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    31 Inexpensive Pieces Of Furniture From Target That Are Loved By Hundreds Of Reviewers

    You'll be ballin' so hard with these pieces, even ~you~ might forget you bought them on a budget.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A modern accent table that can act as an end table, a night stand, or even a decor base. The opportunities with this are endless, and luckily, they come in color that'll suit every room in your home.

    The round silver table next to a couch

    2. A clean-line, five-shelf bookshelf, so you can finally house all the books and decor you currently have sitting in storage. This narrow, six-foot bookshelf is ideal for those living in shoebox-sized apartments, since it doesn't take up much square footage.

    a tall brown bookshelf with five shelves

    3. A marble-top end table, because what's more high-end than a marble table to rest your midday macchiato on? Can you say très chic?

    a marble top end table with brass legs next to a couch

    4. An industrial bar stool to up the ante on your at-home coffee shop setup.

    two silver metal bar stools with metal legs, a backrest, and a wooden seat, propped in front of a bar

    5. A shelf floor lamp so that you can both light up your reading nook and provide a home to the current books in your book club rotation.

    a floor lamp with a white cube lampshade and two black metal shelves

    6. A textured pouf to help you kick up your feet and relax after a long and taxing day. This pouf also works great as a seating option when gathered around with loved ones.

    a white floor pouf with black hand-stitched textured stripes and polka dots, sitting on a floor

    7. A wooden armchair that is as cozy and inviting as a flannel shirt. Consider this chair if you are looking to spruce up that empty corner in your rustic living room.

    a green black and white plaid upholstered armchair with light wood arms and legs, sitting in a corner

    8. A decorative cabinet with glass-paned doors and storage shelves, because whether you are looking to house extra linens, display fine china, or provide a space for your maximalist beauty collection, investing in storage is never a bad idea.

    a teal storage cabinet with two glass doors and a shelf, holding decor

    9. A rustic square drop leaf dining table that can fold into a breakfast nook for Saturday morning meals, or fold out to a dining table when your guests come over for wine and cheese night.

    a wooden dining table with a tan top and white legs, in a dining room

    10. An upholstered faux leather counter stool to add a homey vibe to your clean and modern kitchen island.

    two faux brown leather bar stools with backs and black metal legs, at a counter

    11. A Casper Nova Wave Hybrid mattress that'll feel like you're sleeping on a cloud for years to come. Stomach sleepers and sweaty nappers, gather round, this one's for you.

    a model reading on a mattress

    12. A midcentury-style coffee table with drawers so that you can have both a statement piece that will wow any guest, and a place to store extra remotes and magazines.

    a tan wooden coffee table with two white drawers and four tan legs

    13. A gold bar cart, because displaying your finest glassware and spirits simply screams high-end. But it doesn't stop there; this bar cart also acts as a great display for extra towels and candles in your bathroom.

    a gold push cart bar cart with two tiers and wheels. The bar cart is holding bottles, drinkware, and decor

    14. A fold-up vanity set so that you can finally give your beauty products a home that isn't your makeup bag. This vanity has a fold-up mirror, making it perfect for those who enjoy a more minimalistic approach to interior design.

    15. An industrial farmhouse console table that is the perfect spot for keys and wallets in any entryway. If the thought of adding furniture to your entryway scares you, then no worries! This console is perfect for displaying photos and sculptures behind your couch, too.

    a grey-beige thin console table with black metal hardware, holding decor on its top shelf with an empty bottom shelf

    16. A blue velvet swivel armchair, because how is a chic interior complete without a little bit of velvet? This chair will work great in your reading nook, or at your desk since it swivels.

    a blue velvet armchair that swivels, with brass legs.

    17. An antique-inspired black metal bed frame to provide you with ample support throughout the night while helping you live out your Edwardian interior design dreams.

    an antique-style black metal bed frame supporting a mattress, pillows, and blankets in a bedroom

    18. A sleek single-drawer woodgrain nightstand, because almost everyone has a ridiculous amount of knickknacks hiding in their nightstand. Why not give your knickknacks a new space to live that's both modern and functional?

    a grey-brown mixed-material nightstand with one drawer and one shelf

    19. A wooden writing desk to become the place where you can ~enjoy~ all your back-to-back (to-back-to-back-to-back) Zoom meetings. Plus, you won't have to worry about clutter gathering throughout the workday since this desk has not one, not two, but three drawers!

    a brown wooden writing desk with three drawers

    20. A six-cube organizer shelf that will quickly become the new hot spot to display all your favorite novels, records, and board games.

    a white shelf with two rows of three 13-inch cubes, resulting in six cubes

    21. A shuttered linen cabinet, because having a small bathroom should not stop you from keeping your towels tidy. Consider storing extra towels, toilet paper, and toiletries in this bad boy.

    a white two-door shuttered linen cabinet with the top door open, revealing three shelves holding linens and toiletries

    22. An upholstered storage ottoman to replace the current coffee table you have. The greatest thing about having an ottoman act as a coffee table is this: it already has all the storage necessary for your favorite blankets to cuddle up under during Friday night Netflix binges.

    a navy blue ottoman with its top flipped open, revealing storage inside

    23. A pair of metal stools, because a home studio simply isn't complete without brightly-colored industrial stools.

    a yellow metal stool in a workshop

    24. A full-length, free-standing mirror that'll become your new favorite spot for some stellar #OOTD photos. Full-length mirrors are always a great investment because when you're not using them to pick out which shirt to wear, they up a room and create the illusion of more space.

    a fulll length mirror with a brown wooden frame hanging on a wall

    25. An upholstered dining chair to elevate both the look and feel of Sunday dinner with the family.

    a grey upholstered dining chair with a backrest and tan wooden legs

    26. A round tufted ottoman that will spruce up the design in your living room, or act as the perfect vanity stool in your bedroom.

    a round grey tufted ottoman in front of a couch, acting as a coffee table

    27. A sleek TV stand, because why not enjoy the view of a crisp, mid-century modern home while you're watching TV?

    a light wood tv stand with four shelves, and one long shelf on top to hold a TV. This stand has black metal legs

    28. A curved bench to immediately add a cozy farmhouse feel to the entry of your home. This bench has ample amounts of space to store boxes underneath, meaning that future guests won't even have a chance to see all the shoes, scarves, and gloves you'll have hiding in here.

    a curved wooden bench in an entryway

    29. A Project 62 two-tier side table if you prefer for your home to look as minimal as possible. This acts as a great place to rest cups of tea in your living room, but can also work as a stylish nightstand in your bedroom.

    a dark wood side table with two open tiers next to a couch

    30. An accent cabinet that is the perfect storage solution for your collection of leather-bound novels. This cabinet provides you with the chance to show off the things you love while protecting them from humidity and dust.

    a brown accent cabinet with two shelves inside and glass doors

    31. And a rolling kitchen cart to provide the perfect solution for preparing dishes, presenting charcuterie boards, and storing extra baking supplies.

    a cream kitchen cart with two wheels and two legs, with two drawers, one glass door with two shelves inside, and two shelves unprotected by a door

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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