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    Just 24 Great Gifts For Your Cat You Can Get On Amazon

    These gifts will have your cats saying me-owww.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cat-shaped storage basket to keep all your little kitty's toys in one place. This basket also doubles as a home for your extra blankets and pillows, or even things like books and magazines.

    a brown and black cat sitting next to a white woven basket with a cat design stitched on

    Promising review: "After my cats took their turns with it, I filled it with papers and other things I wanted to clear from my table. It looks cute in the room, and helps to hide my mess. I know others use it for laundry or books, or other things. I think it would be good for lots of uses. It’s strong and seems of very good quality and construction." –Ronni

    Price: $23.99 (available in four colors)

    2. A catnip-filled toy that is sure to be a treat every time. Simply stuff the toy with catnip and watch the chaos ensue.

    an orange cat holding a soft carrot-shaped catnip toy

    Promising review: "I got my carrot and with not much hope and threw it on the floor. [Fun] exploded immediately. My orange cat went [HARD] on kicks, licks, snouts, breaths, drools and more kicks for THREE HOURS." –Elisa

    Price: $4.23+ (available in five designs)

    3. A Cat Dancer string toy, because your shoelaces deserve to be left alone. Consider gifting this toy to your cat to keep them engaged in play for hours.

    a grey striped cat playing with a fleece rainbow string toy

    Promising review: "The Cat Charmer is one of the top recommendations I make as a certified cat behavorist and veterinary technician. I find that many cats who are not attracted to most routine toys are easily attracted to this toy. " –Siamic

    Price: $6.49

    4. An interactive laser pointer, because play time is not just about having fun — it's important for keeping your cat active and maintaining its cognitive health, too.

    a black and white cat chasing a red laser from a cat-shaped automatic laser pointer

    Promising review: "I bought this hoping it would keep them busy while I'm working from home. So far so good! They really like it; when they start jumping on the keyboard I just turn it on to distract them!" –Fred

    Price: $27.90

    5. A Catit super roller circuit that will preoccupy your cat while you try to get some typing done. (Why is it that cats always want your attention while you're typing?!)

    two cats lounging in a grey and white circuit toy that is in a figure eight shape

    Promising review: "We have six cats. When this arrived, we easily assembled it and put it down on the floor. All six immediately ran in to check it out. After having had it about a month, it still gets regular play from three to four of our cats. What's nice is that it isn't something you have to start. They tend to self-play. I often hear the ball rolling around the track at various times of day." –Jamie

    Price: $19.45

    6. A silicone placemat, because cats do not enjoy eating out of messy bowls or in messy spaces. This will keep your cats happy, and your floors clean and water damage-free, too.

    a cat drinking water that is sitting on top of a grey silicone placemat

    Promising review: "My first thought upon opening the package was that it was much thinner than I thought it would be. But after having it out all day for my kitties, I realize that doesn’t matter. I’m already surprised at how much water is getting sloshed around that it catches (that was previously soaking into the floor). Long story short, I dig it. Would buy again." –Sam I am (not)

    Price: $8.49 (available in two sizes and seven colors)

    7. An Amazon Basics cat tree that'll provide your cat with endless opportunities to scratch, play, and lounge.

    a kitten sitting on a tall ivory cat tree

    Promising review: "Just got it today and my kitten LOVES it!! He is not an easy player either and this seems very sturdy for the amount of force he is attacking it with! It was very easy to assemble and took about five minutes altogether." –Sara

    Price: $61.99+ (available in three designs and five colors)

    8. A cat harness and leash so that you can finally let your feline enjoy the great outdoors. FYI, harnesses reign supreme over collars because they don't tug on your kitty's delicate neck!

    a cat wearing a blue harness and leash sitting on a tree

    Promising review: "Love this harness from all the others I had for my kitty. I was worried it would be to big for him but it adjust very well and he seems to like it because he still climbs the trees during out hikes. I love how it will still fit him when he gets big. For sure will recommend this for any pet if needed. I don’t feel like he would escape from this one like I do the others." –Danielle

    Price: $14.98 (available in two sizes and eight colors)

    9. An Upsky tiered-track roller toy to provide your cat with a gift that keeps on giving. This toy comes with grips, to ensure that it won't slide around the house as your kitty is having fun.

    a striped cat playing with a blue tiered roller ball toy

    Promising review: "As soon as I pull this toy out of the box, my 3-month-old kitten was already all over it helping me assembly the toy and he can’t stop playing with this thing for an hour now nonstop! Totally ignored the food call and any other noises." –GK

    Price: $13.99+ (available in three colors)

    10. A cat cot for the cool cats who love to contemplate life while staring out the window. This cot comes with a plush pad to provide comfort as your cat lounges and counts the birds passing by.

    a grey cat sitting on a beige cat cot that is adhered to the window

    Promising review: "This is perfect for our situation. We needed something sturdy that could easily be placed, moved, replaced, and not lose its integrity or leave any marks/wear behind. I was worried when purchasing if the suction cups would hold, and if the material of the hammock would be easily cleaned of hair, etc. After receiving and placing the item, I saw how sturdy the general frame, hammock, and suction cups were. This was clearly designed by someone who has cats as well." –The Cat Mom

    Price: $19.99

    11. An automatic dry food dispenser which will act as a gift to both your cat and you. This dispenser senses when the feeding bowl is empty, and automatically releases a serving of kibble for your cat. Plus, it'll light up when it's time for a refill.

    a striped cat eating kibble out of a white and grey automatic food dispenser

    Promising review: "Fantastic product for my kitty! Love the new light that tells when the food is low! Also love the updated control panel; so much easier to use!" –Kacy

    Price: $62.04+ (available in two colors)

    12. A cat wand with feather attachments for the kitten in your life whose main goal is to chase birds around. My cats love this, and I sometimes remove the feather from the wand to act as a standalone toy for them to chase.

    a kitten playing with a red feather attached to a wand

    Promising review: "It's big enough, lightweight, and makes a gentle noise (can be removed if you don't like it). Our kitten likes this toy very much." –Viacheslav

    Price: $10.95

    13. A plush cat bed that's so comfortable, you'll wish it came in human-size.

    a grey and white cat sitting in a plush and fuzzy light grey cat bed

    Promising review: "He knew it was for him. He’s purring and making kitty biscuits (massaging with his paws) and chirping at me (“thank you?”). Perfect for when we can’t do the lap because it’s too warm. He can sit next to us in luxury." –rhinestonelife

    Price: $29.98 (available in sizes S–M and in eight colors)

    14. A cardboard scratch pad, because your cats are very particular about their claws! Cats scratch at things as a way to file and maintain their claws. Cardboard scratchpads like this one are ideal for this, as the holes in the cardboard catch all your cat's nail clippings, leaving your floors tidy and your cat happy.

    a kitten sitting in between two wavy cardboard scratch pads

    Promising review: "My kitty set up shop on his new chaise lounge chair and demanded I whip him up some frozen beverage. I've bought plenty of these over the years, but this one uses a very thick corrugated cardboard that will help with longevity. Also unlike others, I've purchased in the store, this one has alternating textures in the cardboard to make things more interesting for kitty. I'm very pleased with my purchase, and it's 'Abner' approved!" –Alex

    Price: $10.49 (available in four designs)

    15. A porcelain cat water fountain to provide fresh water to your cat every single time they go for a drink. Some cats prefer running water to still water, making a water fountain the perfect gift.

    a black cat drinking out of a grey and white porcelain water fountain

    Promising review: "The fountain was very easy to put together and I appreciate the charcoal filter it comes with because my kitten tends to bring her food into her water bowl making the water gross after a while and this fountain will definitely help to keep the water clean. It is also completely silent which is a lot to say because I have had other water fountains that have been noisy in the past." –Robyn Walker

    Price: $54.99

    16. An interactive toy mouse that'll keep your cat running around the house for what seems like forever. This toy comes with a feather attached to the back of it, which is sure to heighten your cat's hunting senses.

    a striped cat chasing a grey and purple toy mouse in wheels with a feather attached to the back of it

    Promising review: "My cat is fascinated by the mouse. He waits for it to go into not moving 'chirp mode' and grabs it like he caught live prey. I am impressed. The mouse can even cross our 1-inch thick carpet." –rabbit rabbit

    Price: $32.99

    17. A cable knit sweater, because some cats need a bit of help to stay warm. Consider this if you have a Sphynx cat, or a cat who requires shaving.

    a black and white cat sitting on a couch wearing a light blue cable knit sweater

    Promising review: "My senior cat had to be shaved because he had stopped cleaning himself, but he shivered constantly the moment I brought him home. He hated it, of course, and took it off in two mins, but when I put it back on later and snuggled him, he realized it was quite warm and comfortable. After some purring and biscuits, he curled up and fell asleep." –Lindsey

    Price: $14.99 (available in sizes XS–XXL)

    18. A cat teepee that your feline friend will want to stay in forever. Cats enjoy small spaces, and this teepee will insulate heat and keep them warm during the harsh winter season.

    reviewer's cat in the gray tent

    Promising review: "I’m so happy with this purchase! Not only is it super cute and looks amazing – kinda doubles as a decorative accent, but BOTH of my kitties love it!" –Jessica

    Price: $49.99

    19. Some Feline Greenies treats, because your cats deserve to enjoy the process of taking care of their dental hygiene. Greenies promote gum health and strengthens teeth, while your cat thinks it's just another treat.

    A white cat with its head inside of a greenies square package, eating treats

    Promising review: "So happy to know my cats love these treats and that they are doing something good for their oral hygiene." –Pete

    Price: $2.19+ (available in four sizes)

    20. An INABA Churu lickable cat treat to up the ante on your cat's midday treats. I give these treats to my cats every day, and there has not been a day yet where they haven't become absolutely wild while enjoying snack time.

    a person feeding their cat with a lickable treat

    Promising review: "I know our cat loves this stuff. He begs for it every day and will not be satisfied until he has had his treat. The servings are very convenient and sometimes the cat will gobble it up directly from the package as we squeeze it up for him." –David

    Price: $39.99 (Subscribe & Save for $35.99/month)

    21. A furrybaby fleece pet blanket so that your cat can have a comfortable place to lounge while staying warm and cozy at the same time.

    A grey and white cat sitting on a fleece pet blanket

    Promising review: "My ill little kitty LOVES this blanket. (And it's clear that her two brothers agree, but are just too cool to say it.) Thus, my review. Upon, getting into any bed that has the blanket in it, my cat consistently stares off into space and kneads the unbelievable softness of the blanket. About makes me bawl each time I see how much comfort she's getting from it. I've had many pet blankets through the years, and this one is definitely the softest." –Jeri

    Price: $9.99 (available in five sizes and eight colors)

    22. A bedazzled cat collar, because 'tis the season of glitz and glam.

    A black cat sitting on the floor while wearing a gold collar encrusted with gold rhinestones

    Promising review: "Absolutely stunning on my black beauty cutie. Natasha LOVES her bling. Feeling all glamorous. The inside makes it so comfortable." –Patricia

    Price: $13.99+ (available in sizes XS–M and in 41 colors)

    23. A wall scratch post to provide your cat with a designated spot for scratching that turns into stretching. This post looks chic, and will save your couch from your cat's claws; what's better than that?

    a white and grey cat scratching an oval scratch pad that adheres to the wall

    Promising review: "This is no ordinary cat scratcher! It's sleek, well-made, and takes up minimal space (which makes a big difference in our smaller home)! Our cat has been a complete terror lately, moving on from shredding our couch to literally tearing the paint off our walls. This seemed like the perfect fix, as it attaches to the wall." –Bearash

    Price: $38.99

    24. A Hertzko self-cleaning brush that'll give the gift of less furballs this year. This brush is powerful and self-cleaning, so consider it a gift to yourself, too.

    Promising review: "I was able to get [a lot of hair] in a 10-second burst of brushing my long-haired girl, which is such a huge help since kittens are all over the place. I was able to remove several small matts that other brushes could not do in 30 minutes of struggling. Both my kittens love the comfort of rubbing against brushes. It's so effective, easy, and removes matts so easily that this brush is completely worth it. I am so glad I bought this." –Allie

    Price: $15.99

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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