take on bike rides, this is his new go-to!

    a reviewer's photo of the water bottle in blue

    13. Or a 40-ounce tumbler if your dad is more interested in maintaining his drink's temps throughout the day. This tumbler has double-wall insulation to keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm for hours — and it has a cool tapered design that'll *actually* fit in car drink compartments!

    two of the tumblers on a couch

    14. A Brightland Artist Capsule that comes with four different infused olive oils — like lemon, basil, garlic, and chili pepper — so your papa can add brightness, depth, and even a little heat to any of their meals. Honestly, just having these gorgeous oils with a great piece of sourdough is enough to make this one of the best gifts they'll receive.

    the olive oil set

    15. A juicer if your dad always rants and raves about the latest superfoods they've uncovered. This juicer is pretty affordable when put up against other juicers on the market — and it has over 5,000 five-star ratings from people who've loved (literally) juicing their greens to a pulp with this bad boy!

    16. An AeroGarden to help your chef papa say goodbye to the bane of their existence — wilted herbs! They'll have enough fresh herbs growing on their kitchen counter to make you gorgeous homemade pesto whenever!

    Reviewer's AeroGarden with basil, dill, and parsley plants thriving

    17. A 23andMe health and ancestry kit, since the best gift you can give your dad is one that connects them to their roots. I've used this kit before, and it's pretty cool! Not only does it provide a full analysis of where your dad's ancestors come from, but it can also connect users with long-lost relatives and provide them with a full gene-based health report!

    Reviewer holding the kit in front of Christmas tree

    18. A beginner-friendly fermenting kit, because making pickled foods at home is way more fun than it sounds. Consider gifting this kit to your papa who is always going on about how much fun they have making sourdough from scratch.

    19. A fun mug if you grew up with your dad telling you "...I am your father." This'll be a hoot for any dad whose two favorite things are Star Wars and their kids.

    a mug that reads "dad you are my father" and the word "pew" written all over the mug

    20. And a pocket-sized fill-in-the-blank journal, because although your padre may seem like they're all about fun and games, you know that they're a softie at heart. All you have to do is fill in the things you love about your dad and they'll have a gift that they'll treasure forever.

    a reviewer's copy of the book

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