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    29 Products You’ll Probably Only Find Exciting If You’re Secretly A Grandma

    If you'd rather go crafting than go clubbing, this list is for you.

    1. These earplugs that preserve sound quality because gosh darn it, concerts are just too loud these days. But seriously, protect your hearing.

    2. These glass candy dishes will contain and display your sweets and snacks.

    3. This monogrammed mug will quickly become your favourite mug (because all secret grandmas have a favourite mug).

    4. If you're old at heart, you'll get a thrill out of these honeycomb drawer organisers that divide and display your socks and underwear.

    5. This engraved rolling pin will give your bakes a stunning paisley pattern.

    6. This bird brooch, because a classy brooch never goes out of style.

    7. Only young grandmas will understand that this crocheted cactus is a TREASURE that must be protected at all costs.

    8. This pin of Baby Yoda, bundled in a robe as he sips tea, has a lot of grandma vibes.

    9. This knit throw cushion will make any sofa or bed seem cosy.

    10. This 52-week guided journal helps you to become more grateful and mindful through a combination of inspirational quotes, listing exercises, and checkpoints.

    11. Mary Berry's cookbook full of quick recipes because you're a grandma on the go and Mary Berry is your ultimate icon.

    12. This tray makes cookie cups that you can fill with milk, ice cream, or melted chocolate!

    13. This calligraphy guide will take you from a six to a ten on the grandma scale.

    14. Some elegant playing cards because you know that a night in playing bridge is way more fun than an expensive night out at a club where the music is too loud.

    15. These pastel highlighters are like regular highlighters, but better!

    16. Do you know what's better than heels? Cosy socks that don't make your feet hurt.

    17. This colourful throw blanket is the perfect overlap between cosy and cute.

    18. This porcelain sugar bowl is as decorative as it is functional.

    19. This palm-shaped photo holder is a charming way to display pictures of your family, your friends, and, most importantly, your dog.

    20. You know the value of a good night's sleep, so you'll love this lavender-scented pillow spray that reviewers say helped them to fall asleep faster.

    21. Every knitter needs a yarn bowl that prevents your wool from getting all tangled whenever you knit.

    22. This ceramic milk jug just made tea time way more aesthetically pleasing.

    23. This lightweight printed scarf is a comfy yet *foxy* look.

    24. This massage pillow has four powerful massage nodes to knead away your aches and pains.

    25. This genius bookmark won't just save your page, it'll save your last word. Wait until the book club hears about this!

    26. If you find these cat coasters amewsing, you definitely have B.G.E (Big Grandma Energy).

    27. These little snails clip onto your mugs and prevent your tea string from drowning in your mug.

    28. These glass birds water your plants (which you've probably named) while you're away.

    29. Go grandma AND go green with this gardening kit that has everything you need to start your very own vegetable garden.