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    19 Urban Outfitters Products You Can Get For £5 Or Less

    Cute + cheap = perfection

    1. And the Academy Award for most relatable card goes to this hilarious masterpiece.

    2. A striped beanie that's so cute it should be illegal.

    3. An adorable handwarmer that's shaped like a corgi, because sometimes the world is a good place.

    4. An elastic bow scrunchie that 1) won't tug at your hair and 2) will make your lazy ponytail look fancy AF.

    5. Poetry for Millenials by Tasmin King offers a classical poem for moments every millenial will know all to well.

    6. A pearl statement clip that will make any hairdo look elegant.

    7. This avocado hand warmer is cooler than I will ever be, and I'm okay with that.

    8. This cosy ivory scarf originally cost £20 and now it's just a fiver – that's 75% off!

    9. I'm blown away by this little hairdryer with a USB cord. It probably can't dry your hair, but it's perfect for blowing crumbs off of your keyboard!

    10. This glitter puff headband is great for day AND night looks.

    11. This recipe book is full of cheesy recipes including a gourmet grilled cheese toastie and pizza banquets.

    12. This trinket dish is certainly eye-catching.

    13. This pink notebook, because the future really is in your own hands.

    14. These pink socks are as cute as they are cosy.

    15. And if you prefer a more classic style, these knit socks are the way to go.

    16. This glittery, geo-print phone case, because a little sparkle never hurt anybody.

    17. These snakeskin cycle shorts come in a size small, medium, and large.

    18. Drink smarter with this booze guidebook that's full of cocktail recipes, tricks to pick the perfect bottle of wine, and tips on how to avoid hangovers.

    19. This celestial backdrop is perfect for parties.