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    47 Things That Can Help You Start 2021 On The Right Foot

    Start the new year right!

    1. A massage pillow with four powerful nodes, so you'll basically have an at-home massage therapist to help relieve some of the tension and stress you've been carrying around.

    2. A memory foam posture pillow that helps you sit up straight, because your lower back deserves some support if you've been working from home for nearly a year.

    3. This eyeliner stamp that gives you the perfect cat-eye in literal seconds will free up so much time in your morning routine, you genuinely won't know what to do with it.

    4. A 52-week guided journal that helps you become more grateful and positive through a combination of inspirational quotes, reflective prompts, and weekly checkpoints.

    5. And if that's too much of a commitment, try this One-Line-A-Day diary that only takes a minute or so to fill out.

    6. A microfibre hair towel that minimises breakage and dries your hair way faster than a regular towel.

    7. These sachets that change the colour of fire, because why not have some multicoloured bonfires in 2021?

    8. This mini-cycling machine that fits perfectly under your desk, so you can workout while you work!

    9. These foot masks that cause dead and calloused skin to peel off, so you can begin the year with smooth and soft feet (you can literally start the new year on the right foot).

    10. A time-marked waterbottle that motivates you to stay hydrated is perfect if you're the kind of person who always forgets to drink water.

    11. This popular eyelash comb that separates your lashes and breaks up mascara clumps is so genius, I'm confused as to why I don't already own one.

    12. An alarm clock that wakes you up with light, making you feel well-rested for the entire day.

    13. A water flosser that's amazing at dislodging the gunk and plaque stuck between teeth – in 2021, you can finally look your dentist in the eye and say that yes, you DO floss daily.

    14. Some snail-shaped tea clips that will make fishing for your tea string a thing of the past.

    15. A chic black swivel chair that's way better than the uncomfortable wooden chair you've been working from all year.

    16. Some pimple patches that heal your spots overnight, because you deserve an easier, more effective skincare regimen in 2021.

    17. An adult colouring book that combines self-care and swearing!

    18. The Financial Diet by Chelsea Fagan to help you face your financial fears and take charge of your money.

    19. A Poem For Every Night Of The Year, edited by Allie Esiri, will help you become cultured AF in 2021. The book is a brilliant collection of 366 hilarious, heartbreaking, and beautiful poems.

    20. An incredibly powerful mould remover so 2021 can be a clean start – literally.

    21. A pair of ear hooks for your AirPods that contour to your ears, keeping your earphones in place.

    22. A sparkling wine stopper that keeps your prosecco bubbly long after you open it, which means that you don't have to waste a single drop of your favourite beverage in 2021!

    23. This roll-on pain relief stick with an average rating of 4.7 stars from over 3,950 Amazon reviews, because headaches are so 2020.

    24. Some insulated sound-proofing strips that easily stick onto your windows or doors, because 2021 should be the year that you no longer have to listen to your flatmate's 4am Zoom calls with their uni friends.

    25. An anti-fog spray that you can spritz onto your glasses to keep them from fogging up when you wear a mask or drink a hot beverage. You can also use it on sunglasses, face shields, and goggles!

    26. Some wireless sleep headphones that are essentially a comfy headband, so you can fall asleep listening to ASMR or a soothing podcast without hurting your ears.

    27. This anti-blister stick prevents friction between your ankle and the back of your shoe. You can finally break in that pair of boots, heels, or sandals without wincing every time you take a step!

    28. These glass bulbs that water your plants for you in case you have a tendency to over or underwater your flora.

    29. This large Yankee candle, because who wouldn't want their home to smell like fresh cut roses in 2021?

    30. A foot file that will take your foot from "ew!" to "ooh! so soft!" after just a couple of uses.

    31. A memory foam pillow that contours to your neck whether you're a side sleeper OR a back sleeper.

    32. A ring size adjuster so your loose rings will finally fit.

    33. A wireless transmitter that allows you to use your Bluetooth headphones and speakers on non-Bluetooth devices!

    34. Some insanely popular wireless earbuds (seriously, they have over 130,000 reviews) that are a comfy and affordable alternative to big-name brand ones.

    35. These ingenious sheet braces that keep your sheet corners in place no matter how much you toss and turn at night.

    36. A pastel weekly planner with tearaway pages that's so pretty, you'll look forward to organising your schedule.

    37. A soothing pillow spray made with lavender oil that reviewers say helped them fall asleep faster.

    38. A set of facial razors that are perfect for shaping your brows and removing dead skin.

    39. A fabric shaver that gets rid of all those pesky bobbles and fuzzy bits on your clothes, especially jumpers.

    40. Some Invisibobble hair ties that apply uneven pressure around your ponytail, which means you won't get awkward lumps or painful tugging.

    41. A privacy sign perfect for anybody who's WFH and has housemates who always barge in during important Zoom meetings.

    42. Some Command strips so you can hang pictures, prints, and posters without damaging your wall.

    43. A weighted blanket that helps you fall asleep faster by evenly distributing pressure on your body.

    44. A pore vacuum that basically suctions gunk out of your pores, meaning you can leave those pesky blackheads in 2020 where they belong!

    45. Or if pore vacuums aren't your thing, a L'Oreal clay mask that's made with charcoal to draw out impurities from your pores and gently clean your skin.

    46. The Dishoom cookbook, so you can spend 2021 learning how to make delicious black dal and bacon naan rolls.

    47. A three-tier storage trolley that you can use as a nightstand, a small desk, a bookshelf, or a bar cart!