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    Just 27 Ridiculously Cute Things That Look Like Other Things

    A thing? Tired. A thing that looks like another thing? Wired.

    1. You'll love this stunning lamp all the way to the moon and back.

    2. This little flower pot might not be a guardian of the galaxy, but he'll definitely guard your plant.

    3. These edgy earrings are the perfect combination of punk and chic.

    4. This soup dumpling light might be the cutest thing ever invented and I want to adopt him.

    5. You'll look like a snack - no, the whole damn meal - in these sushi socks.

    6. A No Face mug is actually rather genius. No Face has an endless appetite for food, and you have an endless thirst for tea. Also, his head/lid that will keep your tea hot? Genius.

    7. I scream, you scream, we all scream for this fun doorstopper.

    8. This reading light is, quite frankly, out of this world.

    9. These woollen dryer balls dry your clothes faster and are really good for the environment, so you can feel less sheepish about your carbon footprint.

    10. Who wouldn't want this Tardis tea pot?

    11. This anatomically correct heart necklace is a fun twist on the classic heart pendant necklace.

    12. This portable charger because your phone is the closest thing us muggles are going to get to an actual wand.

    13. This rose gold bracelet is actually a rose gold charger.

    14. This anglerfish book light is just so darn happy to illuminate whatever you're reading.

    15. This little sheep will store your baaackup toilet paper in a cute and fun way.

    16. I want this pastry-themed mug so much, I donut know what to do!

    17. This watermelon pillow is so adorable its borderline criminal. There should be a fine for being this cute.

    18. These cupcake-shaped bath melts look good enough to eat, but please don't.

    19. This adorable sloth is actually a soothing back massager.

    20. These little creatures will make sure that you get every last bit of toothpaste.

    21. You can stack these Tetris lights any way that you want.

    22. This mysterious book opens up and becomes an absolutely gorgeous lamp.

    23. This discreet vibrator is disguised as a lipstick, which is honestly kinda brilliant.

    24. This little avocado isn't just insanely cute – it's also a handwarmer.

    25. You can get this little macaron jewellery box in nine different colours.

    26. This lotus holder is a fun way to store your cotton buds or toothpicks.

    27. This hollowed-out book is a cute and clever way to hide your knick-knacks.