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    23 Tried And True Products That Are Under £10 On Amazon

    Just some products that people really love!

    1. This earwax removal syringe gets rid of your earwax safely and painlessly, unlike cotton buds which just push the wax further into your ear.

    2. This L'Oreal clay mask is made with charcoal, so it helps to draw out gunk from your pores.

    3. These stick-on webcam covers are a low-effort way to improve your security.

    4. Use the small bumps section on this makeup cleaning brush to create a foam and then use the grooves to thoroughly clean the bristles of your brush without agitating them.

    5. This booklight makes late-night reading a breeze AND it doubles as a bookmark.

    6. This peel-off liquid latex keeps nail polish on your nails and off your skin.

    7. Every vinyl lover knows that records collect dust, and dust can ruin sound quality. Luckily, this cleaning kit easily removes dust without damaging your record collection!

    8. This multipurpose tool fits neatly into your wallet. You can use it as a phone stand, a knife, a bottle opener, a can opener, and more!

    9. This self-adhesive vinyl film transforms your countertops. It comes in 23 different patterns and colours, including yellow, pink, and grey marble.

    10. Just pop this egg cooker into the microwave for the perfect omelette, poached eggs, or scrambled eggs.

    11. This silky pillowcase isn't just luxurious AF, it's also super good for your hair. The silky smoothness means less friction which means less frizzy bedhead in the morning.

    12. For a quick and easy dinner, just pop this rice cooker in the microwave and you'll get a perfectly cooked side dish in minutes.

    13. This eyeshadow palette has 120 highly-pigmented shades so you can create infinite looks.

    14. Why use regular highlighters when you could use pastel highlighters that make your notes look aesthetically pleasing?

    15. People are going crazy for these eyebrow razors that also remove dead skin, cheek fuzz, and upper lip hairs (it's me, I'm people).

    16. This massage ball is so good at releasing tension and soothing aches AND it's incredibly easy to use!

    17. This shampoo massager gives your roots a deep clean, massages your scalp, and can help stimulate hair growth. Plus, it feels sooo good.

    18. This matte liquid lipstick comes in 25 bold shades that will last you all day long.

    19. Customers say that these grooming gloves are better at removing loose fur than regular pet brushes.

    20. This hyaluronic acid serum hydrates your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    21. This clay bear prevents brown sugar from drying out and clumping. You can also use it to keep your salt and spices dry!

    22. These RFID-blocking card sleeves prevent people from scanning and 'skimming' your contactless card.

    23. Finally, this phone holder clips onto the vents of your car so you can safely check your maps app while driving.