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    17 Useful Products For People Who Sweat Even In The Winter

    It's me. I'm people.

    1. These underarm sweat pads will save your favourite shirts from sweat stains.

    2. This stain remover is specifically designed to tackle deodorant and antiperspirant stains.

    3. This eyeliner pen is sweatproof and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about your perfect cat-eye melting into a more of a racoon eye situation.

    4. Sweaty palms? This incredible lotion works as an antiperspirant for your hands.

    5. These invisible socks protect your high heels from your sweaty feet and offer you more comfort.

    6. In addition to your regular deodorant, use this antiperspirant spray once or twice a week for the ultimate defense against sweat and body odour.

    7. And if you're looking to upgrade your deodorant, try this powerful, all-natural deodorant with activated charcoal.

    8. This shoe and foot powder can make even the most pungent trainers smell nice.

    9. Underboob sweat is a real struggle, even when it gets cold. This cloth liner fits under your bra and prevents sweat stains.

    10. This ice roller keeps your face cool in addition to shrinking your pores, smoothing and tightening your skin, and decreasing the appearance of puffiness.

    11. Sweating can mess up your hair and make it look limp and greasy. Keep dry shampoo in your bag for a quick touch up!

    12. If your face tends to get sweaty, or you just have oily skin, use these charcoal blotting sheets to reduce shine in between face washes.

    13. When you work out, keep the sweat out of your eyes with this sweat-wicking headband.

    14. Cool off at your desk with this USB powered mini-fan.

    15. Freshen up with these mint-scented wet wipes after a sweaty commute, workout, or hike.

    16. This antifungal shower gel kills odour-causing bacteria and moisturises your skin.

    17. Finally, these sweatproof Bluetooth earphones will stay in place even in your most intense workouts.