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    19 Products That You'll Probably End Up Using Seven Days A Week

    Honestly, it would be hard to not use these products every day.

    1. Unwind after a long day with this popular massage pillow. It has four powerful massage nodes that knead away your tension and an adjustable strap that allows you to attach the pillow to any chair you want.

    2. This multipurpose cutting board pops open to become a washing basin or a storage basket.

    3. This rose quartz face roller can be used for face massages, and if you pop it in the fridge beforehand it offers a pleasant cooling sensation too.

    4. These colourful LED strips backlight your TV (which reduces eye strain and looks hella cool).

    5. Say goodbye to tight, dehydrated skin with this refreshing facial spray made with aloe, cucumber, and green tea.

    6. Avoid that painful thigh friction this summer with these anti-chafing bandelettes that are as cute as they are practical.

    7. This night sky mug is perfect for those late night cups of (hopefully decaf) tea.

    8. Replace your disposable cotton swabs with these reusable silicone ones.

    9. These blue light-blocking glasses can help to relieve screen-strained eyes (perfect if you're looking at your laptop all day).

    10. This collagen-boosting facial serum is the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

    11. These charcoal blotting sheets remove that midday facial oil buildup so you're not shiny on Zoom calls.

    12. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker means you can rock out to your favourite songs in the shower.

    13. This luxurious body and hand moisturiser is made with mint and crushed sea salt.

    14. This refillable soap-dispensing brush will revolutionise the way you wash dishes.

    15. This multipurpose hair styler works as a heat protectant, detangler, frizz reducer, and more!

    16. This five-minutes-a-day mindfulness journal helps you focus on the things you actually care about.

    17. This overnight serum revitalises your skin while you sleep using a combination of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and coconut oil.

    18. Protect your privacy with these sliding webcam covers.

    19. These animal head push pins are so beautiful, you'll start making up excuses to pin something to your corkboard.