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    21 Fun And Cute Gifts For Gin Lovers

    Gin isn't a beverage. It's an identity.

    1. This G&T flavoured lip balm will prevent their lips from getting chapped while reminding them of their favourite beverage.

    2. Friendship bracelets? Tired. G&T friendship keychains? Wired.

    3. This paraben-free hand soap is G&T scented.

    4. This gin cocktail recipe book will teach them how to make 100 gin based cocktails, each with only three ingredients. Gin lovers rejoice!

    5. These G&T flavoured gummies are actually alcoholic.

    6. This handy kit will help them make their own gin. The kit includes citrus, chocolate orange, pink, and Christmas flavourings.

    7. This G&T Garnish Guide print is both decorative and informative.

    8. These reusable straws means they can sip on gin and juice without feeling guilty about the environment. G&T, but hold the straw!

    9. This scratch-off map highlights all the gin distilleries in the UK.

    10. This strawberry infused gin is a sweet treat any gin lover will adore.

    11. These G&T flavoured chocolate truffles are a fun gift that will please a gin OR a chocolate enthusiast.

    12. This vegan and gluten-free marmalade is enhanced with gin, tonic water, and lemon.

    13. These crystal gin glasses will let your friend drink their homemade cocktails in style.

    14. This cute mug is a perfect gift for gin mums (who are infinitely more powerful than wine mums).

    15. And these stud earrings are quirky and cute.

    16. They'll love these pun-derful Christmas cards.

    17. They can decorate their tree with this Fleabag-inspired canned G&T ornament.

    18. And this pun-tastic makeup bag comes in three different colours: white, black, and navy.

    19. With this infusing kit, they can make a gin that changes colour.

    20. This exercise top is a bit of a mum joke, but it's still pretty cute.

    21. Finally, this fun gin, labelled, "This Gin Tastes Like Christmas," does actually taste like Christmas. It's got accents of vanilla, cinnamon, clementines, and cloves.