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    23 Popular Products That Are Just Really, Really Satisfying

    Sorry to The Rolling Stones, but I CAN get satisfaction.

    1. This colourful kinetic sand is super fun to play with and oddly soothing.

    2. Check out these facial razors that shape your brows AND scrape away dead skin cells and peach fuzz.

    3. Once you start using this apple slicer that cuts your apple into perfectly even slices, you'll never go back.

    4. This sticky gel will clean those dusty nooks and crannies in your keyboard and car vents.

    5. This copper tongue scraper will remove bacteria and food buildup. Warning – you might be a bit disturbed by the sheer amount of gunk this thing scrapes off.

    6. This pet hair remover effortlessly gathers all the shedded fur that your vacuum misses!

    7. This peel-off liquid latex will help you achieve the perfect manicure by preventing nail polish from drying on your skin.

    8. This satisfying garlic mincer makes finely chopping your cloves a breeze. It'll also prevent your hands from getting that garlicky smell that you can never seem to wash off!

    9. This handy little dustpan and brush helps you clean those hard-to-reach narrow gaps.

    10. This popular scalp massager will give you the best head scratch of your life.

    11. This scrubber brush is specifically designed to thoroughly and safely clean sharp knives and other cutlery.

    12. Give yourself a spa-quality foot massage from the comfort of your own home with this rolling massager.

    13. This grout pen whitens the discoloured gaps in between your tiles and helps prevent mould growth.

    14. Stripping herbs by hand can be tiring, so get yourself a herb stripper that doubles as a measuring cup!

    15. While this earwax syringe may look kind of strange, it removes wax way more effectively than cotton buds.

    16. If you find peeling garlic by hand infuriating, these silicone tubes that easily peel garlic cloves are a godsend.

    17. This powerful kitchen cleaning spray cuts through grease and grime like it's NBD.

    18. This popular extraction kit has six tools designed to tackle the toughest of blackheads and spots.

    19. These dividers will organise your socks, bras, and pants in such a pleasing way that you'll get a little thrill every time you open your drawers.

    20. You'll be freaked out by how much oil these blotting strips absorb after just a few pats.

    21. This eyebrow gel tint from Maybelline peels off in an oh-so-satisfying way, revealing darker, fuller looking brows.

    22. This foot mask leaves your feet smooth, but the peeling, in-between stage will either repulse you or fascinate you.

    23. According to the reviews, this popular massage ball is amazing at relieving tension, especially in your neck and upper back.