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This Dad Makes The Most Incredible Lunch For His Kids!

San Francisco father Beau Coffron (known as LunchBox Dad) enjoys making incredibly and creatively awesome lunches for his daughter and sons. He is not only using health food ingredients but also creating numerous shapes of characters from Narnia, Spiderman, Dr. Seuss, Minions and other children's favored characters.

IsabellaYoung 4 years ago

Cute Anime Vs Real Life Portraits

Do you want to know how would you look life if you were turned into an anime character? Well, these people do and it's both cute and odd at the same time. Which would you prefer? The anime illustration or the real thing?

IsabellaYoung 4 years ago

Dragonball Villains Get A Realistic Make-Over

We have been posting about Disney Princess and princes given a realistic feel to them, but how about anime? This Chinese artist and painting teacher has created realistic depictions of Dragonball villains and has astounded DBZ fans from all over the world.

IsabellaYoung 4 years ago

Doge Goes Cosplay! Adorable Shiba Inu Duo In Costumes

Because we can never have enough of doge *insert doge meme here*, see these two adorable Shiba Inus in cosplay! These dogs have been dubbed as S and H by twitter user C_S0325 and are taking the internet by storm with their cuteness!

IsabellaYoung 4 years ago

Pancake Drawings? It's Not A Piece Of Cake!

Do you like anime? How about pancakes? Well, why not both? It seems that everything kawaii does come from the creative minds in Japan including these pancake drawings of anime characters! Here are the works of Keesuke Inagaki, otaku and professional culinary artist.

IsabellaYoung 4 years ago