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    25 Fun Things That Might Actually Make Adulthood Seem Exciting

    Being an adult is kind of the best.

    1. A gin-making kit because not only can you drink, you can drink in style.

    2. An adult colouring book full of colourful language that people swear by.

    3. With over 7,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.1 stars, it's safe to say that the Satisfyer Next Generation has earned its name.

    4. Temporary tattoos, because you're finally free to experiment with your look.

    5. Some delicious chocolate-covered Oreos because you now get to eat biscuits whenever you want.

    6. You finally have the time to read books that weren't assigned in English lessons like Normal People or Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.

    7. Now that you're an adult with your own money, you don't need any other reason to buy a cute dress besides wanting to buy a cute dress.

    8. Some dramatic red lipstick so you can be 100% that bitch.

    9. You control your own menu now! The Dishoom cookbook is a delicious way to improve your culinary skills AND save money by eating at home.

    10. Practice gratitude and positivity with this 52-week guided journal.

    11. Decorate your place with this gorgeous lunar hanging.

    12. A Totoro toothbrush holder – just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't have a sense of whimsy.

    13. This charming macramé wall hanging is a renter-friendly decoration that will make your whole room feel cosier.

    14. Some Fenty lingerie you can wear whenever you want.

    15. A snitch bracelet to remind you that there's still magic in the world.

    16. When things get stressful, use this massage pillow to relax your body and mind.

    17. It's the perfect time to start a new hobby! Maybe this starter kit will make you get into embroidery.

    18. Nobody can tell you off for wearing this fabulously rude pin that offers sage advice.

    19. Some luxurious bath salts, because you no longer have siblings pounding on the bathroom door and telling you to hurry up.

    20. Some satin pillowcases that will instantly upgrade your bedroom.

    21. An electric milk frother so you can make the perfect latte from the comfort of your own kitchen.

    22. An alarm clock that slowly wakes you up with light, so waking up isn't a god-awful experience anymore.

    23. This scratch-off travel map, because the world is your oyster now that you've grown up.

    24. Being an adult means you get to wear chic blazers and other professional clothing.

    25. Finally, a cocktail recipe book with that will teach you how to make literary-inspired beverages like 'A Rum Of One's Own' or the 'Romeo and Julep.'