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    I'm Not Sure Who Needs To Hear This, But John Cena Is A National Treasure That Must Be Protected At All Costs And Here Are 18 Inspiration Tweets To Prove It

    Inspiration as prescribed by the Dr. of Thuganomics.

    This is John Cena, and he could totally kick your ass. But instead, he's decided to drop some serious inspiration bombs via Twitter, and for that we are eternally grateful.


    1. On the things you share about yourself to the world:

    All of us can share information that is personal. Be accountable for it. Sharing with the world gives the world the right to formulate whatever opinion it wants. If you have no boundaries on what is shared, you can have no grievance with how it’s interpreted.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    2. On who you should be competing with every day:

    Compete each day with you. Looking at the lives of others can be interesting but can also severely eat away at self worth. Be your best you. Don’t get hung up on what someone else “has” or “does”. Use that energy for you.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    3. On the difference between helping someone and changing someone:

    Trying to help someone and trying to change someone are two different things. One can be highly rewarding to most all involved, the other can be self centered, controlling, and destructive.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    4. On why you shouldn't be a cheap copy of someone else:

    If you become a “cheap copy” of someone else be prepared to be treated as such. Consumed quickly and quickly discarded. Be the best version of YOU, and those invested in you, will love you for life.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    5. On who you should run with:

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    6. On the three things you should strive to be:

    Be honest. Be grateful. Be unafraid of who you are.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    7. On making something "a thing:"

    If you’re gonna make it a thing, make sure it’s a thing. You can only make so many things a thing before no thing is worth any thing.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    8. On loving someone (and typos):

    If you say you love someone, love them. Don’t “love them” and be in search for something or someone else. Put yourself INTO those words by owning what they embody. There is no greater feeling that being in love.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    9. On the people who try to make you smile:

    If you find someone who makes you smile, even when you’re trying to be grumpy, let them into your life. The connection could end up stronger than you ever imagined.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    10. On thinking the world revolves around you:

    Many times we make everything about ourselves. Our reality revolves around us, but the world’s does not. Handle your business, stay true to your values, be understanding enough to know the actions, choices, lifestyle, success/failure of others has little or nothing to do with you

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    11. On respect:

    Others will dislike you. Others will disagree with you. Over time, if you are consistent in sticking to your values and beliefs, others will respect you.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    12. On these two ~very~ important words:

    “I’m sorry”. 2 very important words, no matter how they are delivered. If thrown away, it speaks volumes about the person apologizing. If sincere, they are the critical first step of trying to right a wrong.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    13. On being the "right" person:

    Instead of trying to find the right person, try to be the right person. Get to a point where you love yourself, and you might be surprised at the company you choose to keep.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    14. On critics:

    We will always have critics. I’m grateful to all those critical of any choice I’ve made. It encourages me to look within and determine the value of their thoughts. Some have helped me grow tremendously. Others are just a reflection of their own insecurities.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    15. On frustrations (and unicorns):

    Frustration is a part of life, and life is not all candy and unicorns, but most always in any situation we have a choice on how to approach it. Whenever possible, choose kindness, it may make you believe in unicorns from time to time.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    16. On who you need to prove yourself to:

    The only person you need to prove yourself to is you.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    17. On the three things you should never stop doing:

    Never stop learning. Never stop loving. Never stop living.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    18. And lastly, on the one thing you should never, ever do:

    One chapter ends, another begins, the story never stops. Own your everything. Never Give Up.

    @JohnCena / Via Twitter: @JohnCena

    Thanks for the tweets, John.