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    31 Small Products That Might Just Make Your Life Better

    Mini but mighty!

    1. Rub this anti-blister stick to the backs of your heels to prevent friction and irritation when you wear new or slightly uncomfortable shoes.

    2. This magnetic dishwasher sign means you'll never have to wonder if those dishes are dirty or clean again.

    3. This folding eyelash comb de-clumps your mascara and defines your lashes.

    4. When we get our first heat wave, you'll be so grateful that you bought this tiny but powerful electric fan to keep you cool wherever you go.

    5. These small blank canvases will help you create a miniature masterpiece that you can fit in the palm of your hand.

    6. This handy little dustpan and brush helps you clean those hard-to-reach narrow gaps.

    7. This snowflake keychain is 18 tools in one – you can use it as a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and more!

    8. These little boxes that look like macarons are perfect for holding your rings, earrings, and necklaces.

    9. Once you start using this apple slicer that cuts your apple into perfectly even slices, you'll never go back.

    10. This shimmering scale coin purse looks absolutely amazing – or should I say, mer-mazing.

    11. Use this absolutely adorable silicone octopus to clean your face more thoroughly! The little bumps help foam up whatever cleanser you use and rub the product deeper into your pores.

    12. These stick-on mirrorshelp you better see your blindspot when you drive or park!

    13. You can clip on these little bowls to the side of your plate and use them for your dips and sauces!

    14. Say goodbye to stinky shoes and get this spray-on deodoriser for your trainers.

    15. This compact, waterproof Bluetooth speaker will let you listen to music in the shower! It's small enough to fit into your pocket so you can easily bring it to day trips and picnics.

    16. These planetary sticky notes are almost too gorgeous to write on.

    17. This retro-style plant-mister is way more aesthetically pleasing than a plastic watering can.

    18. This adorable little fox holds your toothbrush and looks darn cute doing it!

    19. This brilliant keychain helps you open doors without directly touching them. It also works on touchscreens!

    20. This versatile set of faux pearl hair clips will make your lazy ponytail look like a sophisticated updo.

    21. This wildly popular shampoo brush stimulates the scalp, helps to evenly distribute product through wet hair, and – according to the reviews – is an effective way to decrease dandruff.

    22. This copper tongue scraper will remove bacteria and food buildup. Warning – you might be a bit disturbed by the sheer amount of gunk this thing scrapes off.

    23. This pet hair remover effortlessly gathers all the shedded fur that your vacuum misses!

    24. Give yourself a spa-quality foot massage from the comfort of your own home with this rolling massager.

    25. These heart-shaped corner bookmarks fit onto the corner of the page.

    26. Say goodbye to rusty razors with this suction cup-backed holder that keeps your razor on your shower wall rather than the floor.

    27. Stripping herbs by hand can be tiring, so get yourself a herb stripper that doubles as a measuring cup!

    28. This satisfying grout pen will make your bathroom tiles look cleaner. The pen has antibacterial properties that help prevent mould!

    29. These biscuit-shaped compact mirrors are almost cute enough to eat (but please don't).

    30. These anti-vibration rubber feet stop your washer and tumble dryer from loudly shaking every time you do your laundry.

    31. Stick this cat self-grooming toy onto your wall to give your kitty a place to shed their fur that's NOT your sofa, carpet, or clothes.