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Nov 25, 2019

What Book Should Every Intersectional Feminist Read?

Reading our way to gender equity.

Reading is an amazing way to learn about the world (and how we need to change it).

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Okay ladies, now let's get information.

But finding helpful, intersectional feminist books can be really hard.

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Why aren't these amazing books promoted better?

So, we want you to tell us about the intersectional feminist books that everyone should read.

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What books made you the badass intersectional feminist you are today?

Did a data-driven, non-fiction book teach you about how systemic inequalities affect literally everything in your life?

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Did a bestselling book validate and articulate your own personal experiences?

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Perhaps you recommend a genre-bending memoir that shows how the political is always personal, especially for people in marginalised groups.

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Leave your book recommendations in the comments below, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!