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New To The Makeup World? Check Out These Beauty Gurus On YouTube!

Don't know who to watch on YouTube for beauty advice? Here are just a few of my suggestions, some of them being obvious and some of them maybe not so much.

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Kathleen Fuentes, also known as KathleenLights.

KathleenLights - YouTube / Via

Kathleen is so young and refreshing! She talks a lot about affordable beauty products which is nice for us normal girls, but she talks about luxury brands as well. She does a lot of reviews, which is really nice so you know what's good and what isn't. She's adorable and isn't actually a trained makeup artist, so she's very relatable. She also has her own nail polish line and a collaboration with Colourpop, so check those out!

NikkieTutorials, our favorite girl from the Netherlands.

Twitter - NikkieTutorials / Via Twitter: @nikkietutorials

Nikkie is absolutely adorable. Her makeup looks are sometimes really extreme, but they're still absolutely gorgeous and fun to watch. She does fun reviews of sometimes odd products, but she's always really helpful when it comes to reviews. She always crushes it with the cut crease, and is so inspiring. She has a lot of collaborations as well!

Desi Perkins, one of the OG Ipsy girls.

Desi Perkins - Twitter / Via Twitter: @desiperkins

Desi is such a good teacher! I would highly recommend her for anyone actually interested in learning good technique. She is so patient and is really good at explaining things. She's gorgeous and teaches you how to do makeup for your own face structure, which I love.

Samantha Ravndahl, formerly known as Batalash Beauty.

YouTube - Samantha Ravndahl / Via

Samantha is incredibly intelligent which makes her great to listen to. Her technique is very simple and easy to mimic when recreating her looks. She is fun and loves to interact with her fans. Her looks are usually fairly simple and not over the top, and she focuses a lot on skincare. She recently collaborated with MAC, which is a huge deal!!

Manny Gutierrez, better known as Manny MUA.

Manny MUA - YouTube / Via

First of all, Manny is HILARIOUS. He cusses and isn't afraid to be himself on his channel, which I love. His videos almost always make me laugh every time. He has improved so much and his makeup is beautiful now. He does a lot of helpful reviews on trending products, and will always keep it real with you. His most recent collaboration was with Jeffree Star cosmetics (I like to watch his videos too, but he won't be mentioned in this list). Check him out!

I feel like this is the most obvious one. The queen Jaclyn Hill.

Emaze / Via

Let's just be real. No one can replace Jaclyn Hill. She is amazing, flawless, beautiful and most importantly, relatable. She has been in the makeup business for years and is such a pro. Not to mention she's super fun and silly. Her sense of fashion is incredible and her makeup looks are always fabulous, even when they are more on the simple side. I would trust her with my life when it comes to beauty. If she said using mayonnaise as a foundation primer worked, I would start doing it. She has collaborations galore, the most recent one being with Morphe. Also, she and her husband Jon are goals. Okay, I'm going to stop gushing about her now. If you haven't checked her out yet, please do so.

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