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    41 Treat Yourself Products That You'll Actually Use All The Time

    These gifts just keep on giving!

    1. These heart-shaped leather corner bookmarks fit onto the corner of the page.

    2. This essential oil diffuser will humidify the air in your home (which means less dry skin) and make it smell like your favourite essential oil.

    3. Add this frameless mirror to your desk or bookshelf if you're looking for decor that's both fun and functional.

    4. This shampoo brush helps create a rich lather and gives you an amazing scalp massage.

    5. This body scrub is made with exfoliating Himalayan salt as well as oleic acid, which helps your skin retain moisture.

    6. How cute are these silicone coasters that look like fruit slices?

    7. This tablet cushion props up your devices so you can comfortably watch Netflix on your sofa hands-free!

    8. With these snail-shaped tea clips, you'll never have to fish around for a fallen teabag string ever again.

    9. A 24/7 massage therapist is kind of expensive, so why not just get yourself this massage pillow with four powerful nodes to recreate the experience?

    10. This contoured sleep mask doesn't put pressure on your eyelids, so you can nap in total comfort.

    11. This compact, waterproof Bluetooth speaker will let you listen to music in the shower! It's small enough to fit into your pocket so you can easily bring it to day trips and picnics.

    12. This wireless vibrator has eight speeds and 20 vibration patterns, so you're basically guaranteed to have *good vibes* this summer.

    13. These fairy lights are a quick and easy way to decorate any space!

    14. These fun ice cream spoons are perfect for shovelling your favourite cold dessert down on a hot summer's day.

    15. These planetary sticky notes are almost too gorgeous to write on.

    16. This soft, cheetah-print scrunchie has a hidden pocket for keys, cash, or anything else you need to stash.

    17. Soothe your aching feet with this rolling foot massager that has over 3,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars!

    18. These highly-rated K-beauty sheet masks are perfect for an at-home spa day.

    19. With this milk frother, you can make cafe-quality lattes, cappucinnos, and macchiatos from the comfort of your own kitchen.

    20. This Yankee candle will make your room smell like a vanilla cupcake – it has up to 150 hours of burn time!

    21. This fun print is not only super cute, it will also teach you how to take care of your houseplants!

    22. And why not further spoil your plants with this retro-style plant-mister that's way more aesthetically pleasing than a plastic watering can?

    23. This soft cotton throw blanket will instantly add a pop of colour to your bedroom.

    24. This folding eyelash comb de-clumps your mascara and defines your lashes.

    25. This set of geometric-patterned suitcases are a stylish way to store knick-knacks, photos, and other memorabilia that you don't really know where to put.

    26. This silicone wine glass holder will make your bubble bath even more relaxing.

    27. Rub this anti-blister stick to the backs of your heels to prevent friction and irritation when you wear new or slightly uncomfortable shoes.

    28. These Cath Kidston hand creams are travel-sized, so they can easily fit into your bag or pocket. You can moisturise on the go!

    29. This beginner-friendly lettering and calligraphy book will help you unleash your creative side and start a new hobby!

    30. This wine aerator can make a £5 bottle taste like an expensive vintage from an Italian vineyard.

    31. This adorable little fox holds your toothbrush and looks darn cute doing it!

    32. This adorable elephant is both a pencil organiser and a phone stand.

    33. These insanely popular silicone brushes (seriously, they have over 47,000 reviews) help you evenly apply your face masks and other skincare products.

    34. These cactus magnets are sure to please any proud plant parent.

    35. This dual-ended eyeliner stamp will give you an instant symmetrical cat-eye, solving approximately 98% of your makeup woes.

    36. This brilliant keychain helps you open doors without directly touching them. It also works on touchscreens!

    37. This versatile set of faux pearl hair clips will make your lazy ponytail look like a sophisticated updo.

    38. This L'Oreal blue algae mask is formulated to reduce the appearance of blemishes.

    39. This crescent moon shelf will give your entire room a celestial vibe and add some storage space.

    40. These under-eye masks rehydrate your skin and make you look more well-rested.

    41. This mini planter that looks like a sleeping puppy is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.