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17 Magical Restaurants Every Harry Potter Lover Needs To Visit Before They Die

We'd apparate and eat here in a heartbeat.

1. Platform 1094 (Singapore)

2. The Lockhart Bar (Canada)

3. The Witches Brew Diners (The Philippines)

5. Bad Owl Coffee (USA)

6. Wizardry Cup Cafe (The Philippines)

Wizardry Cup Cafe / Via

7. Felix Felicis & Co (Argentina)

9. Punto Mágico (Mexico)

10. The Nook Cafe (The Philippines)

12. Hedley Books & Cafe (Malaysia)

13. Hogwartz The Pub (Indonesia)

14. Mesón De Los 3 Magos (Mexico)

15. Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee House (The Philippines)

Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee House / Via
Chapter 9 3/4 Coffee House / Via

17. Pudding Barcelona (Spain)

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