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    19 Products Under £6 That Will Help You Redecorate Your Bedroom Without Breaking The Bank

    You could buy half of this entire list for less than £60.

    1. This hanging floral tapestry is great for people who love a plant aesthetic but don't actually want to take care of plants.

    2. These butterfly wall stickers are three-dimensional, so they look like they're flying away!

    3. These charming fairy lights will instantly make your room feel cosy.

    4. This simple trinket dish might just steal your heart.

    5. This gorgeous tapestry will certainly cause a wave.

    6. These woven macramé hangers will give your plants the hammock they have always deserved.

    7. These multicoloured string lights have photo clips, so you can display your favourite memories in style.

    8. This resin tray might just be the best thing you can buy for less than £2.

    9. This pillow looks (and I cannot stress this enough) like a tree stump.

    10. This faux plant garland also doubles as fairy lights.

    11. These easy-to-apply bird decals will add an element of whimsy to your bedroom.

    12. These minimalist mountain ornaments are a fun and easy way to decorate your bookshelf or desk.

    13. Personalise your bed with this initial cushion cover that's available in every letter of the alphabet.

    14. You could buy a boring lamp, but why would you when this non-boring, rather brilliant alpaca light exists?

    15. This small wooden crate will give you extra storage, a more organised space, and rustic vibes.

    16. You just know that Elle Woods would approve of this fluffy pink rug.

    17. Illuminate your room with this spaceship light that's truly out of this world.

    18. This tea light candle holder will give your room a warm glow.

    19. This fake succulent somehow looks more realistic than most normal plants.