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    13 Quirky Earrings That Are As Cute As They Are Unique

    Including some very foxy earrings.

    1. You won't have to go fishing for compliments with these imaginative earrings.

    2. Strawberries may be out of season, but these earrings are evergreen.

    3. These Alice in Wonderland inspired earrings are a great conversation starter.

    4. Honour The Boy Who Lived with these subtle, geek-chic earrings.

    5. I don't have any mixed feelings about these mix tape dangle earrings.

    6. If you're a high-key cat mum, try these fun, handmade earrings.

    7. But if you're more of a low-key cat mum, how about these elegant pearl studs?

    8. We may never know what the fox says, be we do know that these fox earrings are cute AF.

    9. These creative owl peacock earrings are a hoot (I'm so sorry).

    10. Turn heads with these safety pin earrings

    11. Just because it's Sober October doesn't mean you can't rock some G&T bling.

    12. These knife earrings are the perfect Halloween accessory.

    13. Finally, these subtle earrings are perfect for adult Disney fans.