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    7 Useful Products To Ease Your Aches And Pains

    Time to unwind.

    1. We all know that poor posture quickly results in back pain, but it's actually quite hard to sit up straight, especially in an office chair. This lumbar support pillow helps to keep your spine in alignment.

    2. Soothe your tired feet with a foot spa/foot massager combo.

    3. A single massage costs more than this automatic massage pillow which offers you infinite massages (so long as you keep it charged).

    4. A self-massage ball is a simple concept that's low key genius. For maximum relaxation, use it with a nice massage oil.

    5. This eco-friendly, memory foam pillow relieves and prevents pain. Its contour design helps you sleep with your spine in perfect alignment.

    6. These massage sandals are the perfect gift for runners. The buttons on the sole give you a high-quality foot massage just by walking around your flat.

    7. Neck and shoulder pain? Just pop this heat wrap in the microwave to instantly warm it up.