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    The 15 Best Books Of 2019 So Far According To Bookworms

    I like big books and I cannot lie.

    We asked the bibliophiles of the Buzzfeed Community to tell us about the best books of 2019 so far. Here are their literary recommendations!

    1. Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias In A World Designed For Men by Caroline Criado Perez explores the many ways in which the world is designed against women.

    2. Red, White, and Royal Blue follows the love story between Alex Claremont-Diaz, the son of the American president, and Henry, the Prince of Wales.

    3. If you loved Frankenstein, try Monsters by Sharon Dogar. The novel follows the complicated relationship between Mary Shelley (the author of Frankenstein and the mother of science fiction) as she navigates her relationships with her lover, Percy Shelley, and her step-sister Jane.

    4. King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo has been described as The Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones.

    5. Popular comedian Sara Pascoe explores hot topics such as the stigmatization of sex workers and the politics of splitting the bill in her second bestselling book, Sex Power Money.

    6. Daisy Jones and The Six is a tantalizing page-turner perfect for fans of films like Almost Famous or A Star Is Born.

    7. Set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys follows two star-crossed lovers in Madrid.

    8. The latest edition in the popular alternative history series Noughts and Crosses, Malorie Blackman's Crossfire will keep you on your toes.

    9. The Flatshare is a Sunday Times bestseller about two roommates who have never met eachother-despite sleeping in the same bed. It's a fun light read, perfect for rom-com enthusiasts.

    10. Simon Thomas's heartbreaking memoir, Love, Interrupted: Navigating Grief One Day At A Time, follows Thomas navigating life after unspeakable tragedy.

    11. You won't be able to go to sleep after reading Ruth Ware's psychological thriller, The Turn of The Key.

    12. The Unnamed by Holly Campbell is a supernatural mystery with compelling characters.

    13. Capturing the Devil is a fictional account of an aspiring forensic pathologist, Audrey Rose, and her attempts to capture the White City Devil (an unfortunately non-fictional serial killer) at the 1893 World Fair.

    14. Top Marks For Murder by Robin Stevens is the eigth installment in the popular childrens series, A Murder Most Unladylike, and critics are saying it's the best mystery yet.

    15. Finally, The Testaments, the hotly anticipated sequel to The Handmaid's Tale, soared above everybody's very high expectations.

    Me, after buying all these books.

    Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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