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    27 Amazon Products That Are Weird But Also Kinda Cool

    "She's a super freak."-me, about any product on this list.

    1. This protective phone case answers the question, "What if your phone looked even more like a phone?"

    2. Unleash your creative side with this adult colouring book that customers *swear* by.

    3. This vegan-friendly lip balm is gin and tonic-flavoured and I'm obsessed.

    4. If you're a bloody good cook, you'll love this blood splatter utensil rest that will stop your ladles and spatulas from dripping everywhere.

    5. These burrito-inspired socks are bizarre but also I really want them.

    6. This charming little spray keeps smells from leaving your toilet bowl, making doing your business a less odourous experience. Judging from the 18,000 reviews, this stuff really works!

    7. These oven mitts with over 1,000 reviews are unbearably fun.

    8. I donut understand why I don't already own this seriously cute mug.

    9. This welcome mat is a great way to flex your love for Drag Race.

    10. This delicious cookbook only has recipes that you can make in a mug and a microwave, including egg fried rice, chocolate chip muffins, and chicken korma.

    11. It's puzzling why anybody wouldn't want this Rubik's cube tissue box.

    12. This earwax removal kit is way safer and more effective than cotton buds that just push wax deeper into your ear.

    13. This bird skull jewellery organiser is somehow creepy and cool at the same time.

    14. These cat butt magnets are amewsing, to say the least.

    15. This Mysterio Funko-Pop might make people do a double-take of your desk because if you haven't seen the Spider-Man: Far From Home, it looks like a foam astronaut.

    16. This toilet roll holder that doubles as a highly convenient shelf for your phone.

    17. These hilarious plasters have Shakespeare's most savage insults written on them, so you can eloquently express how mad you are about your wounds.

    18. These surprisingly useful meat-shredding claws make handling and shredding meat a breeze. Plus, you'll feel like a cross between Wolverine and Gordon Ramsay.

    19. You've probably heard of magnetic poetry, right? Now, brace yourself for the magnetic poetry bitch kit, which is magnetic poetry but with a lot more colourful language.

    20. This lipstick-shaped vibrator takes discreet to a whole new level.

    21. Necklaces with heart pendants are pretty common, but a necklace with an anatomically correct heart pendant is decidedly less so.

    22. This addictive pimple popping toy is as gross as it is satisfying.

    23. These fun teabags are tagged with literary quotes from the likes of CS Louis and Louisa May Alcott, so it's a tearific gift for bookworms.

    24. This brownie pan may look look odd but its dividers ensure that each and every brownie has crispy edges and an irresistibly gooey centre.

    25. This ice tray gives you ice skulls instead of ice cubes. They'll make your beverages way more fun to drink, no bones about it.

    26. This copper scraper gets rid of gunk and bacteria tongue, improving your oral hygiene AND your breath!

    27. This fidget keychain helps you relieve stress by squeezing edamame beans in and out of their pods.