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    15 "Friends" Guest Stars We Seriously Hope Make Surprise Appearances In The Reunion Special

    You probably forgot some of them were even on the show.

    Well, everyone, this is it! The Friends reunion is officially streaming on May 27 on HBO Max.


    Along with the official premiere date, a list of guest stars has also been released. On that list are some really popular names like Reese Witherspoon, BTS, Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and Justin Bieber.

    Though we gotta ask...where are Paul Rudd and Cole Sprouse?!


    And now that's there's going to be a reunion, we can't help but wish that these other celebs who have guest-starred on Friends will make surprise cameos, too.

    1. Julia Roberts

    Chandler and Susie sit next to each other at a restaurant

    In Season 2, Episode 13, Julia Roberts guest-starred as Susie Moss, a childhood friend of Chandler's who decides to prank date him as revenge for embarrassing her when they were younger.

    2. Gary Oldman

    Gary Oldman holds a water bottle and wears a World War I uniform as Richard

    Sirius Black in Friends? Why, yes! For two episodes even! In Season 7, Gary Oldman played Joey's difficult but popular co-star in a World War I movie. And, believe it or not, he was nominated for an Emmy for his guest-starring role.

    3. Charlie Sheen

    Phoebe and Ryan sit at a dinner table with calamine lotion on their faces and oven mitts duck-taped to their hands

    Charlie Sheen guest-starred in Season 3 as Ryan, Phoebe's long-lost old flame, who's a member of the US Navy and in town for a visit. They both end up with chickenpox but, well, they still had a lot of fun, cute moments throughout his stay.

    4. Winona Ryder


    Remember that college sorority sister of Rachel's who called her "Ray-Ray"? And kissed her too? Yep, that's Winona Ryder, who appeared in the twentieth episode of the show's seventh season.

    5. Anna Faris


    Appearing in a handful of episodes throughout Season 10, Anna Faris played the role of Erica, the birth mom of the twins Chandler and Monica intended on adopting.

    6. Billy Crystal

    Billy Crystal looks at Robin Williams who's covering his eyes with his hand, and Rachel looks on, confused

    Billy Crystal made a cameo appearance in Season 3 along with Robin Williams, and the two played the comical Central Perk customers who kept interrupting Monica while she talked. And while it will never be the same without the late, great Robin Williams, it would be very nostalgic to see the other half of this trouble twosome again.

    7. Bruce Willis

    NBC / Via

    At some point in Season 6, Ross begins dating a student. Rachel, on the other hand, eventually begins dating said student's father, Paul Stevens. Bruce Willis played the role of Paul for three episodes and earned himself an Emmy nomination.

    8. Dakota Fanning

    Mackenize purses her lips, unamused

    Dakota Fanning guest-starred in Season 10 as a child named Mackenzie who befriends Joey during an open house as he tried to find something wrong with the new home Monica and Chandler bought. Wouldn't it be nice to see an all-grown-up Mackenzie in the reunion?

    9. John Stamos

    John Stamos sits at the dinner table in Monica's apartment as Zack

    When Chandler and Monica struggled to have children in Season 9, Chandler invited a clueless co-worker, played by John Stamos, to dinner with him and Monica because he believed he would make the perfect sperm donor.

    10. Helen Hunt

    At Central Perk, Phoebe holds a coffee cup in her hand and looks at Jamie, who's smiling at Monica

    In a crossover with Mad About You, Helen Hunt plays her character Jamie Buchman, who mistakes Phoebe for her twin sister Ursula while at Central Perk. Since it's a crossover, Lisa Kudrow does appear in Mad About You as Ursula.

    11. Sean Penn

    Ursula and Eric stand near each other and smile while Phoebe looks on

    Speaking of Phoebe's twin sister, she was once engaged to a man named Eric, played by Sean Penn, who guest-starred in Season 8. Set out to right the wrongs of her twin sister, Phoebe actually ends up dating Eric a little but, well, that didn't really work out.

    12. Christina Applegate

    Amy opens her mouth wide in shock

    While Reese Witherspoon, who plays the role of Rachel's sister, Jill, is on the guest list for the reunion, Rachel's other sister isn't. Christina Applegate plays Amy Green in seasons 9 and 10 and even won an Emmy for her role.

    13. Jon Favreau


    Before becoming a Marvel star, Jon Favreau played the role of Pete Becker in six episodes of Season 3. Pete was Monica's ultra-rich boyfriend who wanted to be a mixed martial arts champion.

    14. Ben Stiller


    Also in Season 3, Ben Stiller guest-starred as Tommy, Rachel's date who had temper problems and was referred to as "The Screamer."

    15. And finally, Danny DeVito


    Where else can you find Danny DeVito playing a stripper? Why, on Friends, of course! Appearing in Season 10, Episode 11, Danny DeVito's stripper was hired for Phoebe's bachelorette party.