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18 "Kris Aquino As _________" Memes That Will Surely Crack You Up

Kris Aquino as a Mang Inasal crew member, anyone?

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We all know that Kris Aquino is the Queen of All Memes. We also know that as an actress, she's played many roles in her career. But what happens when you put Kris Aquino, memes, and character roles into one? You'll get these 18 LOL-worthy "Kris Aquino as __________" memes!

1. Kris Aquino as a jeepney barker

2. Kris Aquino as a graduation ball host

3. Kris Aquino as a choirmaster

Facebook: Red Digger / Via Facebook: red.digger27

4. Kris Aquino as a Mang Inasal crew member

5. Kris Aquino as a weather forecaster

6. Kris Aquino as a medical technologist

Facebook: @medtechstudy / Via Facebook: medtechstudy

7. Kris Aquino as a katipunera

Kris Aquino as Katipunera: So, sugod na ba? Where's my itak? Wait pakicheck kung sharp na. Mas better pag sharp, diba? Ok na? Go. #RP612fic

8. Kris Aquino as Waze

9. Here's another version of Kris Aquino as Waze

10. Kris Aquino as Sisa (from Noli Me Tangere)

Kris Aquino as Sisa: "Crisbimb! Basiljosh! OMG hala! Darla, nasan sila? Medyo weird ako, sorry ha. I don't know na. Nakakaloka!" #rp612fic

11. Kris Aquino as a news reporter

12. Kris Aquino as an Architecture student

Darla, plates is done na. Hahahaha. Love love love.

13. Kris Aquino as the MRT announcer

14. Kris Aquino as Jean Grey (from X-Men)

15. Kris Aquino as a person who goes to the gym

16. Kris Aquino as a Miss Universe contestant

17. Kris Aquino as a UP student

kris aquino as a UP student: "Walang units, walang anything. So no more midyear, pero happy lang. Love, love, love!"

18. And lastly, there's also Kris Aquino as Darna

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