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    23 Random Things Under £4 That Belong In Your Shopping Cart

    Including pastel highlighters and a NIP+FAB bubble mask!

    1. These quirky astronaut earrings are an out-of-this-world accessory.

    2. Hydrate your skin with this Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask that's infused with soothing ingredients like lavender and chamomile.

    3. Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you this hilarious Kermit pin which is pretty close.

    4. These panda-inspired sticky notes are just like regular sticky notes, only better.

    5. Instantly add some glam to your hairdo with these faux pearl clips.

    6. This Totoro keychain might just be the cutest thing to ever exist, don't @ me.

    7. These fun bandana scrunchies are a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face.

    8. If you've been feeling a bit prickly lately, then these adorable cactus magnets will cheer you up.

    9. These kawaii gel pens are so fun, you'll start making up excuses to write things down.

    10. Whether you love journalling or scrapbooking, these pretty plant stickers are sure to fulfil your crafting needs.

    11. Why use regular highlighters when you can use these stunning pastel highlighters instead?

    12. Give yourself a manicure worthy of a mermaid with this shimmery nail polish that dries in under a minute.

    13. Or, if you believe that black is the new black, then this glossy nail polish is for you.

    14. Feel like a bohemian queen with this gold-coloured leaf headband.

    15. Celebrate your favourite breakfast with these realistic bubble tea earrings.

    16. Illuminate and decorate your room with these whimsical maple leaf string lights.

    17. Add this fun scarf to any outfit for an instantly cosy yet foxy look.

    18. This fun gardening kit has everything you need to grow your own sunflowers!

    19. These string lights are battery powered, so you can hang them anywhere.

    20. These tiny elephant candles will make an unforgettable gift for yourself or someone else.

    21. Washi tape is the backbone of crafting, so why not get this set of rainbow ones?

    22. This little trinket dish will improve the entire vibe of your vanity.

    23. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with this NIP+FAB bubble sheet mask that lifts away impurities.

    24. Organisation has never been cuter than it will be with this linen storage basket.