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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    Because everyone deserves a snazzy gift that they'll actually use.

    1. A snail mucin serum since snail essence has long been a K-beauty secret for glowing, glass-like skin. This is an industry secret for maintaining dewy, not slick skin, and your skincare-loving pal will thank you endlessly for introducing it into their routine.

    A person applying the essence to their skin

    2. A sound machine for your WFH mate who has a mug that says, "don't talk to me until I've had my *three* cups of coffee." This sound machine is equipped with meditations, ambient and nature sounds, body scans, and even bedtime stories to help them fall asleep, while a sunrise feature gently wakes them up according to their circadian cycles. The results are feeling like they've woken up naturally — not abruptly by a blaring alarm.

    3. An iTouch Air 3 smartwatch reviewers say is similar in quality to an Apple Watch but at a fraction of the cost! This watch is great for tracking steps and sleep, monitoring heart rate, and even pushing call, text, email, and social media notifications to your giftee's wrist. They'll have all the benefits of a smartwatch, and you'll benefit from not dropping some serious cash this year!

    4. A Skin Scrubber spatula, because the best way to get rid of blackheads is through regular exfoliation and extraction (which is just a fancy word for popping). Everyone knows at least one pop-a-holic — they can use this spatula as a safe alternative to their fingers for squeezing out blackheads, whiteheads, and even sebaceous filaments.

    5. A ButterBox that's airtight and looks cute as heck. This is great for people who like to spread butter straight from the stick (hello, buttery corn lovers and pan greasers) but HATE getting their fingers messy during the process. This also has a cool upright storage feature that saves tons of space in the fridge!

    6. A 16-piece Rubbermaid food storage set — everyone has that one person in their life who practically lives on organization-TikTok. This set has gone viral for keeping fruits and veggies fresh while looking sleek in a fridge or pantry.

    a reviewer's image of the full set

    7. An all-purpose cleaning spray bottle that comes with refill tablets! This is a great gift for anyone looking to downsize their cleaner collection while also being a fan of sustainable packaging that they can refill time and time again.

    a reviewer's image of the bottle

    8. A Kindle Paperwhite fabric cover so your book-loving roommate can decorate their e-reader for a truly personal-to-them experience while they nosedive into their favorite novels.

    9. A set of puffiness-reducing ice globes pretty much every skincare aficionado has on their Amazon wish list. These are the same types of globes aestheticians use to reduce the appearance of puffiness, redness, and even breakouts! Pro tip: These ice globes are *phenomenal* for massaging the temples during a headache.

    10. A Sol de Janeiro brightening body cream if your pal who loves skincare wants to amp up their body moisturization, too. This cream is a personal favorite of mine since it moisturizes the skin with cupuacu butter while using chemical exfoliants (like AHAs and BHAs) to clear pores and minimize my keratosis pilaris.

    11. A LARQ pitcher that filters water in not just one, but TWO ways! First, water passes through a plant-based filter to trap contaminants, as most water filter pitchers do. What set this one apart is that it features a *second* filtration process that uses UV-C LED lights to stop the contaminant growth inside the pitcher. I have this pitcher, and — as a type-A person regarding cleanliness — I would gladly gift this to anyone who drinks water (meaning, I would gift this to everyone I know).

    a reviewer's pitcher in black

    12. A down duvet insert because the best gift you can give to your nap-obsessed friend is the ability to feel wrapped in luxury while they sleep. Heck, people spend about a third of their lives in bed, so why not splurge on this fluffy and cozy comforter for yourself, too?!

    the white duvet

    13. A marble rolling pin if your baked goods-loving pal just so happens to also have a knack for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. I promise though, this rolling pin is good for more than just sitting on the counter and looking bougie — chilled marble retains its cold temp for a while, so it won't overwork any dough that must remain chilled!

    14. A six-outlet wall charger with a night-light function, for the giftee who always snuggles into bed, turns off their overhead light... and then scrambles to plug their phone AND their tablet AND their laptop in. Plus, the night-light function helps lower the odds of tripping over cords at night (or getting a visit from the boogeyman... just saying).

    15. An insulated backpack cooler for your newlywed pals who are the epitome of ~outdoorsy couple~ goals. This scratch-proof and leak-proof backpack will keep foods and drinks cool for hours while letting your friends remain hands-free during hikes or beach days and picnics in the park.

    a reviewer's backpack on a picnic blanket

    16. A heated eye massager so good, you'll probably want to gift this to yourself, too. OK, an eye massager might sound scary, but hear me out: this nifty device massages the area around the eyes, like the brow bone, the temples, and the sinuses. It also has Bluetooth capabilities to play soothing sounds during your massage sesh, which is pretty much the pinnacle of relaxation. Give it to your coworker who you know could use some extra help kicking back.

    a reviewer photo of a person wearing the pink mask

    17. A soothing Fleur & Bee rosewater toner since spring is (basically) underway. This'll give your giftee a refreshing mist during the upcoming blazing weather, while rose inside will calm their complexion, and glycerin will give it the plumping moisture that's vital for juicy, glowing skin.

    a reviewer's image of the toner

    18. A Fly by Jing Triple Threat variety pack, because giving the gift of perfect seasoning is always welcome. This set comes with a crispy Sichuan chili oil that adds texture and heat, Zhong sauce that has both sweet and umami notes, and a Mala spice mix that they can sprinkle onto anything!

    19. A pack of two-tier slide-out storage baskets here to be the best gift your friend ever received if they're prone to color-coding, well, everything in their path. This is great for storing bathroom goodies under a sink, but can also work under a kitchen sink for extra sponges, or in a closet to hold socks and undergarments!

    20. And a Crock-Pocket, because what's better than slow-cooking a stew? Slow-cooking the entire meal, that's what! This is great for people with large (and picky) families who need to use their Crock-Pot most days while also abiding by the flavor palettes (or dietary restrictions) of everyone at their dinner table. Plus! Since these pockets are made of silicone, clean-up will be a breeze!

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