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    27 Little Things That Are Too Cute To Regret Buying

    No regrets here!

    1. This cactus kit lets you grow your own cactus in a can! All you need to do is add water.

    2. This tiny planetarium projects constellations so you can go stargazing from the safety and comfort of your own home.

    3. This delightfully squishy dumpling lamp will light up your life in more ways than one.

    4. Peer into your future with these RuPaul's Drag Race tarot cards! You can use them to give your friends readings via Zoom.

    5. If Potions was your best subject during your Hogwarts days, then this reusable water bottle is for you.

    6. Feel like royalty with these Disney Princess sheet masks.

    7. Or, unleash your darker side with these Disney villain ones.

    8. Comfortable AND stylish, these NASA pyjamas are out of this world!

    9. Keep your feet cosy with these nostalgic Totoro slippers!

    10. Just pop this adorable avocado in the microwave for a few minutes and you have an instant heating pad. Perfect for period cramps and chilly nights, this cuddly avocado is as cute as it is practical.

    11. This adorable little boba light is simply tearrific.

    12. Don't be slow to buy this best-selling sloth planter!

    13. These fantastic socks are inspired by some of the greatest queens to grace RuPaul's Drag Race.

    14. Love bath bombs, but don't have a bath? Allow me to introduce you to shower steamers; just place them in the corner of your shower, and they'll release a soothing fragrance as you wash.

    15. These Woody and Buzz storage tins are perfect for your biscuits and tea bags!

    16. This sweet hedgehog will bring some much-needed light AND cuteness to your room.

    17. This Playstation controller stress ball is a great way to prevent you from getting worked up as you game.

    18. Use this Friends picture frame to display a photo of the people who will always be there for you.

    19. This Princess Aurora headband makes it easier to apply and remove makeup in style.

    20. You may have had to put a pin in your travel plans, but this cork globe allows you to pin all the places you want to go to in the future.

    21. This eggcellent vanilla-scented candle looks like a canned egg, and it's absolutely delightful.

    22. And you can also get a canned candle that looks and smells like cherries.

    23. This quirky llama duster makes spring cleaning way more fun.

    24. Listen to your favourite tunes in the shower with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

    25. This gold-coloured incense holder is ssssssimply exquisite.

    26. This stunning glass water bottle is decorated with real pressed flowers.

    27. The designs on these unusual tarot cards were inspired by vintage tattoos.

    You, after buying everything on this list.