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    18 Weird Products That Must Be Pretty Great Because They Got Over 1,000 Amazon Reviews

    Including dog goggles and a tongue scraper!

    1. These UV-filtering goggles will protect your dog's eyes from UV rays AND make them look like they have a motorcycle.

    2. According to the reviews, this scalp massager will give you the best head scratch of your life.

    3. Why get a regular piggy bank when you could get this adorable savings box that has a little panda take away your coins?

    4. This neon cactus light proves that succulents aren't just plants, they're an aesthetic.

    5. Keep your cash and spare key hidden in plain sight with this fake can of beans.

    6. This laundry egg contains hypoallergenic pellets that will clean your clothes for 210 washes – that's one year of laundry for an average family!

    7. This ice tray gives you spooky skulls instead of ice cubes. They'll make your beverages way more fun to drink, no bones about it (I'll see myself out).

    8. These chocolate-inspired bath melts are the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

    9. This copper tongue scraper will remove bacteria and food buildup from your tongue. Warning – you might be a bit disturbed by the sheer amount of gunk this thing scrapes off.

    10. Let your home decor reflect your love for The Office with this hilarious pillow cover.

    11. This tiny colander drains out all those weird can juices, so your tuna sandwiches will never be soggy.

    12. People *swear* by this adult colouring book that's full of, well, colourful adult language.

    13. This peel-off liquid latex will help you achieve the perfect manicure by preventing nail polish from drying on your skin.

    14. Swap your cherry-flavoured lip balm for this popular whiskey-flavoured one.

    15. This earwax syringe may look kind of strange, but it removes wax way more effectively than cotton buds.

    16. This textured glove removes your pet's shedding hair before it ends up all over your clothes, floor, and furniture.

    17. Use this genius spray to prevent smells from leaving your toilet bowl and make doing your business a less odourous experience. This product is essential for anyone who shares a bathroom.

    18. With this popular harness and lead, you and your cat can enjoy a stroll together.