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    17 Gorgeously Green Restaurants Around The World You Need To See ASAP

    It's like they were practically made for Instagram pics.

    1. Bar Botanique (Netherlands)

    2. Bar Central (Sweden)

    3. La Maison Verte (Jordan)

    4. Lou Cafe & Bistro (Turkey)

    5. La Picara (Philippines)

    6. The Dining Room at Gravetye Manor (United Kingdom)

    7. Tavern On The Green (New York City)

    8. Merah Putih (Indonesia)

    10. Leo's Oyster Bar (San Francisco, California)

    11. Le Jardin (Morocco)

    12. 12. Perrachica (Spain)

    13. 1Q1 (India)

    15. Bocca (South Africa)

    16. The Wigmore (United Kingdom)

    17. 17. The Green Affair (Portugal)

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